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The Final Cut

The Spawn

Better Than You
Aug 10, 2002
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Imagine a world in which people can pay to have their babies implanted with memory chips. These implants record every moment of their lives, so that they may be viewed by loved ones after one's death at a "Rememory".

Lots of loved ones.

What would your Rememory be like?

I :heart: you, Spawn. Your threads are always ingenious and superbly random :up:

Make more :up:

My mind-memory movie would be a cross between Alfie, The Shining, and Friends :o

Good thread idea. I cant however comment i'd love to say i'm a beautiful human being, kind to all, loved by all. But the answer is really in the eyes of those around me, how they perceive me.

I try to be a good person but i know at times i can be a t*at. I really believe in Karma so that makes mewant to do good, so i voted option 2.
Such a good movie...seriously one of my favourite Robin Williams movies ever.
Option three.

I would have said option two but I think 'a few' isn't enough to cut out for mine.

Most people I've ever encountered think im super nice and sometimes too nice but since they would be watching what I've seen/said when I'm alone or with certain friends...yeah I guess I'm not as nice as I make myself out to be.
I'd look like a good person but a few things need to be cut out.
I was kinda hesitant watching the movie, but when I started I was intrigued.
I liked the movie less and less as it went along. I hated the way it ended.
You'd have to take out all the time I'm at home with family and alone, and the handful of times I've been an a**hole. :heart:

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