To Use or Not to Use Ki Blasts..That is the Question


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Jul 15, 2006
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Do you think this film (Dragonball) will just be martial arts fighting, or will Goku be able to preform the Kamehameha wave? I personally think they should build up show Roshi attempting to teach Goku the Ki Blast then finally at the end Goku uses it to defeat Piccolo (Sounds corny I know), but it would be cool.
What do you guys think?
I'm pretty sure that the movie will include Ki blasts but it needs to be much more martial arts based like DB was.
Nice! It seems that they are going to use Ki blasts but hopefully they won't use too many Ki blasts because the movie shouldn't just be all special effects.
Master roshi better teach Goku the kamehameha!
That's a given but I don't want this movie to focus moe on special effects than anything else.
I say they use it... the kamehameha technique is one of the most known techniques in the entire DB world, and to not include it is just... not smart.
I think that we will see the Kamehmeha. its a MUST :up:

But I dont really want to hear him say it.
that would look and sound corny IMO
CGI galore... but i gotta admit, seeing Chow-Yun Fat would be frigging AWESOME
They have it to have it or atleast have a very good looking one. DB is very well known for the kamehama
If you look at shaolin soccer it can be done.
I don't think anyone, but Goku at the very end, is doing a kamehameha...

Perhaps we will be seeing some sort of ki blast, or ki powered moves, that Roshi teachs Goku, and then, as the battle becomes more and more intense, as the final blow fighting piccolo, Goku screams "Ha!" and shoots.

I'm betting on that
Oh man I cant wait for a scene in the movie where Chow Yun Fat powers up and does a Kamehameha to show Goku the move. That would be so awesome!!!
I'm glad there going to do them in the movie, it just wouldn't seem right if they didn't. After all that's how he was able to defeat Piccoloo, so it would make sense that they would. But yes they must include kamehameha blast, its in a lot of episodes/TV movies.
If there are no energy attacks this is just another Mortal Kombat to me.

IMO i think Roshi should teach Goku the kamemaha and he should use that move right at the end to finish Piccolo.

Obviously throw in some Ki Blasts and stuff, and Piccolo has energy moves to.

But i think the fight should end in a big flashy beam struggle.
Oh and also if theres a 2nd movie then add in the Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb.

Then in the 3rd add the Super Saiyan from

And if they do more have him go SS2 and SS3 in films 4 and 5
if they dont this film wont be worth anything.
A Dragon Ball film without ki blasts is like a Batman film without a grappler gun or batarangs, or a Superman film without flying.

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