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The Official DANGER ROOM Thread


May 22, 2005
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There hasn't been a whole lot of Danger Room discussion for the longest time.Here's a place where you guys can voice all of your ideas and concerns about the Danger Room.:)
so apparantly a world war 2 scenario with iceman and shadowcat.

im not sure if id want them two to be involved in it, colossus would be good in it.
Here's a scenario where they input my name and body, and I show up, and hang out with Wolverine, and umm... stuff.

Yeah. :)
^ LOL, but thats just to un-realistic due to XMen movie status!

I wouldn't mind seeing that type of training scenario, also it would be cool to see Beast and Wolveriner running amuck in some Jungle warfare type action in the danger room!
I don't understand the whole World War 2 thing with Kitty and Bobby, but ah, at least it's still in there. It'd be awesome, if it was in the end of the movie too, with say Wolverine and Cykes (hopeful not vaporized Cykes) fighting side by side with Storm, taking on gigantic Sentinels, since they are now released onto the whole mutant world. =O!!!
dont care whose involved in the scene as long as we get one. i'm that desparate for it.
They're speculating that the danger room is going to be cut, again. I hope not. A WWII scene might not be the most original way to use the room, but it could still turn out to be interesting.
I doubt that the Danger Room will be cut out. It's a way for us to witness the mutant powers by full force, esp if it deals with the younger X-People.
and now theyve got the higher budget, it should be attainable.
I can't wait to see the Danger Room. More than half set was built back when Bryan Singer was in charge. The whole thing was conceptualized, storyboarded and previsualized. They even shot a lead up scene with Hugh Jackman and released a trailer featuring it BUT(!!) Fox decided to cut it (like the sentinels and beast) because it cost too much money. Singer and Guy Dyas were obviously very disappointed when this happened.

Here's composer/editor John Ottman recollection of what happened:


For months I knew it was coming. Everyday was a countdown to the departure from Los Angeles to Vancouver for filming and editing X2. I felt as if I may be boarding a plane to some prison island with hard labor and whips. Finally came the date, around June 15, 2002. But then I thought, "Hell, maybe it won't be all that bad." Whenever starting a project for Bryan as both editor and composer, I always tell myself that somehow in about a year, I'll be sitting at the final dub stage mixing the sound onto a final edited film and integrating a score that has yet to be conceived. Of course, I always follow up that thought immediately with a panic attack, "There's no way! There just isn't. How's this ever going to get done?!" But I soon regain my composure and make a point never to forget that moment, so that when the day arrives a year later, I can recognize it in appreciation of having made it through. Anyhow, I arrived in the truly beautiful Vancouver airport, which is so clean and modern you can eat off the floors. Here's to airport taxes! I arrived on a very hot (and always beautiful) day, and was driven to the building which housed the production offices for X2. Just as I walked in, a fiery production meeting had just wrapped up where the danger room had, as is well known now, been cut from the script. Clearly there had been an explosion I just missed and sort of saw the debris and war-torn faces around the office. "Oh boy, here we go," I thought.
Source: http://www.johnottman.com/projects/features/xmen2/thoughts.html

X2 Danger Room trailer - Hi-Res: http://www.cinemovies.fr/medias/ba/x2_teaser_m.mov
Lo-res: http://www.cinemovies.fr/medias/ba/x2_teaser_p.mov
I still get chills down my spine watching that...

I am so glad the Danger Room wasnt in X2. Simply because it would be all about Wolverine and thats not X-Men is about.
i also just looked at that cyclops - juggernaut conflcit storyboard again.

what did we think about that being for x3?
kol_lover said:
i also just looked at that cyclops - juggernaut conflcit storyboard again.

what did we think about that being for x3?
The artist still has it on his site. So i assume/think that scene was cut from the film. It's been on the web for over a month if was still in the movie i can't see him keeping it on his site.

Back to your question - The scene looks like it takes place at a very cold location. Possibly Alkali Lake? :confused:
maybe. looks like ruined buildings in the background, although that could be the wall that collapsed.

i wish for the danger room to be reminiscent of the one used in x-men evolution in its first appearance and then move on to hologram usage in future films...

i was highly disappointed when the logan danger room scene viewed in the graphic novel of x2 was replaced with a crappy talk with robert drake instead..

what a let down...

I don't think we're going to get it this time. There simply isn't enough time for it with all the other plots going on.
maybe, do u think something could be done for when the 3.5 dvd comes out?
^^That would be such a waste. The set is virtually ready and waiting.
kol_lover said:
maybe. looks like ruined buildings in the background, although that could be the wall that collapsed.

Cyke's mouth in the second pic reminds me of Marlon Brando in The Godfather.
wow i forgot what the thread origionaly was about but it seem to have turned into the cyke/juggs storyboard conversation....
lol,..and notice who started it.. :p

It's kinda hard to say whether the Danger Room will fit in or not..

We know a good deal of a couple of the scenes that are supposed to take place in the movie, yet we're unaware of how much time will be distributed among them..I think itf anything, the determining factor would be the budget of the movie...

i think the most logical dangerroom scene for this movie would be xavier showing beast through the lower levels of the mansion and bringing him into the danger room observation area and the audiance not knowing where they are and xavier being like "And this is the DAnger room" and it zooms in showing smaller characters training in the danger room so that one day they too will become xmen, it could show shadowcat, colossus, cypher, multiple man, dazzler etc.
I'd like to see Wolverine teaching Rouge some moves because she definitely needs to do more.

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