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World The Official "Make a Transformer" Thread


Jul 26, 2007
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You guys will love this one! Here, you get to make up your very own Transformer. You post the name, side, transformation object, weapons, and any other information you want. Have fun!:cwink:

Name: Cyclestrike
Type: Autobot
Transformation Object: Motorcycle
  • mini-missle shooters (on tip of fingers)
  • wheel saws
  • shield (desguised as front window of motorcycle)
  • lightbeam mirrors
Height: 9' 8
Attitude: fun lovin', jock, likes women Transformers, and is always ready for a good fight

I'll post what he looks like sooner or later.
Name: Deathgame
Type: Decepticon
Transformation Object: Videogame Controller
  • Danger Buttons (buttons that you press, which causes attacks like electric attacks, gamma beams, and a bomb to attack you)
  • Controller (once it gets your DNA, it controlls what you do)
  • mega beams (hidden on tip of controller)
  • laser vision (shots of lasers on the eyes)
  • Undestructable Chip (a chip Megatron gave him to be indestructable)
  • Message Phone/Camera (on hands)
Attitude: sneaky, always grumpy (not to Megatron), always ready for fights
Height: 2' 3
Name: Cementrus
Type: Autobot
Transformation Object: Cement Truck
  • Laser Balls (inside cement holder on truck)
  • mini-missiles (on hands)
  • surround mega-bullets (on waist, spinning around if Decepticons are around him, shooting everywhere)
Atitude: grumpy (like Wolverine), always ready for a fight, monstrous, nice to humans
Height: like Optimas Prime's size
Name: Typogon
Type: Decepticon
Transformation Object: Laptop
  • Recorder (speakers on laptop)
  • Bullet Shooter (hidden under space button)
  • Danger-disks (disks he throws that has razor-sharp ends)
  • Hypno-screen (the screen can hypnotize you)
  • Camera and DNA Track (mouse)
  • Razor Point Sword (a large sword on hands)
Attitude: Sneaky, Quiet, Easily scared of Optimas Prime, Dangerous to human beings
Height: 3' 3

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