Iron Man 3 What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]


Jan 10, 2004
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Its only fair when you have a dislike thread, to also have a like and enjoy thread. :woot:

Please put spoiler brackets around stuff, cause if you dont, the mods will delete this thread.

-Tony's bravado and charm is still in tact.
-The finale battle
-The expanded role of Happy and Pepper
-Guy Pearce and James Badge Dale as Killian and Savin
The whole darn thing. So proud to be a fan of Marvel right now!!!!!!!
I also really enjoyed the idea of the ending.

[blackout]How Tony finally can sacrafice something of himself for Pepper. He takes out the shards of metal from his body, he destroys his "pet projects", but from what you saw throughout the film, Tony working on his own using his mind, those things done define him, with or without his reactor, he is still Iron Man.[/blackout]
All of it. Especially the villains. They were actually scary and well done
I liked Harley. And I'm hemming and hawwing about liking Tony's Macguyver sequence. So I figure I might as well just like it. I love all the suits. Just wish we'd gotten to see the Hall of Armor.
I think Tony's Macguyver sequence is basically the third films way of saying...if he can build a suit out of a box of scraps in a cave, give him a Home Depot and see what type of weapons he can come up with on the run.
The whole damn thing. RDJ, Kinsley and Pearce were great.

Special shout out to James Badge Dale. He was a badass!
One thing I want to give a shout out too, is not just a moment, but the entire attack on Tony's home. From the moment the missile is fired to [blackout]when Tony uses his own suit to get him out the underwater rubble and fly off.[/blackout]

It was one of the most intense scenes in the franchise. It was very well done and shot really well.
My list of likes:
-RDJ (clear enough that RDJ carried the movie on his own?)
-James Badge Dale as Savin, felt he was actually more badass than Killian
-Action scenes, most entertaining and creative use of Iron Man tech I've seen yet from Marvel Studios, and the Extremis soldiers were a nice change of pace for the baddies
-Great pacing, never a slow or dull moment for me
-Overall dialogue was great, I didn't feel like this turned into sketch comedy night, the humor and dialogue felt like a natural progression of their approach in IM, IM2, then Avengers
-Marvel finally nailed a final battle scene worth watching (excluding Avengers), got the real sense Tony was outmatched by Killian and he literally had to run from suit to suit for his life (and to save Pepper, though I'm putting the fact that I never felt she needed saving after being exposed to Extremis in the dislike list on the other thread)
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I have to say, when I saw him put on the Silver Centurian, although briefly, it made me grin from ear to ear.
Action was definitely the best of the three.
Agree. One of the faults of Fav's Iron Man films is that their climatic finales come and go very quickly and left you wanting more.

IM3 delivers in spades on it's finale. Giving you action up the wazoo.
- The Script. Very good. Better than Iron Man's and easily on par with Marvel's The Avengers' if not better. This one felt (more) ambitious, risky, inventive and, dare I say, intelligent.

- RDJ. Easily the best performance in the MCU. And easily the second best performance in a CBM (he still doesn't compete with Ledger's Joker though). He was freaking great and, like Roeper said, not just 'great for a blockbuster movie' but just plain great. A very strong performance of his overall.

- The rest of performances. Very strong too. Kingsley's role deserves more merit than the one its getting, so does Guy Perce's who, despite being a bit typical, was still quite innovative. Paltrow and Chadle were also strong. So were Dale and Hall despite being underused. There's really not a single performance in this movie that I don't consider good, except for maybe the kid's (though he still worked well).

- The visuals. I'm one of those who loved the style put into the final battle. Stark controlling all those suits at once and switching from one to the other was, if not visually ultra-impressive, visually very creative.

- The villain. There you go I said it.
Kingsley's Mandarin
The Air Force One and Attack on Tony's Mansion action scenes
The Kid
almost everything. the final act had a bit too much emphasis on the action, but the script is the best one I've ever witnessed for a CBM
- The way Stark developed throughout the film, to eventually being able to give up his obsession with the armours.

