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Ways to spend a Saturday night


Slowly Losing My Mind
Jul 22, 2005
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It is always extremely lame when your plans get blown, you get ditched, or nobody is up to doing anything anymore. Like tonight my brother was all like "Hey, it's been awhile since we've hung out with our friends! Lets go out with them!" I'm all like, sure! Then he goes off saying how he thinks going out and doing our regular routine is lame and boring, and my friends get pissed and head off themselves. So I get stuck here another saturday night (It sucks not having a car, and when he won't let me borrow his).

But I'm not going to sit here and rant about him or anything, but I'm just curious about what you guys do when you stay in for the weekend?

I'm doing it....posting and research for my next trips.
George Foreman grill + south park movie = :D
Stay in? I love reading, I'll pick up a trade paperback I maybe haven't read in a while and give it a re-read with fresh eyes.

But now I'm on my way to a Burlesque show, so enjoy your night in. :p
Plotting to kill someone perhaps? I guess I could start season 4 of BTAS. I don't know, bored...
I just got back from seeing Jumper, a fantastic movie! Break out the N64 play some Tony Hawk 1 and get drunk?
Haha, not old enough to buy beer on my own...I should whip out the N64, though...
girlfriend just went to bed . kind of lame but i can't complain really.
Anybody know of any good movie pirate sites? Trying to see if I could find There Will Be Blood, lol.
watch SNL well playing PSP and listneing to music while petting your cat.
Or watch Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott. This main event can't come fast enough. But uh, the Pitbull performance makes it worth it.
Well, if the kid is spending the night somewhere else, like tonight and the wife has crashed out already, like now, I usually do some internet banking, check up on the Hype, ESPN, do some email and then watch Seinfeld, Headbangers Ball or watch Beavis and Butthead episodes when they sometimes have a mini-marathon. I dont stay up and watch movies because I always want to turn on the surround sound and I dont do that when the wife is asleep.
This thread makes me cry.

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