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Jan 31, 2011
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Read at your own peril, things seem good but later on....

We will be living in the future of Surrogates, the new Total Recall, Minority Report, and AI including all of the scary aspects of the future. :csad:

Note: I did not make this list to feel scared, seriously, major trigger warning.



3D technologies are widespread
Launch of PS4 and Xbox 720


Google Glass brings hands-free access to the web in the form of glasses
The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe
Personalized DNA sequencing for under $100
Robotic pack mules are entering military service
Portable Internet cameras enable most calls to be made via skype


Worsening economic crises
Virtual reality makes a comeback due to an enhanced cyberspace
Tigers are going extinct
The world’s first fully sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste city completes phase one
The world’s first lunar tourist
Battery technology gets an amazing boost – under fifteen minutes equates a week
3D printing is a mainstream consumer product
Scientists resurrect the wooly mammoth, sabre-tooth, and Megatherium


US vehicles are becoming more fuel-efficient
Energiya launches the first hotel in space
Agricultural robots are appearing on farms
Laser guns are in naval use
Holographic Versatile Disks supersedes Blu-Rays
Brain-related conditions can now be treated with new delivery methods
A pill to prevent sunburn
Launch of the Titanic II


China merges nine of its cities into one
The world’s first kilometer-high skyscraper
Deepwater natural gases can now be exploited
The Cheops satellite is deployed to study exoplanets
Electronic paper is seeing widespread use (think Harry Potter newspapers)
Tooth regeneration is forming in dental care
Cosmetic surgery has doubled its market size
Teleportation of simplest molecules


A drug that lets people eat whatever they want without gaining weight
Life expectancy increases as a result of said pill
Many complex surgeries are performed by robots
Robot insect spies are in military use
Fridges can order new food before they become empty
Appliances can sense when you are home
Majority of cars have Internet access
Scientists drill into Earth’s mantle
The last of Nigeria’s rainforests have been felled


The first manned outpost beyond the Moon begins assembly
Personalized computer that almost acts like a personal assistant with AI
Computers break the exaflop barrier
Bionic eyes with high resolution are commercially available (vision loss)
Cars communicating with each other (think Minority Report)
Driverless freight trucks appearing
LED dim or brighten depending on the brightness of the Moon and Stars at night
Oil demand is outpacing supply by a significant margin


Start of a fifteen-year oil crises
Cell phones are just the size of a screen
The start of virtual telepathy in texting by thinking
Complex organ replacements grown from stem cells
A cure for malaria
The fountain of youth becomes a closer reality for those in middle and younger years
Holographic TV is mainstream
Electrical and gas electric meters in every UK home reducing bills
Public smoking is banned across every US state
Glacier National Parks are becoming ice-free
CGI is now 100% indistinguishable from real people in film and video games
Google Earth now works in complete real-time


Water crises in southwest USA
The world’s largest insect swarm re-emerges
Male birth control pills are entering the market
The world’s first artificial kidney
Start of mind-reading technology for security camera purposes

Rising travel costs
Near paper-less offices
Most workers can work from wherever they want


Nanotech is being used in clothing
Deafness is fully curable


A permanent cure for migraines
Borneo’s rainforests have been wiped from the map
Rare species including the Orangutan have become extinct
Gorillas are going extinct


The biggest refugee crises in world history due to torrential flooding in southeast Asia
Gay marriage is legal in every US state
African elephants are going extinct
A cure for the common cold is available for general public use


Mouse revived for cryopreservation
The threat of bioterrorism is peaking
Rhinos are going extinct in the wild
Medical nanobots are being developed
Vertical farms are appearing in cities due to food and water shortages
Solid waste is reaching crises levels
Completion of Masdar City
Rise in mental illness


New treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
With indium running out, people turn to new alternatives
Mars science laboratory is shutting down


Carbon sequestration is under way offering hope for climate change


The international space station is decommissioned
Flexible TV screens that can fit into wallets
Britain becomes the most populous country in the world
Amputees can regrow lost limbs, the Lizard undergoes a new origin story (I just had to include that)


Human-like AI is becoming a reality
Majority of retail environments are now cashless
Automated systems have made it possible to shop with no checkout lines
Intelligent advertising (think Minority Report)
Global reserves of silver are running out


Global population is reaching crises point
Homes have become energy efficient
The USA is declining as a world power
The majority of new vehicles are plug-in electric or hybrids
AI is widespread downsizing administrative departments
Adult entertainment industry is booming due to AI
AIDS, cancer, and other diseases are becoming curable
India becomes the most populous country on the earth
Orbital space junk is becoming a major problem for space flight
New jobs will emerge due to change in technology


