The Hunt - Universal/Blumhouse/Lindelof Team-Up For Political Thriller

Good news. Still looking forward to seeing this.
Hmm... I feel like Cats was probably talked about more.

So an R rated Knives Out deal or something lol
It would be some hilarious sh** if they move the release again because of the Coronavirus.
For a satire on liberals and conservatives, this seems apt.

Saw the trailer for this with TIM, thought it looked interesting. Wasn't aware of all of the controversy.
without a doubt the most random movie I have seen of 2020, spent at least 75% of the movie being like "WTF am I watching"
It's definitely random, but between me seeing this and Bloodshot today I thought this was easily the better film. It moves at a great pace and Betty Gilpin kicks a lot of ass in it. Hilary Swank was pretty fun here too as the villain and I liked the fact that they weren't afraid of getting nasty with the gore when they needed too. The dark humor/political satire worked mostly worked for me too even though a lot of the jokes are on the nose and not subtle at all.

But is Hilary Swank hot? :o

I liked it. An entertaining 90 minutes. Betty Gilpin though... she's amazing. Her performance is on another level, like she came from a different movie. She'd fit right in on something made by Danny McBride and Jody Hill.
Well I loved the **** out of this movie. It would make a great double feature with Ready or Not; both are nasty, irreverently fun movies with a lot to say about class anchored by fantastic performances by blonde ladies.
Betty Gilpin in the movie was like a mix of her autistic character in CBS Elementary and a hick Rambo
Yeah this and Ready or Not would make for an awesome double feature. Samara Weaving and Betty Gilpin are just badasses plain and simple and I'd love to see them do more action films, especially Gilpin. Weaving was great in Guns Akimbo too though.

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