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These Mama ads are obnoxious

The Question

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Apr 17, 2005
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Every time I click on a forum or thread, I get directed to a web page thats just ann ad for this horror movie called "Mama." Every single time. It's really annoying. Is this happening to anyone else, and could it not happen anymore, please?
im glad im not the only one having this happen... this is going on every time i go to a different page. please do something about this.
Good God, yes. I had one getting to this thread, and another one went I wanted to reply... I'm not previewing this post.

Make it stop.
Fourthed. This is really, really annoying...

And 99% of the time, when there is an ad that no one likes, or that hinders the site, Mirko is very quick to change it or take it down.

So, on that note, thanks in advance, lol.

After putting it off for months, I finally installed AdBlock a few minutes ago. That's how annoying it was, haha.
I also installed adblockers, I don't get anymore of those obnoxious full page ads.
I was getting "Hansel and Gretel" ads pop up every page I went to. And these are huge... Very, very annoying.

Played around with the security settings in IE, but ended up disabling a lot of required functionality on the hype forum. I could not be bothered going through the dozens of individual security settings in order to get things working as I want.

In the end I just downloaded and installed Adblock Pro. Does the job nicely. But I do resent having to buy another product so that I can use an existing product properly.
Yeah those Hansel and Gretel ads are extremely annoying. Every page has it blitzing across the screen. Sometimes it says IE blocked a pop up, but it really hasn't, since it keeps appearing continually. I'll be glad when the damn movie is out of the theatres so that hopefully it won't appear anymore.
Use Firefox and download the adblocker (it's free). I honestly forgot popups exist after using it for so long.
Well it seems to have stopped for the moment. I PM'd some of the admins but don't know if it was a result of that or not. Are those Hansel and Gretel ads appearing for anyone else now?
I was having the same problem, but with The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2.

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