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What did Kitty Whisper to Spidey in Ultimate Spider-man #92?(humorous)


The Last Fan
Jan 9, 2006
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My personal guess?
(This is an innuendo. The easily offended should not highlight the black.)

"It curves a little to the left."


"I have nipple hair."
ShadowBoxing said:
Can anyone find out with a magnifying glass

It's actually just jibberish. I think the point of the thread is to fill that jibberish with something humorous. For example, i think she said

"I this'll mess with the guys at SHH"
I can't laugh until I see the picture... :(
This thread is useless without pics!
Kitty: Where are Deadpool's yellow boxes?
Mr. Green said:
I can't laugh until I see the picture... :(

it's just someone wispering to someone else to prove they are really them.
"Two goats, Five hamsters, and the Black Cat."
how about setting up a wrestling match between me and you ex-girfriend mj?
Kitty: "Seriously dude, sew the mask on or something."

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