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Regardless of what entity "Lucifer" is, he still needs a personality. The writer can't rely on just saying "he's the DEVIL" and think that counts as characterization. I dunno, just like most everything else in the series so far, Way's rendition of "Satan" has been paper-thin. Take a look at Mike Carey's rendition of the character in the recently-ended LUCIFER series for a much better example (or hell, the 90's HELLSTORM series by Warren Ellis, for that matter).

But with that said, at least I enjoyed the last two GR issues, lol.
I'm not a crazy person.:woot: I like to think of the Devil as this: a liar, a scumbag, the worst of every human being put into this form of a nether being who has (as Greexix said) really no power unless you let him have power. The Devil is a murderer, child molester, thief and immoral in every sense of the word and more and exists solely to cause pain and suffering because he literally burns all the time. "Something like you try." :ninja:

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