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The Dark Knight Two-sides of justice


Human beanjuice
Jun 11, 2007
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seems to me that the hype for the joker is growing, and i like that,however, there needs to be more for two face!!. so other than the sons of batman,the clowns of the joker, i want to designate this group to two face,and i call it "Two sides of justice" if your interested i joining post here,i'll open a new thread later so we can discuss all thing of the great segregated one two-face
Count me in. as awesome as the Joker is, Two-Face was always my favorite Batman villain.
sounds good. adding to sig.............nnnow.
nah...lets wait for the third movie and have all the two-face otherwise if it gets used now we`re going to want somthin once the next movie comes out and they wont have anything to give us

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