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    ~Opening the Scars~

    "You know you don't have to do this, right?" I say to Kurt, who is currently huddled in the backseat of the car we...borrowed to track down this Cult of Apocalypse. I told him he didn't have to come with, but he's taken up the mission to find the girl with as much zeal as I have. I don't know if it's because he has nowhere else to go or because he's trying to repay me for getting him out of the government's hands, but he's with me.

    "I vant to," he responds, determined. "What these people did to zhat girl...disgusting."

    I'm happy for his help...but he may be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Everything in these wackjobs' file says they're dangerous. Possibly some of the most dangerous people I've ever gone up against. I couldn't figure out why, but not even the government would send troops against them.

    Dust flies around the car as we head deeper into the deserts of New Mexico, the last place a government agent was tracked to before disappearing while attempting to find the cult's base of operations.

    "So you know the plan?" I ask back to him.

    "Yes, I follow in the darkness vhile you are led to zhe camp by zhem," he responds. "But vhy do you think zhey vill allow you in?"

    "Because they want me," I respond.

    We continue along the dirt road in silence for the rest of the way, until we reach the location dictated by the data on the computer I stole. I step out of the car, leaving Kurt to give me a good head start before following.

    The sun begins drifting down towards the mountains, painting the sky in a vivid mix of purples, oranges, and reds. It is a beautiful, and fleeting, view as the mountains swallow the light, draping this part of the world into darkness.

    I've been walking for over an hour now, with no real rhyme or reason of where I'm going, and out of frustration I yell my brother's name, "VICTOR!"

    There is no response, but I hear a slight crack behind me, and I turn to find my brother standing behind me, "So you came after all, runt."

    "You're not easy to find," I respond, holding back my anger, and my fists, which is unfortunately necessary at times like this. I'm here to get in. The fighting will probably come later.

    "Well, come on," he smiles. His smiles have always looked like a rabid dog that can't close its mouth. Like a wolf ready to feed. "We've been waiting for you."


    A football field away, Kurt Wagner watches as in a blink, two men appear behind Logan, and almost instantly, the second disappears again. Another teleporter like himself. Although, this one doesn't leave behind a cloud of purple smoke.

    But before he can begin tracking Logan and the wild man with him, the second one appears in front of Kurt, striking him across the face with a powerful punch.

    He appears again behind Kurt, but this time the blue mutant is ready and teleports behind him, sweeping his legs out from under the foe with his tail. But a downward punch strikes sand as he also teleports, appearing a few yards away.

    "You're good, kid. But you're no Wraith."
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    Xavier Mansion
    Westchester County, NY

    Charles looked in the mirror and adjusted his bowtie. He was dressed in a black tuxedo. Jean sat on the desk behind him, watching with a amused look as her teacher fuss over his suit.

    "What do you think?" He asked, turning around for inspection.
    "Wait a minute."

    Charles' bowtie shifted a fraction of an inch to the right via Jean's telekinesis. Jean slid off the desk and walked around Charles, inspecting him with her hands behind her back.

    "You look fine. I do have to say, Professor, you clean up really well."

    "Thank you, Jean. I will take your backhanded compliment as a sincere one."

    "When's your ride showing up?" Jean asked as Charles sat down behind his desk.

    "Momentarily. I should feel her presence when they get close."

    "So who is this lady you're going to this function with?"

    "Moira is an old college friend. We studied together at Oxford. She's a brilliant scientist, she's the keynote speaker tonight, and she is also a fascinating woman... please stop trying to read my mind."

    "What?" Jean said with grin. "I just wanted to see how deep your admiration ran. Just trying to expand my abilities, like you always want me to do."

    "Some things are private, Jean. I don't tell you about the thoughts Scott has about you, do I?"

    "Wait... What?"

    Shaking his head, Charles stood and began to leave the room.

    "She's coming. Walk with me."

    Together, they walked down the flight of stairs towards the mansion's ground floor.

    "So, you know what your main responsibility is tonight?"

    "I'm to keep the guys from tearing down the mansion."

    "More or less. Speaking of which, where are they?"

    "Hank and Jeff are helping Scott and Rex prepare for their final exams."

    "Excellent. So excellent, in fact, you should join them after we're done."

    "I'll consider it."

    Charles and Jean came down into the mansion's foyer as a town car pulled into the driveway and rolled towards the house. Charles gave his tux one final look over.

    "I may be gone, but I would like everyone to act as if I am still here. Curfew is still in effect, lights out by eleven thirty. If you get hungry, call in a pizza. Whatever you do, do not like Rex cook."

    "Yeah, I figured that may go against my not destroying the house obligations. Have fun tonight."

    "Oh, I intend to. Don't wait up."

    "Eww. And I don't have to be a mind reader to know what you're thinking."

    "Good night, Jean," Charles said with a chuckle.

    He started to walk towards the front door, but was stopped by an invisible barrier.

    "Before you go," Jean said from behind him. "What does Scott think about me?"

    Charles smiled and, without turning to look back, said, "Find out. The natural way. No telepathy tonight, Miss Grey. That's my homework assignment for the evening."

    The barrier disappeared and Charles stepped forward to the door.

    "Good night, Professor."

    Charles leaned against the door and turned to nod at Jean as he walked out the front door and down the steps.

    The black town car was idling outside the steps. A driver in a suit climbed out the car and nodded at Charles before he opened the back door.

    "Hello, Charles," the dark-haired woman in the backseat said.

    "Moira," Charles said, climbing into the car and kissing her on the cheek. "It's been too long."

    "Yes, it has. I have to say, the new house is certainly an improvement over that nasty little flat we had at Oxford."

    "Aha! I always knew back then that you were only with me for my money."

    "Of course," she said, getting the driver's attention. "We're ready. You know the place."

    Nodding, the driver rolled the car out the driveway and down the road. As the car gained speed down the highway, it was caught on video by a night-vision surveillance camera planted on the side of the highway.


    Utopia Island
    San Francisco Bay

    "Admiral," Commander Slade Wilson said as he saluted his superior officer, Admiral William Stryker. The two men were at the top of the island's rocky summit.

    "Just got this," he said as Stryker ordered him to be at ease. Wilson handed the admiral a series of surveillance photos that showed Charles Xavier leaving the front steps of his large home and getting in a car that pulled out onto the highway and disappeared down the road.

    "Excellent. Go get Trask and the Sentinels. It's time to kickstart Operation: Crusade."

    Wilson saluted and marched off. Stryker proceeded down into his office and began preparations for the mission. First things first, he opened a line to Washington.

    "Stryker?" Senator Robert Kelly asked on the other end of the phone line. "What's this about?"

    "Operation: Crusade, sir. We're ready to go. The telepath is out of the house. Now is the time to strike."

    "Wait... Crusade was just an intelligence gathering mission only. You, Naval Intelligence, and Homeland Security were supposed to monitor any potential mutant threats only."

    "All due respect, sir. Things have changed. These mutants we're dealing with, they're a clear and present threat to national security."

    "I've been reading the reports. They're children, Stryker."

    "No. They're mutants."

    "No, they're US citizens! I don't care what you think, Stryker, I will not condone or approve a military attack on US soil, on US citizens."

    "That's exactly what I would expect a politician to say."

    "Goddammit! Listen to me, Stryker. You will not carry whatever you're planning, you hear me?! I'm calling the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense. You'll be officially relieved of duty in twenty minutes."

    "Well, I'll be sure to leave in fifteen."

    Stryker hung up on the protesting senator and calmly left his office. He walked down to the island's helipad. A black Osprey was sitting on the pad, its blades beginning to speed up. In front of the aircraft, ten soldiers were gathered with Wilson. They were dressed in full-body armor, assault rifles on their shoulders.

    "They're awaiting your orders, sir."

    Stryker nodded and looked out at the soldiers.

    "As I said before, you men were chosen for your skills and your conviction. Each and everyone of you know that there is no will but His will. The truth has only become apparent to me. We serve no man, no politician, and no country. We only serve God and His plan. We are agents of His will. And tonight, you are doing that. Tonight we take the first steps in reminding the world why they need Him. Tonight, we reclaim the world from the scientist, the politicians, and sinners that have let these Godless mutants possible in the first place. You men are like the angels of old. Carrying out the Lord's plan. You are the Sentinels, and you serve on His will."

    Stryker barked for them to all stand at attention. The men snapped into place, standing before their commander in their armor.


    Holding his hand to his head, Stryker saluted them.

    "God be with you and bless each of you in the upcoming task."

    The men saluted and their squad leader, Sergeant Bolivar Trask, shouted. "Alright, move out!"

    The men marched towards the idling Osprey while Stryker and Wilson watched.

    "I'll be watching them in the ops control room. While I do that, I want you to make full preparations to move us to the Krakoa facility."

    "That may take some time."

    "Do it in a half hour. We're only taking necessary people and items."

