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The "real bad guy" of civil war..?

You know what would have been great? If it turned out to be the Zodiac. Remember the new Zodiac that Johns had put together during his run? They had stolen all the capitals of the world with that cosmic key thing. Who knows what they were doing in those cities. Cities where the countries of the worlds governments were. If they were smart, they'd use this leftover plot thread. But that would never happen.
The question is, when they do find out who's responsible, is everything gonna change? Is registration just gonna go away and things will go back to normal? It seems like Marvel put waay too much work into this registration thing for it to go away.
Marvel could've ended the SHRA with Frontline #11, so to answer your question, No.
The SHRA will end, when Millar goes back to DC.

Ms Marvel looks like something out of Marvel Zombies here.
So, Yu-bashing in one thread wasn't enough, huh?
She looks fine to me, other than the crappy quality of the pic.
Her face looks butt-ugly, but Yu's strong point was never women's faces anyway.
Eh, on that same page his Jessica Drew looks fine to me.
Yu's a very talented artist, and I enjoy looking at his stuff. That said, sometimes I think he'd benefit from having an inker again. And if I'm being nitpicky, sometimes the chests of his women look...weird.
I think New Avengers would benefit from an inker, but I don't think Yu necessarily needs an inker. Take a look at that preview and think of Yu penciling a Brother Voodoo comic in that style. It'd work quite well for horror/mysticism. On a title that has basically become an extended Hollywood-esque chase scene, however, his wild, scratchy linework could definitely stand to be tempered by an inker.
Maybe the New Avengers will investigate all these occurrences that Luke was talking about, and trace them back to a Master Manipulator who will turn out to be...Tony Stark. :yay:
I make no pretenses about art knowledge but the above panels are in my opinion absolutely terrible. If this is truly representative of his work he should be fired and blacklisted. Grey skin and features that I wouldn't recognize without the costume.
Her face looks butt-ugly, but Yu's strong point was never women's faces anyway.

His faces are my main complaint, not just women... all of his men appear to have really long faces. I don't have a problem with the sketchy quality of his linework because it adds a certain level of dynamism to the artwork.
The guy's a good artist, he just has a particular style. Read New Avengers #27, that splash page were the new avengers all bust in on the scene is classic.

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