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Jun 22, 2004
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STAS made me a huge Turpin fan, and thus I can rejoice in the fact that he's alive and well, and even is getting an IC cameo. Hope he makes it! What was the first issue Turpin, Maggie and the SCU first appeared in Superman, and what were their big appearences afterwards?

Since it's not worth an extra thread. What's the deal with all these lesbian coppers? I mean, first Maggie and then Montoya. I'm not opposed to gay characters per say, but it seems a bit cliche in these cases.
This fellow:


He was with Maggie and the SCU blazing away at Doomsday when he came to Metropolis. That's the only source I've seen him in other than the shortlived SCU special.

The most recent thing I've seen him doing is decking Bane in the Villians United Special.
Assassin said:

He's a cop who works in metropolis, he's in a few panels in the VU Special (the line up waiting for the villains and fighting Bane in the big Doomsday splash page) He is the one wearing a derby hat and holding a rifle.


The Guy in the Derby hat.

A few more of the SCU were on the linup, I noticed Razorsharp.

He's a Jack Kirby creation as well...
When I first saw that guy in the VU special, I thought it was Doiby Dickles, Green Lantern Alan Scott's sidekick
Well, I'm not really a fa but his first apperance was in New Gods #5 in 1971.

Although it is later retconned that he is actually Brooklyn from Kirbys Boy Commanders in the 1940s.

I know he appeared in the SCU around Superman #7 in 1987...

But I can't tell you main apperances or anything I really don't remember any. I know he is definatly in Our Worrlds at War but not a main role.

As far as I know he hasn't been seen since Saywer left for Gotham, but she's not longer there so maybe they have reformed the SCU.

And I don't think two lesbian cops is "all these gay characters".
No, not the number, but the fact that they're both cops is a little suspect.

Wasn't there a JLA in which the SCU took on a huge mechanical centiped or something?

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