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Stand-Alone Movies The Unrelated Sequels thread

I'd rather get spin-off, the numbered movies should follow a related story
I think that Jedi was the perfect end to the saga and i think any VIII, no matter how well done would just ruin Lucas's original art. I think that they should definitely make a Boba Fett movie, or even a tv show similar to Arrow or Smallville.

Also, if they dont make a KOTR movie/saga I'm gonna freak. Just saying, it needs to be done.

It'd be kinda cool if they did a movie from the sith's perspective.
Anyone think we'll ever get a concurrent film. I hate when DC gets harped on for not taking the Marvel route on films, but imagine if they greenlit say Episode VIII and the Johnston's Fett film. At some point in VIII they run across Boba, either as a cameo or minor point in the film, and then incorporate that scene into the story of the concurrent Fett film for why he was there and what he was doing etc.

Any Fett Movie post ROTJ, will have to open with explaining how he survived the Sarlacc...I mean the SE Sarlacc Beak kinda did a number on him...
I hope there will be SW episodes X,XI & XII after the ST perhaps coming out around 2027(SW's 50th anniversary) dealing with the further adventures of the new generation of Skywalkers and Solos and other Jedis.

Or maybe a spinoff movie about Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Chiss and the Unknown Regions and his many battles with the alien warlord Nuso Esva. That's a spin off I definitely want to see if Thrawn will be one of the villians of the ST.
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