What first drew you to Batman?

Batman 89. The first time I watched the 60's movie it scared me when the shark was on Batman's leg (I was about 3), but then I saw the 89 movie when I was in 2nd grade, and I thought it was awesome, it seemed more realistic to me. I didn't like how in the cartoon he only wore a fabric costume. Since he was only a man, I thought they should have drawn him with body armor, because I didn't think a normal guy would be able to dodge bullets.
Basically my big bro..copying him as a child a bit..but also the Batman 89 movie as well as the animated series in the 90s.
Reruns of the 60s show when i was little. My older cousin gave me "The Dark Knight Returns" in 1988. I was 10. the next year I saw Batman and I've been hooked ever since.
The comics.

Shortly after, the Tv series reruns.

But the comics came first and showed me the dark character.
You will all think I am a Batman noob.................

Batman Begins drew me into Batman
I was introduced to the character via reruns of the various Superfriends incarnations and the 60's TV show. What got me hooked is when a friend of mine brought his copy of The Dark Knight Returns to school one day. It was great; unlike any Batman I had ever seen. I wanted to steal the damn thing from him. Seeing that dark portrayal of Batman got me interested in everything about the character.
nothing draws attention to me about him. hes just overrated.
el sensei said:
nothing draws attention to me about him. hes just overrated.

Then why the **** you're visiting Batman board?!:rolleyes: :confused:
Watching the 90's cartoon when I was a kid - well, more of a kid than I am now, anyway. I don't think I saw Batman '89 before getting drawn into the cartoon. Either way, the love I have for Batman today is one that was renewed almost two years ago. A few days ago I wondered, why I hadn't stayed a Batfan, or gotten into the comics earlier, seeing as I watched, and really liked, the cartoon, and seeing as I even had Batman toys. I was stupid back then - well, more stupid than I am now (I hope).

It was only once I knew about Batman Begins that I realized, "hey, that's a great character!" And then I remembered how I had loved the old cartoon. Got all the B:TAS seasons on DVD to gear up for Batman Begins (which I was sure was going to be good, since I knew I really liked Bale and Nolan from before), got a few GNs as well. After Begins my love for the character was solidified and stronger than ever before.

Well, enough of my life story for now.
Returns came out right around my 4th birthday. As the stores were flooded with merchandise, my parents decided to go with a theme and almost all of my presents were Batman figures, the Tiger handheld, a costume, et cetera. Between that, and watching TAS, I've always been a fan.
Batman 1989. I liked him before that, via Super Friends and re-runs of the 60's show...but it was the release, hype, darkness, majestic and overall greatness of Batman 1989 that turned me into the hardcore fan that I am today.
"I'm not gonna kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me..."
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Says it all...

When i saw his darker mean though side in 89
89 and the cartoon is what got me into batman but I couldn't find any comics when I was younger so I just kinda went out of batman. until Begins went into production which what got me into batman again.
Chris Wallace said:
Truthfully. I mean way back.
I had this little poster by Neal Adams and I thought he was Superman
Back then I wasn't old enough to buy comics just yet... and I thought that he and superman was the same person!
I even copy this poster and wrote superman under it.
But anyway, later on…
I bought lots batman comics back in the day when they were not trying to make him look better than anyone else
And Now I have nothing but contempt for his arrogance and the bratfans who recently voted bratman brigands movie as the best superhero movie ever!
The Superpowers cartoon and 60's Batman show drew me to Batman. When I was about four or five I started watching the 60's show and loved it.

And every Saturday morning I couldn't wait for the Superpowers cartoon and I think on another channel they'd play the 60's Batman cartoon.

I loved his costume his gadgets, the Batmobile. And his villians are the best around. Batman has an incredible Rogues Gallery.
Soundwave88 said:
When i saw his darker mean though side in 89
That's the reason for my current interest; if I believed, as my father still insists, that he was always meant to be the campy, hokey, self-parody that Adam West portrayed (Which West himself still prefers) I would've lost interest a long time ago.
The 60's show in reruns when i was little plus the old mego figures. i always had robin my brother got batman, back then i even had the robin underoo's lol. So i've liked the character ever since i could remember. the older i got the more i liked the darker more serious batman, i agree with Chris if had stayed campy i would of lost interest
Probably the old Batman comics that my dad had. That and I grew up watching TAS and Batman/Batman Returns
i think i was always a batfan.batman was the very reason thats the bat is my favorite animal.but i used to be more interested in spiderman than batman,that is until batman begins came out and i became a complete fanatic.

i also used to watch reruns of the 60's show.i wonder why it's not on TV land any more...
All I know was that my dad recorded both the '66 movie and '89 one on a tape and I watched it when I was 3. Thatrs how I got into Batman.
Now that I think about it, I didn't care much for Batman even as a child. It was really Tim Burton's movie that sparked my interest.

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