    The back of the Osprey shut with a hiss. A few moments later, the aircraft was roaring above Utopia Island and heading east towards New York. The Sentinels inside the Osprey's belly ready to face their mutant foes.​
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    Captain Pushkin and his men took Piotr to a small office building that sat in the heart of Odessa's industrial district. Piotr was led inside by Pushkin as his men flanked him. Piotr eventually was taken up to a large double door, which Pushkin, after giving Piotr a hard look, opened.

    Stepping into the room, the men closing the door behind him, Piotr stops in his tracks as he sees the face that is greeting him.

    "Ah! Welcome, Piotr", Mikhail smiled as he slowly stood up from behind his desk.
    "I am so happy you came! This is truly a joyous day!"

    "The brothers Rasputin, reunited again"
    , Mikhail exclaimed as he walked out from behind his desk.

    Piotr remained silent, never breaking eye contact with his brother as Mikhail approached him, still grinning like a ghoul.

    "Thank you for your assistance, Captain Pushkin, you may go."

    The Captain nodded and he and his men left them alone, closing the door behind them as they departed.

    "What...no hello, dear brother"
    , Mikhail frowned and stepped back in mock shock.
    "No, 'Mikhail! It has been too long!'", he continues as he begins to pace the room, not taking his eyes off of Piotr.
    "Or maybe a simple 'brother, it is good to see well after all these years!'"

    "No...I. Get. Nothing"
    , Mikhail scowls.

    "What do you want, Mikhail?"

    "Very well, to the point", Mikhail stated, his face now turned one of grim finality.
    "Let me start by laying down some facts for you, brother. First, I know that you are a mutant. As you probably have guessed by your escort here, my business deals have afforded me very powerful allies. I am fully aware of the incident you had with the runaway tractor."

    , Mikhail continued after seeing Piotr remain silent, "I am sure you are well aware of the growing black market for mutant trafficking. It is dangerous and expanding business."

    "One that has afforded me my considerable influence"
    , Mikhail smirked.

    Now Piotr did react, showing disgust.
    "You had your faults, Mikhail, and I disagreed with the path you chose...but dealing your own kind as though they were mere things!?"

    Piotr spat on the carpet, "That is vile, even for you."

    Mikhail inhaled deeply through his nostrils, holding back his growing anger.

    "Ever the righteous ass, Piotr. Know that I am not the only one in this business. Even now, there are other fronts for the mutant trade right here in Odessa. And believe me when I tell you that any operation worth their salt has the same information that I have. Meaning they know about my mutant abilities as well as yours."

    "So what", Piotr scoffs, "you come here for fear they might come after me? Or perhaps you need my help in protecting you from their wrath?"

    "Don't be so blind, Piotr. I asked Gregor to put me in charge of his Odessa operation because I knew you were here. You...and our sister."

    Upon mention of Ilyanna, Piotr froze, his eyes narrowing at Mikhail, waiting to hear what he had to say.

    "If they know that we are mutants, the chances are very good that she is a mutant too. At her age, she is a prime target for them. I have come to Odessa to put you both under my protection. To keep her safe."

    "Thank you for your generosity, brother, but we will politely decline. We are doing fine as we are, without the aid of your blood money."

    "You misunderstand, Piotr", Mikhail replies, his voice cold and cool.
    "This is not an option. You cannot protect her from these people, where as I can. I will protect Ilyanna whether you choose to 'permit' this or not. You are my brother, and, despite our...disagreements, I hope you will consider joining her under my care. We can be a family again."

    "You will not touch...Ilyanna", Piotr stated as his skin began to seemingly melt away, giving birth to organic steel.

    "Hahahahaha! It is cute that you think you can stop this from happening, Piotr", Mikhail stated as his eyes began to glow with a bright yellow light.

    "Goodbye, dear brother", Mikhail exclaimed as the floor beneath Piotr's feet suddenly dissolved, leaving Piotr to fall into the suddenly created large hole.
    "I will be in touch..."

    Mikhail's eyes returned to normal, along with the floor, and the renegade Rasputin leaned back in his chair to ponder his next move.
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    ~Opening the Scars~

    "Welcome to the Sanctuary, Logan," my brother says as we pass through a cave and into a open atrium with pueblo dwellings lining the round area of the crater-like mountain we're now inside. Mutants mill around, tilling the earth in the large garden in the middle, while others tend to livestock in a pen. Around the place, armed guards stand guard.

    "The guards with the guns," I say, inspecting them from afar. "They're human."

    "Yea. They've been persuaded to help us out," he laughs maniacally.

    Brainwashed, most likely. They sure look like soldiers. So the government did try an assault on this commune before. But when their people ended up as trained monkeys, they covered it up.

    "What's with the cult, Victor?" I ask as I continue to follow him through the area, the residents eying me suspiciously as we do.

    "We are not a cult, Logan," he responds, a tint of anger in his voice. "We are the ones preparing for the mutants' ascension. We are preparing for the coming of the one that will lead us to greatness."

    "And who is that?" I ask impatiently.

    "Who indeed, James," a weak, shaky voice says from behind me. I turn to find a frail looking old man wrapped in a cloak, draping all his features in shadows. "We do not know. Nor do we care. But when he soon comes, our race will finally become what we were born to be."

    "Sounds like a load of crap to me," I respond.

    "That's what they have been me and our people for thousands of years, Logan," the man responds as he moves towards me. Almost like he was floating, rather than walking. "Since the days of our founding in ancient Egypt..."

    And that's when the world around me twists and bends, and I'm transported to a location you'd expect to find in the movies. Egyptian peasants from thousands of years ago mill around a small village in the desert, very much like what I just saw in the cult's commune.

    I turn, and find the robed figure standing behind me, "You're a telepath. You're the one that's indoctrinated all the people in your 'cult'."

    "Some, yes," he responds. "But most have come to us on their own. They care about their people. And they care about their future. But this is meant to show you where our faith comes from. The humans...Well, they are useful as tools."

    "Where are we?"

    "We are in the Egyptian village of Akkaba, where I was awakened," he says, pointing a cloaked arm towards a young Egyptian man preaching to the people around him, converting them to his cause. "I was brought here to spread the word of his coming. To tell the people that the first one, En Sabah Nur, was on his way. And he would convert humanity forever."

    The scene shifts again, and now the village burns and the citizens are being slaughtered, "But even then there were the nonbelievers. They have hunted us down for centuries, trying to silence the true voice. But I have continued to spread the word. Now, finally we are close to his coming. The prophecy is close, he will be born soon."

    And with that we reappear in the pueblo village, Victor still standing next to his prophet like a rabid guard dog.

    "So why do you want me?" I eye the two men suspiciously. As I do, I notice a building guarded by two guards. From the looks of it, it may be the place where they're keeping the girl.

    "You will be one of the chosen warriors," he responds in a sweeping tone. "Pestilence, Famine, and War have already been found. And you will be the Horseman of Death, great leader of the chosen one's army. You, one of the greatest warriors of all time for our people will lead his armies across the world. I have watched you and your brother for so long, James. Watched you grow into the perfect warriors that you are. And now here you are, ready to take your rightful places in the world."

    "And if I say no?" I ask with a smirk.

    "Then you will be consumed by his fire," the man snarls.

    "Well...that doesn't sound too bad," I say as I kick through the cloaked man. But I hit nothing but thin air, and the cloak drops to the ground empty. Weird, but I don't have the luxury of trying to figure that one out. Not wasting any time, one of my metal-laced hand strikes Victor, knocking him off the structure we were standing, onto the ground below.

    Smashing through the guards and the door to the building, finding a lab not unlike the one I saw at Alcatraz. But this isn't for dissecting and studying mutants. It seems to be used to brainwash them. To brainwash children.

    But the only one currently here is a sweet looking girl no older than thirteen strapped to a chair with tears streaming down her face, and dark brown hair matted to her cheeks. Snapping the bonds that keep her viewing the propaganda flying by on the screen, she comes to her senses and looks up at me.

    "You...you're the one. They said they wanted you. When they took me."

    The words are full of innocence. Full of fear. And they break my heart. This was all done for me. All done to get me into this insane lifestyle. All to get me to become the weapon for some mad grab for power and religious fanaticism. There was no other reason for this. If it wasn't for me, for what U can do, this girl may still be living a normal life at home with her mother.

    "Yea...but they're not gonna get me. Or you," I say in my most comforting voice, which to be honest probably ain't that comforting, and give her my hand. "Come on...it's time to get you out of here."

    "I don't think so, Logan," Victor says behind me as I scoop the girl into my arms. "You two aren't going anywhere."

    "And who's going to stop me, Vic? You?"

    "No, us," he smiles as the battalion of human guards fills the hallway behind him.

    Looking down at the girl huddled helplessly against my chest, I ask, "Do you have control over your power?"

    "Uh-huh," she nods weakly. "I can go through things and stuff."