Bangkok is being abandoned due to flooding
Global reserves of lead are running out
Crimes are faster and easier to solve (think Minority Report)
Transport and logistics are smoother and more efficient
Resources can be managed and distributed more accurately
Married couples are a minority
Chocolate has become rare


4th generation nuclear power


Manned mission to Mars
Peak phosphorus is reached
Conference halls, movie theaters, stadiums, and other such environments are now utilizing holographic wall screens
Advertisements literally jump out of the screen


Exabyte storage devices are available and needed


Economic decline in Middle East
The Arctic is becoming ice-free during September
Self-driving vehicles are becoming wide-spread
Holographic recreations of dead people
Robots are dominating the battlefield
Start of the final collapse of the European Union

Rising global temperatures have begun to markedly increase both the frequency and severity of climate disasters. Europe is now experiencing a wave of unrest, the already fragile alliance having split along north-south lines.

Britain has withdrawn from the EU completely, focussing on its own domestic issues which include self-sufficiency in food production: a goal that has now been largely achieved. The EU has been reconfigured as a "Northern Union" – which includes France, Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia and Poland. This has split away from the southern nations, closing its borders to them after struggling to contain a surge in migration.

The famine-stricken Mediterranean has been overrun by refugees from even harder-hit countries in North Africa.* Russia, meanwhile, is benefiting from this situation due to its new-found status as a food superpower.


In-vitro meat is a rapidly growing industry
Alzheimer’s disease is fully curable
Bionic eyes surpassing human vision


Quantum computers are widely available
The Sidarjo mud volcano stops flowing


Y2K38, older computers experience difficulties
Capital punishment has greatly declined
Teleportation of complex organic molecules



Full virtual reality immersion - TOTAL RECALL becomes a REALITY.


You know that AI craft from that movie Stealth? Well that's a reality now.


Robots are common features of home and work place


Androids are entering law enforcement
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Interesting read. But what is this list being based off of?
Interesting read. But what is this list being based off of?

Welcome to the future! Below, you will find a speculative timeline of future history. Part fact and part fiction, the timeline is based on detailed research that includes analysis of current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology such as Moore's Law, future medical breakthroughs, the evolving geopolitical landscape and more. Where possible, references have been provided to support the predictions.

From the site, also at the link there is a TON more info - I just have the highlights here. Plus a lot of it, we've already seen in movies. So writers and directors are looking at many of the same sources because it looks more familiar than different in a very scary way. A lot of these things we've seen in movies depicting the future - AI, Surrogates, Total Recall, etc. Or I'm just like Bruce Willis in Surrogates and Will Smith in I, Robot that this is really gonna give me nightmares lol. I want my old school All Stars! Damn I feel old at only 24, wait - another 100 years of seeing destruction? (it later states that with all of these cures WWII veterans will even reach 120!)
Kinda wishing this stuff isn't true. Any scientists or engineers here to weigh in on this?
>Goes to Mars
>Doesn't find Prothean Ruins
>Doesn't find Mass Relays & be introduced to the Galactic community
0/10 do not want to happen
Kinda wishing this stuff isn't true. Any scientists or engineers here to weigh in on this?

First of all, it isn't objectively true yet, because the future isn't here. The future isn't our reality yet. So breathe a sigh of relief: it isn't true. Not yet, any way.

Second, even the best scientists are not prophets. Speculation about what will happen in the future becomes more and more tenuous the further the predictions reach. Nothing here is set in stone.

Third, certain things are not taken into account here. The economy, resources, climate, culture, religious beliefs, philosophy, war, natural disasters, public opinion, government & laws, etc. All these could affect these predictions in minor to massive ways.

Thus, I can't help but view this timeline as nothing more than fanciful.
Hopefully. Just as a writer it rings true. Not to look down on my fellow man lol, but we have become increasingly hard-wired into our machinery. Even at 24, I remember being a kid and running around with my friends on the streets. I look outside and I rarely see kids, they're mostly all hooked up to a machine. And that's all starting in 2014 with Google Glass. Overpopulation is already in effect, so is global warming at least from what I'm seeing and most people even now just shrug it off while saying,"I guess the weather's changing, maybe global warming." Also it happening so rapid-fire almost seems to ring true as well, like a calm before the storm kind of effect of not noticing it until it's there. I've always been the kind of guy who always saw mankind bringing about our own demise though lol... the economy part is really true and noticed that as well, unsure how we would afford all this technology with the predicted economical downfall predicted.

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