The Hunt - Universal/Blumhouse/Lindelof Team-Up For Political Thriller

Finally saw this and really enjoyed it, it’s ridiculous in all of the best ways and had me really laughing unexpectedly quite a lot. And man, never seen Betty Gilpin in anything before and she kicked all kind she of ass here. Political commentary mostly went over me head as I am British but even then the stuff I caught had me laughing.

Can we get her a CBM role please, possibly She-Hulk?

Ethan Suplee got crazy fit for this role... wow
(well idk if it was just for this role but even in general, that's impressive)

You should visit the football thread more often. Would be funny if EPL is made void and Liverpool misses out on the trophy ;) Fingers crossed!

No problem, as for the last part of your post, fingers crossed that happens because as an Evertonian it would be bliss :yuk:
Fun movie, but it wasn't worth all of the (conservative) outrage at all. They make fun of everyone, but mostly liberals

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