    Placing her down and kneeling, so I can look her in the eye I say, "Use it now. And keep your eyes closed. No matter what your hear. Promise?"

    She nods and closes her eyes, and as she does, my hand, which was on her shoulder, falls through her.

    Satisfied, I stand, and face my enemies, "That's enough, Victor. You let this girl and me go, and I'll let you and your people go without harm."

    "I can't let that happen, Logan," he responds. "We need you. It is your destiny. We're part of something so much bigger here. We must complete our missions."

    "Is that worth the torture of children? The enslavement of people?" I say, the anger rising in my veins like a monster ready to pounce. For so long I've learned to control the animal within. For so long I've kept it in a cage so I could lead a happy and peaceful existence.

    But it's coming back. The return to the States, the government's heinous treatment of mutants, the meeting with Charles Xavier and the scared look in his students' eyes, and now the destruction and mutilation of a young life just to trap me here. It's coming back.

    "It will all be worth it in the end, Logan."

    "It's never worth this. Never," I say as my blood reaches its boiling point. "And, bub...It ain't Logan."

    As I say that, I contract the muscles in my forearm. Long underused and set in their place, the bones and metal in my hands shift and crack, emitting a sickening sound that echoes off the walls. The blades begin to reach my skin, ripping through the scar tissue that has built up around my knuckles from years of ripping and tearing. Blood spurts from my hand as the claws I've tried to put aside emerge into the air for the first time in almost half a decade.


    "It's Wolverine."
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    The Joker watched with amazement how Daredevil maneuvered the alley walls. That amazement quickly turned to trouble as Daredevil struck him in the same spot in the middle of his head that he already hit.

    The Joker is clearly dazed and stumbling around.

    Vision getting really fuzzy...mind pretty well...numbed....not gonna lose to a costumed nut with a surprisingly decent sense of humor

    The Joker clearly punch drunk stands and then collapses in front of Daredevil.

    He rises to his hands and knees and says, "Hey how about the classic hot-foot!"

    He sprays acid on Daredevil's foot and ankle and begins to laugh, "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!"

    His laughter gives him a second wind and The Joker rises up and says, "Come on Boy Wonder or whoever you are! The show is just getting started!"
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    Jumping backwards, Dick landed on top of the alley's dumpster. Cursing, he kicked off the acid covered boot. He kicked off the other boot to give him balance.

    "Oh, I have no intention to put on a show. I just needed to slow you down."

    Smirking, both he and the clown looked up as NYPD chopper flew overhead, its spotlight shining on both of them. Police and fire sirens, which had been distant, were now getting louder and louder as they got closer to them.

    "Another joke for you. What do you do when you see a clown buried in the sand up to his neck? You get more sand."

    A squad car pulled into the alley and raced towards Daredevil and the killer clown.
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    The Joker looked up at the copter and smiled and gave a wave. He sees the squad car getting closer and looks at Daredevil for a moment

    Finally he then has a look on his face as if to say, "I have an idea."

    The Joker quickly uses the light coming from the squad car and makes various shadow puppets on the wall.

    He looks over at Daredevil who is clearly not amused. The Joker says, "Well then I guess it's time to close the show for a while, but don't worry I've gotta feeling there will be a next time. I kinda like ya!"

    With acrobatic procession he then flips up to the dumpster that Daredevil is standing on and quickly slams a razor card into one exposed foot and slams a joy buzzer on top of the other.

    He says, "A little something to remember me by."

    The Joker flips back and grabs Daredevil's boots and says, "Oh goody! I hope they fit!"

    Just then the police get out of the car and one of them shouts, "Freeze! Hands up!"

    The Joker raises his hands and pitch the boots one at each officer.

    They duck and The Joker says to Daredevil, "If you ask really nice they might give them back! They seem like they just wanna talk to you! No harm in that you're a great conversationalist, and your wit will win 'em over I'm sure! "

    He waves and says, "Toodles Boy Wonder! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

    The Joker goes skipping down the alley as the copter overhead begins opening fire on the clown.

    He says, "Uh-oh! That ain't good!"

    The Joker squirts acid at two electric meters out side causing them to spark and flame and smoke. Using that as cover The Joker escapes through the sewer system.
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    Edward shows Harvey the medical file he has concerning Kelly Devenger.

    Harvey says, "Yeah clear cut case of abuse no doubt about."

    Harvey then drops Edward's file into a paper shredder.

    Edward is shocked and asks, "What the hell are you doing Harvey?"

    Harvey replies, "Edward you did your duty as physician and reported the crime to me. Thank you but that's as far as it can go."

    Edward asks, "Harvey you're an officer of the court you should be sending Captain Stacy and several of New York's finest over to pick up Tony Devenger."

    Harvey replies, "In most cases I would, but this is not most cases."

    Harvey fixes himself a drink and one for Edward. Edward takes the drink and says, "What I'm about to tell you goes to the grave with you. Got it?"

    Edward nods and Harvey continues, "About three weeks ago the heads of the major crime families got together and deemed that Tony Devenger was becoming to dangerous to live and very reckless inspite of the fact that he was told on more than one occasion to tone it down by, allegedly, The Mythical Kingpin himself. He was taking risks that were, to be kind, counter-productive to the way they do business and his gun-running operation was becoming too hot for them to deal with. Especially since it's a global thing."

    Harvey takes a drink and says, "Tony got wind of this and rather than be retired by the others he came to us and agreed to roll on certain members and the FEDS got wind of this and wanted in."

    Edward says, "Let me guess Tony sings and dances away with a new identity courtesy of the Federal Government."

    Harvey nods and says, "You catch on fast."

    Edward takes a drink and Harvey says, "Believe me Eddie I would love nothing more than to see Tony D thrown in Rikers for the next 20 years and this abuse case would do it. I've got no doubt about it. However there is no way the FEDS are gonna let that happen. Tony got tired of being cooped up got drunk and took it out on Kelly as he has been known to do."

    Edward asks, "How do you know that's what happened?"

    Harvey replies, "I heard about it earlier this evening. I had one of the agents drive Kelly to your office, because she threatened to leave. I can't let that happen. Inspite of the way he treats her Tony loves her and she is part of the deal. Besides if they found her they'd kill her. She is caught in the middle Eddie and that is the damnable shame of all this."

    Edward says, "You know eventually he'll end up killing her."

    Harvey replies, "I know but like I said the FEDS are involved. My hands and my feet are tied on this one. The Mayor has said in no uncertain terms what the FEDS want the FEDS get on this one. That's the way it is my friend."

    Edward says, "It's no secret The Mayor wants to be in the Governor's Mansion and figures taking down some major crime families will ensure him of that. Is that about right Harv?"

    Harvey replies, "You catch on fast. Maybe you should go into politics."

    Edward finishes his drink and says, "Nah. Can't afford the pay cut."

    The two men share a good laugh over that and make some pleasant small talk for a while longer.

    About twenty minutes later the two men shake hands and Edward says, "Thanks for your time and the drink Harvey."

    Harvey replies, "Anytime Eddie anytime. Remember to the box with this."

    Edward says, "Hey two friends getting together this evening and planning a golf date for next Saturday."

    Harvey smiles and says, "Good call. The Excalibur Club 9am."

    Edward nods and says, "You got it" and leaves the office.

    Once Edward gets home he just stares out into the night sky on his back porch nursing a tonic and gin. He checks his sources on his secured network and yes there is a contract out on Tony Devenger. What stuns him is that the contract is not being put out by anyone with in the crime family circuit, but Kelly Devenger is the one who has put out the contract.

    Edward thinks for a moment and he says, "Sorry Harvey I can't let this one go. I gotta do my civic duty on this one."

    Edward bounces a racquetball off of the floor. It hits the left wall, the ceiling, and the right wall and right back where it began.

    The marble coffee table gently slides away and Edward goes down to his workshop and begins studying what he already knows about Tony Devenger.
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    Dick pulled the blade from his foot and tossed it to the ground. Bleeding from his foot and ribs, he looked up at two gun toting officers of the law and shrugged.

    "Would you believe this was a Craigslist hookup gone bad?"

    Reaching into his gauntlet, he pulled out a smoke bomb and tossed it at his feet. In just a few seconds, he was on the roofs above the street. Running barefoot and bleeding across the ground, Dick cursed under his breath as he scampered home, beaten and bloody.
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    Charles and Moira sat in the back of her chauffeured car, stuck in midtown traffic. Moria glanced at her watch and then up at the traffic ahead of them. She had one hand wrapped around a cellphone and pressed to her ear.

    "Yes... Yes. We're going to be late. Traffic, but we'll be there as soon as we can. Okay, bye."

    "You never told me what this banquet we were attending is for," Charles said after Moria hung up. "Or exactly why I needed to be arm candy."

    "It's for the National Academy of Sciences. I'm being given an award."

    "Did you finally invent that cure for cancer you always talked about?"

