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What is CHANGE?

Change is a third Clinton term.

And you know what? That sounds like heaven to me after 8 years of hell.

I still think Obama will run things differently, but since people keep hitting him with 'getting Clinton isn't change?!", The above is my response to that.

I'm glad we waited nine months for that.

You should wait and see the part where he gets drunk and calls his boss a dick.

Clearly, to him that's what Change means. Being able to tell your boss off.
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According to Barack Obama...Change is appointing party insiders to various posts instead of the best candidate for the job.
Maybe Obama thinks Hillary is more qualified?
You mean he was just playing the political game the WHOLE time?

Well, gull darn. He sure had me fooled!
I think Hilliary is qualified.

Yeah, right...like I'm the only one who thinks so.
She is just barely qualified. Qualified, yes? But no one can really argue that her resume for the job is anything but paper thin. Especially when in the light of candidates like Bill Richardson and John Kerry
Just curious. What makes a person qualified to be Secretary of State?
Oh lord, I'm not getting into this discussion. I've had far too many like this over whether Obama is qualified to hold the presidency, and in the end, no matter how much objective criteria for judgement of experience and qualifications is put out there...certain posters (not saying you backdrifter, but certain posters) will just brush it off and say something along the lines of "Well ______ has good judgement!" or "_______ can inspire people and thats more important!"

If you really want to see the difference, read an article on Bill Richardson's vast accomplishments and compare it to one on Hillary Clinton and you will see the difference.

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