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The Newbies Of The Hype Deserve More Respect.

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B.A. Baracus

Jan 8, 2010
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It seems all to often on this site, that if your new you often dont get respect from the veterans, often your post is just ignored.

I created a thread 'getting to know you' and many newbies mentioned they get ignored, that they feel their posts do not count, if i remember correctly two people who replied to the thread actually said 'no one probably cares but here goes' before filling in there questionaire, and thats just sad.

Why does a person with twenty thousand posts deserve more respect than say one with sixty? We all started somewhere.

It's getting mentioned more and more that the community is not what it used to be, its dying but how can it survive when more and more veterens of the hype are being banned while the newbies are feeling excluded?

Sure, some people join the site at the time of big film releasing, for example around the time of The Dark Knight, then when said film is released they leave, but does not everyone deserve a chance?

It's meant to be a community, but from as long as i can remember on here, from being a lurker to a actual poster, newbies have always been ignored or treated (mostly) as if their opinion does not count.

I should say this is not aimed at all vets, There are those that are helpful to the newbies.

But it begs the question, how can we continue to grow as a community when so often the new guys are excluded?
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