    "Not just yet... Do you remember my bio-engineered corn project back at university? The corn that can grow with minimal water? It works like a charm. They're using it in the famine areas of Africa right now."

    "Well, it's not cancer, but you managed to put a fair size dent into world hunger. Congratulations."

    "And as for why I needed you as arm candy? It's been so long since we saw each other, I just wanted to catch up. And if I have a good looking date at my disposal, I'll use him. How have you been, Charles?"

    "I've been fine, I suppose. I haven't went bald yet, so that's a feat."

    "What about your research into genetic mutations? Do you still see Erik?"

    "I'm still busy studying mutants... As for Erik, him and I had a falling out sometime back. We didn't see eye to eye on several things."

    "That's a shame," Moria said, reaching forward and touching Charles by the arm. "I remember you and him were such great friends. Spending nearly every waking moment together, the trips abroad, those hushed conversations when I was around. I always thought the two of you were... umm, more than friends."

    "You thought that we were... No! We weren't...," he stammered. "I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. No, Erik and I were engaged in research."

    "It's fine, Charles," she said with a smirk. "It's the twenty-first century, and you were a student at university. So you experimented, so what?"

    "Perhaps we should change the subject?" Charles said quickly. "Like, what we might have planned after the banquet? I had a few ideas. There's a place uptown we can go to--"


    The roar inside his head threw Charles back against the seat. He grabbed his head as pain filled his mind. The pain he felt didn't belong to him. It was coming from Jean.


    Fighting against the pain, Charles shut down his telepathy and killed Jean's psychic screams.

    "Charles?" Moria asked with a confused scowl. "What's wrong?"

    "I need to go back home," he said with sudden urgency. "My children are in danger."


    Xavier Mansion
    Westchester County, NY
    10 Minutes Earlier

    "Alright, what did you get for number six?"
    Scott asked Jean. They were both sitting on his bed, cross-legged with their study guides in front of them.

    "Thirty-five," Jean said, glancing around Scott's room. She had only been in here a few times. It always struck her odd that his room was so spartan. Just a few books, most of them history books, and a few odds and ends tacked to the wall. One of the items on the wall caught her eye. "Is that your brother?"

    Scott turned and looked at the photo. He and Alex were smiling into the camera, their arms around each others shoulders.

    "That's my brother. I'm going to go back out and see him for Christmas. Can't wait."

    "Must be nice," Jean said with a hint of wistfulness. "Actually looking forward to seeing family."

    "Well, it is a new experience for me. I thought I was alone for all these years, but now I got a brother... and he's a pretty cool guy, too."



    "I'm just wondering what my family's doing right now. I haven't seen them since the Professor and Mrs. Waller recruited me. I don't know why I care,"
    she said with a sigh. "As soon as Waller mentioned paying them, they couldn't get rid of me fast enough."

    "Well, you know what? Their lose is our gain."

    Jean looked at Scott in the eye before she averted his gaze by lookign down.

    "You think?"

    "Totally. You're smart, funny, can kick major ass with your powers... plus, you know, you keep this place from being a total sausage fest."

    Jean chortled and rolled her eyes. "Thanks, I guess..."

    A prolonged, awkward silence fell between the two teens. To compensate, Scott looked back at his study guide and broke the silence.

    "So, uhh, what'd you get for number seven?"

    "One hundred and fifteen."

    "Good. And for eight?"

    "Scott... can I ask you something?"

    "Shoot," he said without looking up.

    "What do you think of me, I mean really?"

    Scott looked up from his sheet and cleared his throat.

    "Well, uhh... I mean... I thought I just told you..."

    "I know, but I just wanted to know if that's how you felt."

    "I mean, yeah. It's just... hard to say, really."

    Jean reached out and placed her hand on Scott's right temple.

    "Then, let me see."

    Scott gulped and nodded. A chill ran down his spine as Jean entered his mind. Jean pulled her hand away and looked at him with a slight smile on her face.


    "Yeah," he said with a nod.

    Jean reached out and took Scott by the hands.

    "Well, let's say just say that the feeling is mutual..."

    A high-pitched, nervous laugh escape Scott's lips. He cleared his throat and rubbed his head. "That... uhh, that was a funny noise to make."

    Chuckling, Jean began to lean towards Scott. His heart beating fast, Scott leaned forward as well to meet her halfway. Their lips began to brush together when Jean suddenly pulled back.

    "Oh, no..."

    "What's wrong?"

    "Someone's coming."

    The sound of a distant rotor engine began to grow steadily louder. The two teens leaped off the bed and rushed forward to the window. A military chopper was hovering above the mansion's front lawn and dipping down towards the ground.

    "C'mon," Scott said, taking Jean's hand. He grabbed an item off his nightstand and opened the door to his room. Hank, Jefferson, and Rex were all in the hall as well.

    "What's that noise?"

    "A chopper. I saw it outside my window."

    "I can feel a dozen minds inside the chopper. They're closed off to me, but I know they're not friendly."

    "Fearless leader? Plan?"

    "What do you think," Scott asked, slipping his visor on to his face. "We fight."


    The Osprey landed on the front lawn. The armored soldiers marched out of the open ramp, their assault rifles at the ready. They crossed the lawn quickly and bunched up against the front door of the mansion.

    "Peters," Sergeant Bolivar Trask said to the soldier at his right. "Breach."

    Peters nodded and stepped forward. The former Army Ranger slung his rifle on his shoulder and reared his fist back. Peters punched forward, his dense bone structure and amplified strength knocked the heavy wooden door off its hinges. The door fell on the ground with a loud thud. Peters stepped back and the rest of the Sentinels rushed into the house.

    They moved through the foyer rapidly and efficiently. The foyer cleared, they proceeded further into the mansion. As the squad approached the stairs, a figured jumped from the top of the stairs and crashed into the lead soldier.

    "Hello," Hank said, slashing at the soldier's body armor. "Either you gentlemen are military pawns, or the Jehovah's Witnesses have stepped up their aggressiveness."

    Jumping up into the air, Hank dodge gunfire by landing at the foot of the stairs and disappearing down into it.

    "Jones?" Trask asked the soldier who had been attacked. "How are you?"

    "Good," the man said. "He didn't penetrate past the outer shell."

    "Roger that," Trask said. Surveying the situation, he knew the mutants next move. "Move out up the stairs. Phalanx form. They're gonna bottleneck us."

    Moving up the stairs, the ten soldiers packed themselves shoulder to shoulder as they went up. They came up to the top of the stairs and found Scott waiting for them at the end of the hall.

    "Optic blaster!" Trask shouted. "Roark, shields!"

    Roark, a former SEAL, stepped forward as the ruby red blast shot towards them. He held his hands out and activated his kinetic charged implants. Plasma shields shot from his hands and spread out on both sides of the hall. The red optic blast was absorbed by the shield and disappeared.

    "Covered!" Roark said to the squad.

    "What the..."

    "Open fire," Trask ordered.

    The rest of the Sentinels opened fire at Scott. He fell to the ground as the rounds struck his body. After making sure he stayed down, Trask ordered the Sentinels to move forward. They stood over Scott and looked down at his dart-covered body.

    "Roark, take him back to the Osprey. The rest of us are moving forward."

    Roark slung Scott's unconscious body over his shoulder and headed back outside while the rest of the unit moved forward.

    "Aha!" Hank shouted, leaping from the light suspended above the hallway. "We meet again!"

    Roaring, he tried to bat one of the Sentinel soldiers away. Flexing the enhanced muscles in his legs, the soldier stood his ground and struck back at Hank. His armor-covered fist, combined with his improved strength, knocked Hank back against a wall. He slammed hard into it and slid down. He was covered in tranquilizer darts before he hit the floor.

    "That's two," Trask said.

    Two Sentinels carted Hank back to the waiting aircraft while the others kept moving. As they began to move up to the third floor, the stairs began to fill with dense smoke.

    "Switch to tanks," Trask ordered. The soldier's suits sealed themselves and began pumping oxygen through air tanks mounted around their waist. The smoke began to move and solidify, taking the shape of a person.

    "Smoke monster, *****es!" Rex shouted, shifting his body from carbon-dioxide to steel. The Sentinels opened fire, the darts harmlessly bouncing off of him. "Not LOST fans? Huh. Don't blame you."

    Rex punched the Sentinel closest to him with a hard fist, knocking the soldier down. As he swung away, Trask took advantage of the teenage mutant's distraction. The implant in his palm warmed up and discharged. He fired a blue sliver of energy from his hand that struck Rex in the chest. The energy coursed through Rex's body, destabilizing his molecules. He yelled out in pain as the energy kept his body in a constant shift. The rapid change overwhelmed him and he collapsed to the ground, unconscious and back in his flesh and blood form.

    "Shoot him in the neck with a tranq," Trask said. Three of the Sentinels opened fire and struck Rex in the neck and chest with the darts.

