TV Shows with Time Limits?


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Nov 23, 2005
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Some shows have no built in time table, like Friends or Sienfield or the Simpsons. They didn't have a looming ending that the show was built on. But some shows do.
What are some TV shows that have deadlines? Shows that have a time limit in their premise?
For example, How I Met Your Mother. Eventually you will have to introduce the mother and soon before the cast is too old and when you do that signifies the end of the show.
Or Giligans Island, they premise is they are stuck on an island trying to get off each episode. But once they do the show is over.
Some deadlines are more abstract. Like, from what I can tell, 2 Broke Girls is about two girls trying to make money and once they aren't broke anymore and are successful in starting their own business the show is over. There isn't some deadline like they have to earn $2000 or or they loose their apartment or something.
Another deadline would be like a show like Bosom Buddies. They are hiding in their apartment as women, they can't really hide forever. Eventually they will get discovered right?
Originally, in the pilot, the Avengers cartoon started this way. The Avengers were banding together to recapture all 27 (or so) super criminals who escaped from the SHIELD maximum security prisons. Iron Man I think even said, "One down, 26 to go." But they have since forgotten all about this and are just a team now.
Community might be one of these shows. How long can these people stay at a community college?
Glee is one of these shows, eventually the students have to graduate. It might be nice too. Show that once they leave high school they aren't picked on and they find things are much better.
What are some other shows that have a built in deadline? Was Prison Break a show like that? Would Mentalist be considered one? Person of Interest? What about that one show that was like the Borne Identity, John Doe?
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Well the main character of Community has stated that he only wants to go to college for four years. Whether it ends when those four years are up is another thing.

But just because the premise makes it seem like there is a time limit doesn't mean there is. Lost made it seem like the show would end when they made it off the Island however that's not what happened. Look at Smallvile also. Ten years for a guy to become Superman. Just because you have a looming ending doesn't mean it has to end in a time limit. The greatest example is MASH.
24 is definitely one but then it lasted much longer than 24 hours in total.

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