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The Double Helix


Prove Them Wrong
Dec 4, 2007
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Hey guys,

I see that you are very knowledgable when it comes to HEROES and I was wondering if you guys noticed a switch in the Helix.

There was the two slash marks on the bottom left on some stuff I have seen and the necklace and in the graphic novel, I have seen it drawn with the two slash marks on the top right.

My question is: Which one is the right symbol?

I want to get the helix tattoo on my arm and I want to know which one is the right one before I go in and get it.

My thought maybe is that one is the villain side and the other is the hero side??? You tell me.
it's seems a good theory that one may represent villains and both are equally correct its sorta like how Yin and Yang fit together which also represent

light and dark
good and evil
woman and man

so the different halves of the helix may even represent the heroes gender
Thanks guys...I do have another question though.

On Heroes Wiki the top comic in the corner has the two dashes on the bottom left and most of the pictures where the symbol has been shown it is that same pic.

HOWEVER...the hilt of Hiro's sword has the more painted helix with the two slashes on the upper right.

I did find a cool rendition of the helix in front of the eclipse. You think that one is a good idea for a tattoo?

My whole thing behind it is this...I am a school teacher who uses superheroes as a backdrop for my lessons. I always say "Be the Hero" like my screen name and to show everyone your talents for whatever you want to do in life. I have Batman, Spider-man, The Crow Tattoos and DO NOT want to go the cliqued Superman tat. I like the Helix but have seen too many different versions to pick one.

I dont want to get the wrong one and have people say "Hey thats not the symbol." I had someone in High School get a superman one and it was done backwards so he ended up getting the Bizzarro symbol instead. I dont want to make that mistake.
Well, when you have it in your sheath it is different than when you have it in your hands. So I didn't know which was the right way to view it. I would think it would be the one if you were holding it. I dunno.

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