    Stepping up onto the third floor, they were met by Jefferson, his hands crackling and sparking with pure electricity. Barring his teeth, he let loose an awesome volley of lightning. The bolts hit the Sentinels and coursed through their armor before it faded out. The soldiers were not phased by the electricity.

    "Rubber insulation, kid," Peters said, hitting Jefferson with a few darts. "Look into it."

    Peters picked Jefferson's unconscious body up and fell back as the other Sentinels moved forward. Trask looked at the rest of the soldiers and nodded. They all activated a button on their wrists and moved out. Staying tight, they came around a corner. The soldier on point was knocked sideways by a flying china cabinet.

    "Please," Jean said, walking towards the soldiers. "Try to hit me."

    They opened fire and she simply waved the darts away. The darts went sideways and buried themselves into the walls on both sides of Jean. As she got closer, she begin to hear the whispers of thoughts coming from their minds. She entered the mind of the squad leader, but recoiled backwards in pain as psychic reverb filled her head. The loud feedback filled Jean's ears and made her head feel like it had a crack in it. Screaming, she fell to her knees and grabbed her hair. Darts hit her in the chest and stomach. She felt her body losing consciousness. Fighting against the backlash, she did the only thing she thought might work. She asked for help.


    With that, Jean fell forward and hit the ground. A Sentinel rushed forward and, making sure she was out, picked her up and began to carry her towards the Osprey.

    "Sentinel Prime to Purifier," Trask said to the open line. "Mission accomplished."

    "Purifier here," Stryker said through the line. "Saw it all on your cams. Proud as heck of you, son. You know the next part. Dose all five of them with the serum and head out to Krakoa."

    "Roger that," Trask asked. "And what about the secondary objective?"

    "The telepath is being taken care of as we speak. Now, move out."

    "Roger that. Sentinel Prime, out."

    Trask severed the line and looked at his remaining squad members.

    "That's a wrap. Pack it in, fellas. We're headed home."

    The other Sentinels pumped their fists and celebrated. Five minutes later, the Osprey was flying above the mansion and heading west, their mutant quarry unconscious and secure in the Osprey's hold.
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    ~A Knife in the Dark~

    My right hand and its claws dig into Victors shoulder, tasting blood for the first time in years. My brother yells in pain and sinks his razor like nails into my side, while one of his human slaves fires his weapon our way. The bullet grazes my shoulder, and I swing my free arm around, slashing his firearm in half, rendering it inoperable.

    Victor raises his hand for another strike, and I use my berserker rage and strength to toss him off me and into some of his men.

    Those behind me open fire, the bullets ripping through my back and striking the adamantium on my bones. The pain is intense and excruciating, but it fuels my anger even more.

    I spring off the ground and into two of them, driving my claws through their chests. A third's throat is sliced open cleanly by the incredibly sharp metal. While it's pitiable that these humans had to die this way, it is better than living as a mindless slave for the rest of their lives.

    Creed then jumps on my back and digs his claws into my chest, ripping away flesh with each strike. I grab the mane of hair that flows from his head and yank hard, throwing him through a window of the building we’ve been fighting in.

    “Where the hell are you, elf?” I mumble to myself, pondering where Kurt has gotten to.



    Kurt and Wraith tumble from the sky down through the opening to the village below, trading punches and kicks as they do. Passing the rim of the crater, Wraith teleports the pair again, this time closer to the ground, and they crash through the roof of one of the settlement’s homes. Its inhabitants rush out into the atrium, and the two mutants continue the fight.

    Wraith grabs a throwing knife from his belt and tosses it at Kurt, who spins and grabs it with his tail, before teleporting behind the opponent and driving it into his leg.

    The other teleported yells out in pain and grabs at the wound, seething at the demon-like mutant, “You’re a fool. And you will be killed when the first one arrives. I’ll make sure our god hunts you down.”

    “Zhere is only one god,” Kurt responds, hissing in the man’s ear. “Be thankful I am not sending you to see him.”



    The rest of the guards are dead, leaving Victor and me in the house, both of us bloodied and beaten from each other’s blows.

    “So what will you do when you get out of here, Logan?” he laughs. “Become the girls nursemaid?”

    “You say it like taking care of someone is a sign of weakness, Victor,” I smile at him. “Yet I seem to be the one winning this fight.”

    He lets out a growl and comes at me again, and the two of us begin to tear into each other yet again. Clawing, stabbing, scratching, and biting, the two of us are animals ready to fight to the last.

    I hear the tell tale sign of Kurt's teleportations, and I look up to see him standing next to the Pryde girl. I call to him, "Get her out of here!"

    "Vhat about you!?"

    "Come back for me!"

    He does, and once the girl is gone, Victor lets out another howl, "You've always been such a sanctimonious bastard, Logan. And now you've gone and crossed the wrong people. This is real, brother. This power is coming. And you had the chance to side with the winning team."

    "Victor," I respond as Kurt reappears behind me, "[B]I've been told that so many times. And yet I'm still here. And I'm still the best [/B][COLOR=DarkRed][B]there is [SIZE=2]at[/SIZE] what I do.[/B][/COLOR]"

    [SIZE=2]And in the next instant, I'm sitting in the car, Kurt and Kitty in the back seat, the girl seems to be cried out[SIZE=2] as she looks up at me, "[COLOR=Indigo]Thank you.[/COLOR]"

    [SIZE=2]The voice is empty. No emotion left. She knows her life has been ruined by these people. She doesn[SIZE=2]'t think there's anything left for her.

    [SIZE=2]I need to make sure that isn't going to happen, "[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]K[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]itty, I know this [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]seems like the end. That [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]nothing good will ever happen again. But I promise you that isn't going to happen. I'm going to look out for you. And I'm going to make sure everything turns out right.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]"

    [SIZE=2]"[COLOR=Indigo]Thanks,[/COLOR]" she responds, trying to force a smile.

    [SIZE=2]I begin to drive, and she falls a[SIZE=2]sleep, [SIZE=2]curled up on the old leather seats of the car. From next to her, Kurt as[SIZE=2]ks, "[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][COLOR=Navy][B]So vhere are ve going to go? Ve do not have a home.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]"

    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Taking a slip of paper out of my p[SIZE=2]ocket and unfolding it, revealing the address of Charles Xavier's estate[SIZE=2], "[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]I think it's time to take [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed][B]the Professor up on his offer.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]"

    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]The car exits the desert and pulls onto a highway, and we begin to make our way towards Westchester, New York.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    "What are you talking about?" Moira asked as Charles rubbed his forehead. "Who's in danger?"

    "My children. The students I told you I've been teaching."

    "Yes, but how do you know they're in danger?"

    "I'll explain later," he said, leaning forward. "Driver, take us back to Salem Center right now."

    "Listen, pal," the driver spat. "I don't like your tone and I'm working for the lady."

    ~Turn us around and head back to Salem Center,~ Charles said inside the man's head.

    "You got it," he said obediently. The driver put the car in gear and began trying to merge over into the next lane.

    "What's going on?" Moria asked. "Your students are in danger? From whom?"

    "The government."

    "How? I don't understand."

    "Maybe this will help," he said, putting his hand to his temple.

    Thoughts, memories, and feelings appeared in Moira's mind. The first time Charles heard the voices in his head, his stay in the mental institution, the realization of his powers, the truth of the nature of his telepathy, meeting Erik, their travels searching for new mutants, their falling out and fight. Then the last year with the government and his students, all their uphill struggles and their fight to be free of their control.

    "Oh, my God," Moira said with a gasp. "All this time I've known you. All these years. You're..."

    "Yes. I'm a mutant."

    Charles turned away form his old friend and looked behind him.

    "Someone's coming for me. I can their thoughts. I have to leave now."

    "Go," Moira said, squeezing his hand. "Be safe."

    He nodded and climbed out the car. The town car was in the middle of 5th Avenue, parked in traffic. Down the block, Charles could see a group of five men in dark clothes weaving through traffic towards his location.

    "There he is!" One of the men shouted. They began to pull weapons from their jackets when Charles reached out and touched their minds. The five men fell back and hit the pavement. They were all asleep before they had even realized what hit them.

    Adjusting his tie, Charles looked through the window at Moira and nodded before going to the sidewalk and walking down the street towards the unconscious men. He combed through their minds and got all the information he needed about the attackers. They were military men and they had been sent to dispatch him. Their mental blocks were poor, not on par with the foes his students had went up against. The man they were under the orders of, he knew all too well.


    Turning away from the scene, Charles ducked down a side alley and made his way through the city. He tried his mental link with Jean and the rest of the X-Men for nearly two hours, being greeted only by silence. He was in Central Park, his bowtie unknotted and his jacket off. He held his hands in his head and tried to figure out what to do next.


