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Feb 1, 2006
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just got this off of aintitcool.com

Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

Although I can’t publish my full detailed report until May, I had a very interesting visit this week to the editing room of the new Warner Bros. film 300, directed by Zack Snyder. I walked into the encounter thinking he was a talented guy who had made a pretty good first film. I left the encounter convinced that Snyder is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood right now, a visionary with a wicked eye and a real feel for how to bring fantastic material to the bigscreen.

While I was there, I noticed a copy of the WATCHMEN graphic novel sitting on the desk of his office, and in our conversations about Frank Miller and his newfound luck in film translations of his work, the subject of Alan Moore came up. Snyder mentioned that he was about to meet with the producers of WATCHMEN to discuss whether or not he would come aboard to direct the long-in-development film.

I’ve been able to confirm now that Snyder has entered negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the project, which is fantastic news. I know that all you guys have seen so far is DAWN OF THE DEAD, so that’s all you can judge him on, but trust me... 300 is a whole different ball game. When you get a load of what this guy is capable of... when you see how far he pushes things with bringing Frank Miller’s world to life... you’ll be just as excited as I am. I’ve always said that WATCHMEN had the right producers and writer attached, and I think there have been some interesting directors (Aronofsky and Greengrass) attached to it in the last few years. But with Snyder, I think the WATCHMEN may have finally found the perfect guy for the job, and I am absolutely rabid to see what he’s going to do.

And speaking of that script... I’ve heard there are some revisions underway to really fine-tune the various Hayter drafts and make sure that what ends up onscreen is the most perfect realization of Moore’s book possible. I’m hoping I can work something out where I can track down the new writer and talk with him about the work he’s doing, because I know how important this book is to so many of you. Zack Snyder said the same thing about it to me, talking about the responsibility of bringing something like WATCHMEN to life. “If I screw up 300, that would be heartbreaking, but ultimately, it’s not as well known a property. If you get WATCHMEN wrong... well...”

He didn’t have to finish the sentence, and he doesn’t have to worry. I have utmost faith that he’s going to knock it out of the park. I’m as sure of that as I am of the fact that when the trades finally report Snyder has signed as director, they won’t mention that the story broke here first. Take that to the bank.

"Moriarty" out.

I'd have to see 300 before I could give him my support. The Dawn remake wasn't too bad though. I'm just glad to hear that the movie is actually starting to move. Hopefully it won't be a false start like the last few times.
If Moriarty is saying he's good for Watchmen then I'm certainly interested. I hope the script is fan-fuggin-tastic.
i'd say he's got potential. his work on dawn of the dead shows promise, but as stated above, i'd reserve judgement till i see 300.
Hayter's drafts were pure gold. And Zach Snyder is nothing if not an interesting visual director, which WATCHMEN will need. Have yet to see 300, but have heard very good things about it. This is amazingly good news.
Man I dunno. I like Snyder but the script is my main concern. This could be great if the script doesn't get all Holly****ed.
I hope that Synder is THE MAN. I really wished that Darren Aronkosky could do it but....I hope for the best for Zach...I can't wait for 300..
Zack Snyder? Good news. I hope he will be good director for WATCHMEN in vissual style and good direction.

Also I hope screenplay will b e perfect.
Octoberist said:
We'll see Cinemmon. We'll see.


1) Watchmen can be great and perfect comic book movie, something between V for Vendetta and Batman Begins.

2) Or can be one of the worst movies.

I hope Watchmen will look like my varient 1.
300 is looking amazing so far. If he got it right, there's no reason why he can't do Watchmen. Do you think one movie is enough to tell Watchmen's story, though?
SolidRoar said:
300 is looking amazing so far. If he got it right, there's no reason why he can't do Watchmen. Do you think one movie is enough to tell Watchmen's story, though?

Agreed, Snyder prooved that he is really great vissual director in 300 blogs.

BUT I don't like idea about Watchmen's sequels. One movie with 165 minutes and $85-105m budget will be enough to have all important storylines and details I think.
We'll see. Until now, each time I got more excited about the project, it went down. Just as I was starting to love Greengrass's ideas, Paramount killed the movie. We'll see.
Giving the guy who botched the Dawn of the Dead remake the Watchmen? Oh this is a bad turn.
Rob_Merritt said:
Giving the guy who botched the Dawn of the Dead remake the Watchmen? Oh this is a bad turn.
He's not confirmed. They are meeting various persons, James McTeigue is also in the running.
While Snyder can produce some nice visuals I don't think he is able to handle character development particularly well. Dawn 04 was a mess on that front, and since this is one of the cores of the Watchmen story I’m not thrilled by the news.

Does anybody have a link to the David Hayter script I hear everybody talking about?

Thanking you in advance.

Alan Moore commented on the David Hayter script in an Entertainment Weekly I think got thrown away. He said it was as close as you were going to get. I'd take that as a good sign.
Antonello Blueberry said:
He's not confirmed. They are meeting various persons, James McTeigue is also in the running.
I don't hink so.


QUINT: Before we start wrapping things up, I'd like to find out what are some of your other favorite comic properties. Are there any out there that would be dream adaptations for you?

JAMES MCTEIGUE: I guess, if I hadn't done V FOR VENDETTA, there is one on every comic book reader's shortlist, there's THE WATCHMEN. Not that I'd probably be the one to tackle that, but I'd love to see a film of that get made. I think having done an Alan Moore adaptation, it's time for me to do something else, but it'd be great if someone did that. I think whereas it would have been harder in the past, I think technology has caught up to be able to make that film. I think someone will have a go at it. I think Terry Gilliam had it for a long time and Paul Greengrass just tried to do it and there's that David Hayter script out there. I think someone will do it soon.
If Warners is happy with what Snyder is doing with 300, it wouldn't surprise me that they are going to try and keep him in house. Moriarty said that Snyder is probably one of hollywoods "best kept secrets". That's pretty high praise, which has to stem from somewhere. I'm absolutley in love with the graphic novel, but I'm not one of the purists who think it should never be tackled as a film. If Moriarty turns out to be right, I will be cautiously optimistic.
i think there should be a poll to see how long THIS production will last until they scrap the project. btw i think watchmen should be done as a 12 part mini-series on hbo or scifi. a 2 hr movie isn't long enough to tell teh whole story.

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