- Kingsley's performance

- The action

- The humour

- Stark fighting without the armour, using 'homemade' weapons etc.

- The fact the henchmen had more personality (imo) than your average movie henchmen

- The twist, surprisingly

- Eric Savin (favourite character, other than Stark obviously)
- The Air Force One scene
- The Mansion scene
- Stark as a detective (Lethal Weapon-esque)
- Stark and Rhodes playing buddy cop without their suits on
- Stark's narration (a throwback to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)
- Eiffel 65 playing during the opening titles (honestly, I got so hyped and was in disbelief)
- Pearce and Kingsley's acting in particular
I don't know where else to say this, so I'll say it here. I thought the movie did a pretty good job at adapting the Extremis story, while making it entertaining. Unlike the Extremis comic which is probably the most boring comic I've ever read
I thought Extremis was done well too. Totally makes sense to have Killian and Mallen's characters combined. Not a bad idea there. I also like that, despite being a super soldier serum of sorts, its unstable, addictive and dangerous.

I think AIM's introduction was decent. So long as its not the last we see of it.

I'm glad Iron Patriot turned out to be a bad thing afterall. So Rhodey will likely go back to being War Machine.

Like I've said, I like the performances of all the main cast. No truly bad actors. Just bad roles.

And I love all the suits. Just wish we'd gotten to see the hall of armor.

Actually I love most of this film. It just seems like two or three major things killed the film for me.
The exploding henchmen were awesome. They might be the most menacing henchmen in a comic film.
The Skydive scene for me is second only to the SM2 clock tower/train fight for sheer superhero edge of your seat (I was literally on the edge of my seat) action.
I really dislike this movie but I am getting the Blu ray just so I can watch that sequence over and over again.

When you get the reveal :-)whatever:) I will at admit I did giggle when he 'Mandarin' says 'don't go in there (the toilet) for 20 mins' and the girls go in there and one of the girls gags over the smell. So whilst I detest the 'twist' that did give me a half second joy.
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1. RDJ as Tony Stark/Iron Man
2. Kingsley
3. The Mandarin's Broadcasts
4. Action Sequences - (Attack on Stark's Malibu Mansion, Air Force One Rescue and Battle Royale)
5. Iron Legion vs. Extermis army
6. Flashback with Yinsen, Mullet Happy lol
7. Stark Infiltrating the lair of The Mandarin /Tony vs guards with just a gauntlet and boot
8. James Badge Dale as Savin
9. Stark and Rhodey team-up
10. End Credit music and montage of the trilogy
11. [blackout]Bruce Banner[/blackout]
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I loved the whole film. As for the twist, I both loved it and hated it. I also thought the first half and the last section were particualy strong.
Aldrich Killian's The Mandarin. I'm one of the few who thought that Ben Kingsley's version was going too be quite boring and typical (a mastermind terrorist who talks too much but in the end just gives commands) so I was actually surprised by Guy Pearce's version. While you could argue Killian is nothing new either (a mad scientist going for revenge), personally I thought he was much more interesting and smart (yes, the logic behind the twist is suberb, specially as a deconstruction of comic-book typical villains). Besides, I kinda like flawed villains more. I like guys like Killian and Loki more because, despite their arrogance, they end up overestimating their capabilities (which, believe or not, is a more realistic take on the Supervillain). Personally I hate those menaces that are presented as 'flawless' during the whole movie only to be unceremoniously beaten in the third act. With those it's anti-climax, with Killian is interesting character writing. Besides... Anyone here likes The Incredibles? Because I've read a lot of complains about Killian's "weak" motivation when I thought it was good, in line if Syndrome's from that movie. For me it was much more effective for Stark to fight a villain that was created by him in the past but who Stark would have never seen coming because it shows that the mistakes Stark has to solve were not always so obvious to him.

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