    Over the Pacific Ocean

    The Osprey cut through the wind currents high above the ocean as it continued west towards its destination. Inside the cargo hold, the ten Sentinels sat in silence with their helmets removed. On gurneys in front of them, the five young mutants slept.

    "We're twenty minutes away from Krakoa, sergeant," the pilot said through Trask's earpiece. Trask rogered and passed the news along to his soldiers.

    On the gurneys in the floor, one of the mutants stirred. The girl's eyes fluttered open and she looked around. "Where...," she started to say.

    "The hell," one of the Sentinels said. "There was enough tranq in those darts to take a horse down."

    "Hit her again," Trask ordered.

    One of the soldiers unslung his rifle and prepared to fire. The gun was wretched from his hands and floated in the air above them. On the floor, the mutant girl manipulated it. Trask began to panic. Those shots had been filled with the gene-supressing serum that supposedly negated a mutant's special ability.

    "The ****?!" Bolt yelled. He began to go for his gun, only to have it taken away from him.

    "Shoot her!" Trask yelled. "Take her down."

    "I'm trying!" One of the soldiers hollered back. His Sentinel armor was being ripped from his body.

    "YOU WILL RELEASE ME," a voice boomed through the girl's mouth. It sounded vaguely like her own voice, but it was filled with power and malice. "OR I WILL RELEASE MYSELF."

    The girl's eyes glowed bright red and the entire Osprey began to sway and shake widlly. Cursing, Trask leaped forward and brought the heel of his boot down on the girl's head. She flinched and fell unconscious. The swaying stopped immediately, the guns and armor clattered to the floor. Panting, Trask slumped back against his seat and pulled his pistol out. He shot the girl with six darts.

    "Double dose," he wheezed. "That'll keep her down. Everyone keep your goddamn guns pointed at her at all times!"

    Trask leaned back in his seat, his gun still trained on the girl and breathed a small sigh of relief.


    "Jean," Charles said, sitting upright on the bench. He had felt the surge of psychic energy even from this far away. It was a powerful blast. And it was all Jean. He had felt her reach out, and she knew where she was. Just like that, a plan began to form inside Charles' mind. He looked around and mentally reached out the people in the park, making sure he was not still being followed. Once he felt that it was clear, he closed his eyes and began to channel all his psychic energy into communicating to a psyche he had been in touch with not that long ago.

    ~Logan. This is Charles Xavier. If you can hear this message, meet me in New York City. It's in Central Park, I'm sending you the mental images of the location and time. It's an emergency. Please, my friend, hurry.~
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    ~A Knife in the Dark~

    Western Pennsylvania

    We've been driving ever since we escaped the desert. I'm sure all of us are a sight, but I can't risk stopping and attracting attention. We need to get to Xavier. He's the only one that can help us now. We need to get to a place that is safe.

    I take a long drag on a cigar that I picked up before heading into the desert. As I exhale, a voice says deadpan from next to me, "You know that's bad for me, right?"

    Looking down, I see the face of Kitty Pryde looking up at me with a smirk on her face. She's opened up a lot in the past hours of the drive. She's feisty. A lot like I was when I was a kid. And she's stronger than I would have guessed. But then again, she would have to be to survive what she went through.

    She looks at the cigar again, "Seriously."

    I grumble and toss it out the window, and she asks, "What is wrong with the world, Logan? Why do our people want to kill us, and the humans want to kill us."

    "I'll be honest, darlin', there's a lot of bad people out there," I respond. "And then a lot of stupid people that will listen to them."

    "Are you a bad or stupid person, Logan?" she asks, kidding around with me.

    "What do you think?" I say. But what I'm thinking is, Not anymore, kid.

    "No. I think your good. Same with Kurt. He's too fluffy to be bad," she says jokingly. "But you may be stupid. I can't tell."

    I begin to laugh, that is, until Charles Xavier's voice booms through my head.

    The car swerves a bit, and Kitty lets out a yelp as Kurt wakes up from the back seat.

    "Vhat was zhat!"

    "You guys ever been to New York City?"



    "Well, get ready for your first trip."


    Central Park is dark, and cold. At this time of year, there's little activity in New York's island of green. I walk gingerly through the trees, Kitty hanging on around my neck. She insisted on not walking. Kurt follows along in the trees.

    I find Charles waiting for me in the designated area, he looks worried. I can sense something bad has happened. Really bad.

    I shift Kitty to the ground and we approach him, "You look like hell, Chuck. What's happened?"
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    "The children," Charles said in a quiet voice. He stared at his feet, not making eye contact with the older mutant. "My students. I came into the city with a friend. While I was gone, the government raided my home. They... they took them. Logan, they're gone. They're gone and my telepathic link to them has been severed. I can touch the minds of everyone on the planet... but I can't hear them."

    He looked up at Logan and slowly nodded.

    "But I have a plan. It's risky and potentially foolhardy. I need the help of a man who is experienced. A man who has been through his share of wars, both public and private."
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    5 years ago

    Sticking her hands into the jean pockets, the girl mumbled something about “ Of course” and removed her hand from them, revealing a coin, paperclip, pop tab from a soda can and a small stone. Dinah pursed her lips and dropped the jeans, pushing some wayward strand of shoulder length hair away from her face.

    ” Seriously Bobbi!?” Leaning around the doorway she yelled through the nearly empty house.


    Silence greeted her and she sighed before pocketing the coin and tossing the rest of items into a half filled jar by the washing machine. They made a metallic-y twinkling noise as they hit the contents in the jar; which were more of the same: Safety pins, bottle caps, pop tags from soda cans, random shiny stones. Bobbi was a magpie, she decided.

    Shoving the jeans into the washing machine she pushed the buttons to start the cycle and checked the clock; almost time to leave. She waited a while the washing machine hummed to life, the soft ‘thunk-thunk’ was rhythmic and calming, before heading up the stairs two at a time.


    I rested my head against the window, its glass cold as rain beat against the outside of it. The bus swayed under the strain of the wind that whipped the rain against the windows, battering them relentlessly.

    Not at all indicative of my life. In which, I mean it totally is
    I flicked my wrist and checked the time on my music player as Scissor Sisters ran through the cord in it, into my earbuds. Only an hour or so more, then I’d be home. Again. I tried desperately to quantify my feelings, to explore them, to understand why I had the knot of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. I just couldn’t figure it out, so much for all that therapy as a kid. At least it was raining. Rain meant less birds being around, like all animals, human or otherwise they understood that being out in the cold, winter rain wasn’t the best idea. A chill and shudder ran through me just thinking about them.
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    The Joker is awakened by an alarm clock playing the "Psycho" theme.

    He quickly grabs the alarm clock and hurls it across the room.

    The Joker walks over to examine the alarm clock that is now in pieces on the floor.

    He shakes his head slowly and says, "I lose more alarm clocks that way."

    The Joker walks over to the mirror and examines the damage inflicted upon him by Daredevil.

    Wow even with no blood in my face I know I got a few good bumps and bruises.

    He then rubs his temples and says, "Not to mention a concussion."

    The Joker makes himself a cup of coffee and takes several Alieve.

    As he reads through the papers he sees no mention of his battle with Daredevil but several mentions of his carnage through the city.

    He smiles and says, "Always let a smile be your umbrella."
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    ~A Knife in the Dark~

    The government wasted no time. They went hard and fast for those kids, and if my experience with the government is anything like theirs, they're going to be in trouble. Big trouble.

    "They're not going to have much time, Charles," I say, the urgency coming out in my voice. "Whatever you have in mind, we need to get to work. Now. And I'm your man."


    "I believe I can be of service too," Kurt says, appearing next to me with a smile at Xavier. "Guten tag. My name is Kurt Wagner, but in zhe circus I was known as the Incredible Nightcrawler."

    I give Kurt a weird look at his circus name.

    "And I'm in too!" Kitty beams up at me with the enthusiasm as only a small kid can have.

    "I don't think that's such a good idea," I smile at her. I look back up at Xavier, "This is Kitty Pryde, Charles. And this is Kurt. I seem to have picked up a few friends along the way."
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    "Yes, so it would see."

    Charles let his mind glance at the outer thoughts and memories of the two young mutants, he flinched when he saw what they had experienced over the past few weeks. Especially the boy, Kurt.

    "Kurt, Kitty. I'm afraid Logan is right. You're both too young and too weary for the task that's at hand."

    "Vhere ever ve can help, Herr Xavier, ve will."

    "Well, now that you mention it, there is something you can help with..."


    "Charles," Moira said doubtfully. "Are you sure this is wise?"

    She was standing in her hotel room with Charles and Logan. Behind them, Kurt and Kitty sat on the hotel bed.

    "Wise? Probably not. But I have no other options. They're both unable to come with us. We need someone to look after them just for a few days."

    "I... I don't know. This is all happening so fast. Yesterday, I had no idea you were a mutant and now you're asking me to do this..."

    "I know it's a lot to take in. But I need your help, Moira. You've helped me so much in the past, and I'm asking for your help again."

