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The Dark Knight Rises The Batman Monument


Jun 5, 2008
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Does anyone have any pics or ANY info about the monument Gotham City makes for Batman at the end...I would LOVE to have that.
Can't post bootleg pictures on here, you'll have to wait till 12/4/12.
I went on a tour during a vacation to CA at Warner Brothers. In the museum, they had this on display. They also had the bomb and all of the heroes and villians costumes from the trilogy. It was incredible! Unfortunately, they didn't allow pictures and made sure with the security guards and cameras in bulk.
I loved the statue. Great pose, very Batman-y. Loved that whole scene.
Cape over the shoulders and all. :oldrazz:
If I ever became rich, I would buy or have a duplicate of that statue made from my home, I swear it...no matter that it may take an eternity!
I love how that statue was even made with Batman frowning, as he used to do in Batman Begins.
I really hope they will do scale miniatures of that one. Wither separately or with the super duper trilogy box that will come next year.

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