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The Avengers Trophy Room.


Aug 30, 2003
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Okay...so this isn't entirely products related....but I wanna talk about it here....not there....and in a way this is even more Superhero products related then anything else.

So you guys know how the JLA Has thier trophy room right? And it's full of the weapons and stuff they have taken off of thier bad guys and stuff like that......so what would be in the Avenger's Trophy room if they had one?
baron zemos mask that still has the skin sealed to the inside of it
Say.....How did he eat all those years? Never seen a hole cut into his mask....
A baby food filled Syringe right to the gut
hmmm avengers trophy room.... would have...

-kangs gun
-the original ultron robot
-zemos mask, and or nazi stick thing
-struckers monicle
-mandarin's rings
-any weapon from taskmaster
-loki's crown, cape and sword
-red skulls mask
-absorbing man's wrecking ball
-baron bloods head
That ball can be datatch from him? I cant remember.....

But all other items are nice....An Ultron armor should look awesome there.
Actually, the Avengers Mansion had several trophy cases, containing such items as the Casket of Anceint Winters, which can cause a new IceAge, and the armor of Porcupine, a villian who, after getting his ass handed to him by every hero he met, decided to sell his armor and go legit. Cap was going to buy it,(to keep it off the street) but first wanted Porcupine's help finding the Serpent Society's HQ, since Porcupine had already been there. Porcupine died fighting on Cap's side against the Serpent Society when he tripped and was impaled on one of his own spikes. His armor was later stolen from the Mansion by person or persons unknown.

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