    "Fine," she said with a sigh. "I'll help you out."

    "Thank you, Moira," he said, taking her hand. "Thank you. I'm in your debt."

    "I know you are."

    Charles nodded and turned to Logan.

    "We need to be heading upstate soon. If you have anything you want to say to your friends, I'll wait for you."
  19. Carnage27 No one's puppet

    Dec 5, 2007
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    I nod and head over to the bed, nodding to Kurt. The kid is strong, he doesn't need anything from me at this point. He knows what to do, and will take care of the girl while I'm gone.

    Kitty looks up at me with a smirk, "So you're going to go kick some more butt again, huh?"

    "Looks that way, yea," I nod with a smile.

    "Good. Someone needs to beat up the bad guys," she smiles. "And you look like you're good at it."

    "Ya gotta be good at somethin', darlin'," I laugh. "Kurt and Moira are gonna look after your. But I promise, I'll be back soon."

    "I know you will be," she then turns to Kurt. "We'll have fun. I'll start braiding Kurt's hair."

    "I do not think zhat is such a good idea," he smiles.

    "Aw come on, elf," I chuckle. "You might look good."

    Charles says his goodbyes, and we head out, "We should probably take your car."

    "Why's that?"

    "Because mine's stolen," I say, hoping into the front seat of his. "So what's the plan, Professor?"
  20. Byrd Man El Hombre Pájaro

    May 25, 2006
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    "First things first. We need to go back to my house."

    The car carrying Charles and Logan went north, out of the city and into the suburbs. An hour later, the car was parked outside the Xavier mansion. Charles and Logan climbed out the car and walked towards the knocked down door.

    "Someone's been here," he said as they walked over the fallen door. Debris and wood chunks were scattered inside the foyer. "Not the same people who took the students, but different people under different orders. I can feel their psychic imprints here."

    Charles led Logan down into the basement and to a steel-reinforced armored door. "Luckily, they didn't get in here."

    A retinal scan flashed across the room.

    "Identify," a robotic voice said from the door.

    "Charles Francis Xavier and guest."

    The door hissed and swung open, revealing metallic floors and metallic walls leading into the dark. One by one, florescent lights kicked on and revealed the long hallway with reinforced doors.

    "Welcome, Professor," the door said.

    "Humble setup ya got here," Logan muttered. "Awful cozy."

    "I was on a bit of a post-modern kick when I decorated."

    Charles led Logan down the corridor and into a room marked "CEREBRO." The cramped room was filled with electronics. In the middle of the room,six LED computer monitors were gathered in a semi-circle around a plush chair with headgear resting on it.

    "This is Cerebro, my pride and joy. The headgear amplifies my psychic abilities and it sends a pulse out through communications channels. That's connected to satellites that circle the globe. Using this, I can find any mutant on the planet. It's how I found you, and it's how I'll find my students. You asked about the plan? It's simple, I use Cerebro to find them, then I find more mutants to assist us in freeing them. While I am hesitant to include others into our fight, it's the only option I can see."

    Charles stepped forward and sat down in the chair, looking up at Logan.

    "You've been in your share of fights, Logan. Do you see another angle to approach this with that I am unable to see?"
  21. Byrd Man El Hombre Pájaro

    May 25, 2006
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    17th Precinct
    9:15 AM

    "Alright, people, listen up," Captain Stewart said to the packed briefing room. Every detective, patrolman, and staff member the 17th gathered to listen to their CO.

    "You all know about the carnage that happened last night. You read the papers. But the Deputy left out an important piece of information in his briefing to the press."

    Stewart pressed a button and a projector kicked on, shining the grainy black and white image of a figure on a rooftop, horns on its head.

    "The vigilante known as Daredevil is back. Most of y'all are too young to know the facts, so I'll be brief. Daredevil was a masked vigilante that operated in Manhattan from the summer of '72 until the winter of '88. During that time, he is suspected to have assaulted nearly a thousand known criminals, and may or may not have killed three men during the Mafia gang wars in the late 80's. Sixteen years in action, and nobody ever got a real good look at him. After a twenty-four year hiatus, this fool's back. More likely, though, it's a copycat."

    "So?" Sergeant Michaels asked with a shrug. "So he roughs up some schmucks before we get there to arrest them. So what?"

    "This man is an affront to the justice system," Stewart snapped. "He isn't bound by due process or the Miranda Rights. He wasn't trained by the city and state of New York to pick up a badge, and he sure as hell ain't authorized to carry out arrests. Simply put, he's a criminal. A criminal who attacks other criminals, but a criminal still. Police Plaza has a mandate to arrest him on sight. The officers who encountered him and our spree killer last night tried to do that, but he slipped away."

    "Any evidence?" Office Daniels asked.

    "Boots," the captain said. "A pair of size twelve boots were recovered from the scene with a stab hole in the toe. Based on the description of the officers on scene, he is a white man between 5'8 and 6'2. And he's probably bruised and limping. It's not much, but it's a start."

    In the back of the briefing room, 5'11 Dick Grayson squirmed. His injured ribs were taped and bandages, as was the wound in his foot. He was lucky that most of the bruising the clown had administered had been in the body area and not the face. His patrolman uniform hid the majority of that bruising.

    "Alright," Stewart said. "MCU is dealing with this Daredevil problem. But your job is to keep your eyes peeled out there. Anything you think links up to this case, you report it. That's all. Dismissed."

    With that, the men and women of the 17th Precinct filed out of the room. Dick made sure to walk in a way to hide the limp of his injured foot.


    Hell's Kitchen
    7:15 PM

    Dick grunted as he slid his shoe off. The bandaged foot was tender and a bit swollen. Considering it was a rush job from an ER doctor that owed Matt a favor, it was more than adequate. It was swollen because of Dick having to spend three hours on his feet at the end of his shift, doing security for a bodega that had been having robbery problems.

    "What happened out there?" Matt asked, leaning forward in his chair. "Last night, I mean. Let's do a post-mortem."

    "What about later?" Dick asked, taking his other shoe off. "Figure I'd take tonight off and let my foot heal a little better before I head back out there."

    "Okay, but why did you get beaten so bad?"

    "That clown was strong and fast. Unnaturally so. The majority of the damage I got happened at the start of the fight, before I knew what I was dealing with."

    "Still shouldn't have come to that. You should have been on your toes from the start."

    "The guy looked like a crackhead Ronald McDonald. There was no way anybody could have read the situation properly... Anyone who could see, anyway..."

    "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "You know what I mean. I don't have your senses, Matt. I can't tell what someone had for breakfast just by smelling their sweat. I misjudged the situation, but I stopped him."

    "You stopped him from taking any more lives last night, but he got away."

    "Did you read the papers? He took down a damn police chopper! What can I do against that? I did all I could do!"

    "And it wasn't good enough!"

    "What do you want me to say?!" Dick yelled. "That I'm sorry? Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm not good as you, Matt. Sorry that I can't live up to your great legacy. There. I said it."

    Matt took a breath and prepared to talk, but stopped. He thought it over and sighed. "Look... I'm sorry. I'm not used to this feeling. Feeling so... helpless while you go out there and risk your life. I'm used to being in the thick of it. I don't want to keep making you second guess yourself, I just want you to realize the stakes you're playing with. Every night you go out there, you may not come back. I got lucky that I'm still sitting here drawing breath, but I didn't get off easy."
    Dick nodded slowly and looked out the window.

    "I know your concern, and it's not like I haven't thought of that. I think about it every time before I go out. But, you know what? I could die tomorrow on the job, or get hit by a car walking down the street. Doesn't matter. When it happens, it'll happen. I just want to do my part and help as many people as I can. I'm not afraid of dying."

    "Good, but remember that there's a difference between fearless and reckless."

    "You're right. I won't forget it, I promise."

    Matt leaned back in his chair and patted the sides.

    "Alright, enough of the sensei-grasshopper routine, how was work?"

    "Usual patrol stuff. Nothing major. Oh, we had a briefing today with the entire precinct. NYPD told us all to be on the lookout for the new Daredevil."

    "New Daredevil?" Matt asked with an arched eyebrow. "What makes them think the old one didn't come out of retirement."

    "Oh, just the fact it's been forty years. If the old Daredevil was out there, he'd be old. Like, really old. I mean really, really--"

    "Watch your mouth, kid."

    "The captain brought up the mob wars from the 80's. Said Daredevil was suspected of killing three men. When are you finally going to tell me that story?"

    "When the time is right, Dick. I promise. When I tell you about Silvermane, Elektra, and the whole mess, you'll wish I hadn't."

    Matt leaned forward and stood, his back popping as his spine straightened.

    "But like I said, that's for another day. C'mon, go get dressed. Foggy invited us to dinner."

    "So nice of you to accept for me," Dick said as he stood.

    "I figured a polite and well-mannered man as yourself wouldn't refuse."

