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We kidnapped Biz on his Bday!


I Work Too Much
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Apr 29, 2004
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Let me tell you about the wonderful day we planned for Biz Aids bday

first I called JP and was like "hey yall, it's biz's bday!

JP was like "OMG we have to throw him a party, what can we do?"

I said, "let's go get E-Man, he will help us!"

We both looked at each other and smiled "road trip" :highfive:

So, I picked Jp up in my tractor, and we headed to E-Man's.


after finally getting to E-Mans house, we had to hurry! There wasn't much time, but E-Man being E-Man, wouldn't leave until he was finished packing his snacks for the trip.


since we already in that crazy Dallas Cowboy lovin neck of the woods, we figured the only thing left to do was to pick up one more person...


he was sleeping when we got there, but it was cool, his mom let us in. E-Man starting singing some sweet Jazz while JP sang sassy backup and Kane immediately woke to their velvety voices. We all ran to my tractor but realizing we needed something faster, Kane as his mom if we could borrow her car.

And off we were to Kansas.!


.........To Be Continued
It was a great car ride. We alternated driving, but the car radio sucked. It only played cassettes. Lame! Fortunately Kane's Mom had a really wicked selection of tapes in the van.


We didn't find Biz at his house, and JP started freaking out. But me being the master detective I am, I knew exactly where he'd be. I was prepared, I had brought supplies for our mission and took over the driving.

By this time, E-Man had fallen asleep after eating his sammiches and it was time to wake him up. He was snoring way too loud. I reached down and grabbed my backpack, throwing to the boys in the back.

"Gear up yall, we're on a mission" I said, swerving through traffic. Little did they know that I had already had my gear on the whole time. CC is always prepared.

As I slid into the parking space perfectly, I drawled "we're here".

Looking back, I turned my head after getting no answer. I smiled deviously at the image before me:


I turned off the car and put on the last part of my disguise.


the 4 of us stealthily got out of the car and stood defiantly before the huge building. It was time to kidnap our friend...

it wasn't hard to find Biz Aids, Kane found him first.

Biz Aids was standing in the middle of the Action Figure aisle, 2 figures in his hands, unable to decide which to buy.
With deadly precision, we were able to overtake him, subdue him, and carry him to the van before anyone really knew what was going on.


once in the vehicle, we finally revealed ourselves





Biz was so happy to see us he almost cried.

E-Man began to sing Happy Birthday in his sultry chocolate voice, and we all joined in.

JP was busy going through the rest of the junk in Kane's Mom's van. After putting down the Paula Deen magazine, he found some awesome cassettes for us to listen to. Some of Biz's favorite tunes!


80's Mix Tapes

This was about to be a great day!
First we went to a KC Royals game


we had great seats until E-Man got us kicked out in the 4th inning for fighting some guy who made him spill his nachos


then we went to this bar and I had to work my magic to get the bouncer to let us in;


after that, we had a lot of drinks



Biz was having a good time:


once we were fully inebriated, it was time for Biz's favorite sport: Drunk Karaoke!
the bar was packed, and JP got everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Biz



JP rocked the house singing Cooking By the Book

everyone cheered

next Kane did some Daft Punk


busting out some sweet dance movies


a couple more shots and the rest of us were ready to hit the stage

e-man took the stage and gave a shout out to all his homies first.

meanwhile i bought Biz some girly drinks because I know how much he secretly likes them and helped him drink them.
i was pretty drunk too but i had to get ready for my song cuz i was next


e-man was getting really into it, the crowd was going crazy





biz was having the time of his life, i looked over and saw him dancing the night away



a cute girl across the bar caught his eye with her sweet moves and he danced with her til E-Man's song was through.

i headed across the dance floor to sing my song, leaving Biz and Boys and Biz's new lady friend


i picked a modern crowd hopping song and got everyone to sing and dance along.




finally biz took the stage and everyone loved him cuz it was his bday


Biz grabbed the mic


and began singing one of his favorite songs from the Top Gun soundtrack



when he was done, the crowd demanded an encore, and we all joined him on stage

after that, we spent the rest of the night dancing, and partying and having a great time


after a final round of birthday shots, we decided it was time to go


but we had one last stop to make!

The 24 hour tattoo parlor

we all chipped in and bought Bizzy this awesome present! We hope he likes it when he wakes up in the morning


when we left the tattoo parlor, the sun was starting to creep up. I was the most sober so I was driving (don't drink and drive ever!)

Kane was supposed to be my shotgun homey, but he quickly fell asleep


JP fell asleep in the back of the van and we put this on his face.


Since E-Man and I were the only ones awake, we sang along to the radio until we got to Biz's house.

once got there, I told E-Man to reach into my bag for one last hurrah of the night...

we woke everyone but Biz aids, and quietly as we could, dragged him into the house.

Bishop watched us carry him in but went about his business.

we threw him in the bed and he was knocked out.


but before we left, we put the sharpies to good use...



Happy Birthday BFF :atp:

Happy Birthday BA!

Still living in BS?
Happy Birthday BizAcquiredImmunoDeficiencySyndrome... I'd post a series of funny/cool pictures to celebrate the day you emerged from a warm, dark and damp place into a cold bright world but I don't have a sufficient enough picture/gif library that Kane and CC apparently have... so happy birthday we love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Happy Birthday BizAids!
That's hilarious ComicChick. Happy Birthday Biz Aids!
It twas a great night. Thanks to CC recording our shenanigans the night will live in infamy.
Thank you CC!! That was a pretty awesome and accurate story! You're the best! :atp:

Happy Birthday Biz!
Thank you Kane....Skype. Tonight.

Happy Birthday BA!

Still living in BS?

Thanks Badger, yeah I'm near BS now, I'm over by the Indep Mall. But I still frequeny Clancys!

Happy Birthday BizAcquiredImmunoDeficiencySyndrome... I'd post a series of funny/cool pictures to celebrate the day you emerged from a warm, dark and damp place into a cold bright world but I don't have a sufficient enough picture/gif library that Kane and CC apparently have... so happy birthday we love you like a fat kid loves cake.


Sir, that means a lot coming from you. Thank you!

Happy Birthday BizAids!
Thanks Duke!

That's hilarious ComicChick. Happy Birthday Biz Aids!

Thank you Bullets!

It twas a great night. Thanks to CC recording our shenanigans the night will live in infamy.
Notice not one thing was said about Cockatoo or Tank Asses.

Ahahaha. That was great, CC. And happy birthday...aids. :o

Thank you SML...:o (Keep the tradition goin'!)

Happy birthday!
Thank you Mr. Todd (Officially a Mr. now?)
Best birthday thread ever.
i'm not partial, but this was probably the best birthday thread ever, right up there with 'Fire's stories, i tell ya
Man I just finished watching Twin Peaks an I cannot handle this right now. :wow:

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