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WB promises Justice League announcements soon!

Kal-El Fan

Sep 23, 2007
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IESB.net is reporting that WB will offically announce Justice League within the next week. The announcement will include the directorial nod officially going to Miller, and some of the cast.
Great to hear...wonder why it's only some of the cast though?

You would think that casting at this point was done. But I guess some things can take longer than others.

Can't wait to finally freakin' hear about this!!
Warner Bros. has already officially announced George Miller as director.
Warner Bros. has already officially announced George Miller as director.

That's what I had thought, but I guess it wasn't Super Officially Official only kinda Officially Official before.

Just announce the CAST!! already is what I'm thinking.
Judging from the news on the front page,I don't think anybody should hold their breath for announcements.

I don't see WB announcing at all unless they know when this strike is ending.
I guess what they mean in "official" is the customary promotional live introduction of the director and main cast with proceeding press conference.
No certain day is given for the announcement??
isnt november 18th the day for the official press release?
Only announcement I want to hear is that it's canceled. :)
So much for announcements and IESB having credibility.

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