Wasn't Mom's Cooking Always The Best?


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Sep 27, 2005
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Wasn't your mother's (or father's) cooking always the best? So far, nothing beats my parents' cooking.

Nope. I'll take Red Lobster any day over my moms stuff.
I would rather eat my university's cafeteria food than my Mom's food.
My grandma rocked it in the kitchen and my Dad fed us a lot of steak and canned spinach, lol.
my cooking blows theirs out of the water
the only thing ma could cook was spaghetti bolognaise and it was OK. Most of my meals came from my grandparents who never serve warm meat. :(
Dad was the cook in the family. Mom made stuff pre-packaged. A lot of these brats are so used to eating out a home cooked meal is foreign to them.
My mom is a professional chef, so yea, her cooking kicks ass. :up:
My dad could cook up some good stuff. He was a cook at his dad's Elk's Club up in Chicago.

My mom can also cook some good things.

But grandma's was the best
Not only that...but the food is terrible. :down
Yes it is.

Better than Le Cirque :ikyn

Awww mama!!!!
My mom was all I had so of course her cooking was always the ****, now she has a bf who cooks just as good as she does.
I miss my parents cooking , It was always the best .
i'd say yes... but it depends what it is though....
I'd just be happy to get a home cooked meal :csad:
The real question is, can any of your mother****ers actually cook your own ****?
My moms idea of cooking a meal is a frozen pizza in the oven. I've come to really hate pizza.
The real question is, can any of your mother****ers actually cook your own ****?
I can, a man can't live off fast food alone especially if he's broke and lives alone. Besides, don't women like a man that can cook?
Dad's cooking is teh best.

Mom would burn water. :down

Although, mom has gotten better.

:shelurks: :O

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