The Chuck series may result in a Chuck movie. Talky?


Mar 21, 2011
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Zachary Levi, the star of the comedy spy-fi TV series Chuck, has mentioned in a recent interview that there is informal talk of making a movie version. No solid plans, and not real soon, as they are waiting the the show to run its course elsewhere in the world (some countries are still on season three). Being a fan of the show, I love the idea. If anyone out there feels the same, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to post.

They could answer the mystery the show closed on and give it an uplifting ending.
They could answer the mystery the show closed on and give it an uplifting ending.

Yes they could. I see it taking place in a flashback. Morgan posited that a single kiss from Chuck (the kiss that ended the series) would cause all of Sarah's memories and feelings to come rushing back. It's a popular idea.

When I think of a movie version of an older Chuck, I visualize him with the edgy craggyness of Bruce Willis.
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Sounds good. I dont know if they could get the funding from NBC.

They could do a kickstarter campaign for the money.
If it ever happens, I'll definitely be watching.
Team Chuck needs a Die Hard crossover movie
I would be all for it if they brought all of the characters back properly and not just throw them in there for nostalgia purposes.
Another fun thing about a Chuck movie is it could include references/callbacks to action films that have occurred since the series ended. For example, The Expendables (an action film which starred about a dozen stars of other action films, two of which did guest spots on Chuck.)

Also wondering to what Jeff & Lester (Jeffster) would be up to.
Just finished this on Netflix. Loved the show, but hated the finale. I hope this movie can find the boost it needs to get made.
It's been a quite a while (not since it aired, actually), but I remember rather liking the ending, or at least didn't hate it. I'd still watch a movie though.

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