We got to have a Silver Surfer movie!

So what's going on with this? Will a Silver Surfer movie still happen? Could the rights revert to Marvel? Why did Fox announce directors for FF and Daredevil but not this?

My guess is it's defunct but I still want to hear people's thoughts on a Silver Surfer movie. Would you want to see it? Who would you like to see as a cast?
I'd love to see the rights go back to Marvel (especially if that meant him eventually joining Dr. Strange, Namor, and Hulk in a Defenders movie), but unfortunately I think he's irrevocably tied to FF. It looks like Fox is rebooting FF, which ultimately means they'll be rebooting Silver Surfer along with them.

While I don't think spin-offs automatically end up being failures, the track record hasn't been very good in the superhero movie genre (Catwoman, Elektra, Wolverine). I would tread very lightly when it comes to giving Silver Surfer a solo movie.
Wasn't Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) attached to Silver Surfer at one point? I wanted him to do it!!!
it really is a shame all this cosmic stuff is going to happen now and the silver surfer is rotting away with fox.
If Kingpin was loaned to Fox for DD by Sony, maybe the same could apply here? The deal wouldn't be indefinite, but on a movie to movie basis, or a trilogy of films. Obviously DD without Kingpin is pretty worthless, but maybe Marvel will feel they can't do a decent story without the SS, and Fox won't feel like rehashing that either in their FF films.

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