    Dick chuckled to himself and limped across the floor to his old room.
  22. MST3K 4ever BRING IT BACK!

    Jun 17, 2004
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    It's the close of business at Edward's office as he checks on various message boards on a secured lap-top through a secured network.

    Well well Harvey apparently your operation isn't as air-tight as you thought it was The Kingpin has let it be known that there is a contract out on the Devengers.

    Edward pauses for a moment and shuts down the laptop.

    Not interested in this one for The Kingpin. I've found him to be a man of his word and very direct. But he doesn't do negotiations so there is no way he'd allow Kelly to live.

    Just then there is a knock at the door and he opens it and sees Kelly standing there. He motions for her to come in and once she does he closes the door.

    They walk back to an exam room and Edward notices bruises underneath the dark glasses.

    Edward opens an ice-pack and gives it to Kelly who takes off her glasses, and Edward asks, "Do you need anymore?"

    At first Kelly shakes her head but then nods slowly. Edward gives her another ice-pack and she says, "Thank you Dr. Nygma. I'm so clumsy I keep falling down and walking into things."

    Edward says, "Kelly I know who you are and who your husband is. I also know the signs of abuse."

    She stares at him for a moment and he says, "I've got connections I also know about the deal in place I went to a friend of mine in the D-A's office."

    Kelly asks, "So what do you plan on doing with this information?"

    Edward replies, "I'm going to help you. Not your husband, but you."

    Kelly asks, "Why me?"

    Edward replies, "It's a long story you got some time."

    Kelly nods.
  23. Carnage27 No one's puppet

    Dec 5, 2007
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    I slide up against the back door of Beck's magic shop and slam my foot against the door, allowing me access. I'm sure he's got a silent alarm set up in the shop, so I don't have much time. I need to get in here, get the evidence I need, and get out.

    But I have to stifle a laugh as I head in. The place is so stereotypical and kitschy magic shop. I see top hats, wands that turn into bouquets, and simple card tricks and ring tricks.

    Rolling my eyes I begin searching for a hidden panel. This creep wouldn't keep this kind of stuff at home. The shipments would be suspicious at home, but here the ingredients delivery could be mixed in with the deliveries for the store.

    Heading behind the counter of the store, I flip up a rug where the magician would stand to ring a customer out, and find a locked trap door underneath.

    Slamming the heel of my boot into the lock, it breaks free, and I flip open the hatch, revealing a spiral staircase underneath. Descending, I find what seems to be a makeshift lab and workshop. I can see tanks of the gas he used in the police station, as well as some out there mechanical creations.

    The space is cavernous, and seems to be an old speakeasy from prohibition times. I can see where the stills were and a dusty bar with some stools next to it in the corner. Must be kept there for sentimental reasons.

    "Oh boy, this one's a nut," I say, flipping on the lights and revealing the multiple animatronic creations.

    Beck was an aspiring magician, escape artist, and special effects guy from Gotham. He worked on a few smaller films in Hollywood. That is until one of his creations ended up catching fire and burning down half a studio. He was disgraced and couldn't get another job, and came back here to take over his father's old store. At some point, he hit money troubles. I have to assume that's when Falcone brought him into the fold.

    His police examinations and profiles didn't show any hints of mental illness, but this guy is definitely over the edge.

    I take a few pictures of the tanks of the substance as evidence to pass onto Gordon before heading back towards the stairs. But as I do, I notice one of the mechanical effects in the room start to move. A skeleton stands and begins approaching me.

    The thing is incredibly lifelike. Almost too lifelike. It gets closer and raises a sword above its head. I don't take a chance , smashing it to pieces with a well placed strike.

    But its not alone. The other machines activate and begin moving.

    Not having time to deal with this, I rush upstairs, and as I reach the main store, an ethereal voice floats through the area, "Well, well. They told me you might be coming. But here you are."

    A flash of blue in the corner of my eye draws my attention. I spin, but the same blur seems to move around to the other side almost instantaneously. And it moves again as I try to lock down its location.

    "The gas works wonders, doesn't it?" the voice says. "Really amplifies the things you see. Works perfectly with my little toys."

    "Not man enough to fight one on one, Beck?" I say. "You do this to all the people you kill for the mob?"

    "Oh, I usually don't kill...unless the situation calls for it," is the response. Which is when the blue flame speeds towards me, and a hard punch strikes me in the face. "Besides...I'm not here to fight you. I'm just going to keep you here until Falcone shows up. And then he'll kill you."

    "In the mean time...let's have some fun with the Marvelous Mysterio!"

  24. Carnage27 No one's puppet

    Dec 5, 2007
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    "Charles, everything I've seen in the past few weeks tells me there's no other course of action," I say. "At Alcatraz they were dissecting mutants. Dozens of them, possibly. And they had Kurt hooked up to some sort of serum that rendered him powerless and almost comatose. I don't know where they got it from, but it's obviously a weapon, Chuck. They want to start a war and they're putting weapons together to win it."

    "If we don't fight back, we're going to lose before we even know what happened."
  25. Byrd Man El Hombre Pájaro

    May 25, 2006
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    "You're right," he said, reaching up to grab Cerebro's headset. "God help us all, you're right."

    His thoughts momentarily turned towards Erik. Logan's rationale wasn't far off from the bile Erik had spewed those months back in San Diego. But, Charles decided in that instant, it was the fear of becoming like Erik that kept him from truly becoming like him.

    He slid the headset onto his head and turned away from Logan. Charles reached out to the keyboard in front of the monitors and activated Cerebro. Maps lit up on the screens in front of him, each monitor showing one of the six habitable continents of the Earth. On each continent, there were countless dots of light covering the landmasses.

    "Each one of those dots is a mutant," he told Logan. "Mutants have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, but no one has been able to know many there are... except now. This was what I kept secret from the government and everyone else. If they knew the truth, the hatred and violence we face would multiply overnight. There are millions of them out there all over the world. Mutants are more than just broken chromosomes or twisted genes. We're not an anomaly, we're evolution."

    Charles mentally scanned the planet while Logan took it all in.

    "There...," he said, his hand going out to the monitor showing Australia and Oceania. "Enhance."

    The map zoomed in to a tiny part of the ocean just west of the International Date Line. There were several mutant signatures seemingly floating in the Pacific Ocean.

    "I can't reach any of the minds there, but I can feel the mental imprints of my students...," Charles said with a scowl. "There's some sort of psychic shielding. I can't get in. It could be a ship or a submarine..."

    "It's an island," Logan said. "Krakoa Island. The US and the ANZACs used it as a staging ground back in WWII to fly bombers into Japanese territory. Must have been wiped off the map. No telling why."

    "Interesting that you'd know that. Regardless, we know where they are. Now..."

    Charles focused and reached his mind out through Cerebro to the minds of all the mutants across the world...

    He felt the worries and fears of the young woman in Africa. He saw through her eyes as she crouched in the busy Moroccan market. Charles felt her channel the forces of the planet through her body. She unleashed a powerful gust of wind on the market crowd. The wind kicked sand up into the air and distracted the people as the girl leaped up and made a dash for a market display. She filled her arms with fruit and vegetables and ran off through the dust storm. She kept running until she was clear of the market. Taking a right, she ducked into a corner and took a bite of a pear. It was the first bite of food she had in three days.

    In Ohio, Charles watched the teenaged boy being confronted in the school hallway by a bigger student. The older boy pushed him against a locker and reared his fist back. The teenager's heart beat furiously as his abilities kicked in. He ducked the punch with the speed of a jackrabbit before he rushed forward and tackled the bully with the strength of a bear. He landed on top of the boy and roared like a mountain lion, sending the crowd that had gathered around them into a panicked frenzy.

    Charles' mind was in the Ukraine. He watched two brothers fight about their future. He felt the pain and anger of the young brother, his fear that the older brother's intentions would kill them all. Charles saw the young man's skin turn from flesh to steel. He watched as they yelled and threatened each other with their mutant powers.

    And just like that, he was in Brazil. The young lady in question was excited. She was on the beaches outside Sao Paulo sitting in the sand with Marco, a young man she was quite taken with. Her heart began to hammer as she and Marco leaned towards each other for a kiss. Her eyes were closed, but the shouts opened them back up. Marco was recoiling from her in horror and she didn't know why until she smelt the burning. Her bathing suit was on fire, green flames licked at her arms and torso. But she didn't feel pain. She tried to call out to Marco, try to explain what was going on, but he was already halfway across the beach, screaming and yelling for help.

    "I have them," Charles said, removing the headset. The map blinked in four locations over the world. The continents were wiped away from the monitors, replaced by the data, coordinates, and names of four individuals.

    Ororo Munroe - Marrakesh, Morocco
    Bernhard Baker - Deer Park, Ohio
    Beatriz de Costa - Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Piotr Rasputin - Odessa, Ukraine

    "I have our team..."

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