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Walter Hill to direct Rambo 4

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Nov 17, 2005
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If this news is true it could be totally awesome. Hill has made a long list of films on my top 100 list. He can do action and doesn't need 60 million to do it...but he's getting it. :)

Rambo might as well be going to ‘Deadwood’. Not only has Kim Dickens, from the latter series, joined “Rambo 4”, but Walter Hill is rumoured to be now directing the thing.RottenTomatoes.com says Hill is in final talks to steer the thing. Originally Sylvester Stallone was going to shoot it himself. Thanks to ‘LR’ for the heads up on that one
Keep safe. Monks.

Text above from moviehole
Oh my god...

That would be teh awesome
When was the last time Walter Hill did anything good?
^ I don't care when the last time is. All I know is he's made so many awesome movies that I loved. Southern Comfort just plain ruled and he's great with the budgets as far as stretching them with awesome directing. If he gets it you can be assured it'll be awesome. I just think with all the hot new directors he's been left in the dust but if we're gonna go Retro he's the man.
The 48 Hours movies weren't so bad. He could do a good job.
will the abscence of col.troutman be adressed
^ Yes they already replaced him with a new superior officer but it's not Trautman. It will be explained and I forgot whot he actor was but he's good. Google it. I think it's James Brolin.

guess you didnt read...

the time he did anything good? are you kidding? the warriors!

Me? of cause i did.. just saying that stallone was suppose to direct?
Well, Stallone is directing. I would've liked to see Hill's take but it's Stallone's movie thru and thru. Maybe Hill could give us 'Warriors 2'. ;)

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