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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Clothing.


Nov 21, 2007
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I thought it would be nice to have a thread about the clothing from the movie. You know somewhere where we can post any new Dark Knight shirts, etc that we may find on journeys through life. I was especially hoping someone would find those Joker socks or anything he wears... the vest, the shirt, the purple coat.

Probably a pointless thread... please don't flame... but everyone here would wear those Joker socks if they could find them... don't lie
...but the moustache thread gets deleted.
Great post.--Hmmm. There is some TDK movie shirts on eBay. I think they’re all custom, not official. They may not make official shirts because of all the bootleg merchandise, earrings, pendants etc, if you have the right resources you can make anything.

As far as the costume goes they might make a really ****ty cheap reproduction like they did for Willy Wonka. I’d opt for making it myself to make sure it fits just right and looks hot.

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