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Mar 10, 2002
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Besides villains who already appeared (Iron Monger, Justin Hammer, Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo) and the Mandarin, what other villains should appear in a sequel?
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Man, for me that's a tough one, as I like alot of those villains. I'm sure there will be those who slam Iron Man's rogues gallery, but I like them.
It's hard to pick one, some would make better on screen villains, like Madam Masque, Spymaster, Ghost, Titanium Man, Blizzard, while other like Fin Fang Foom and M.O.D.O.K. will be harder to portray on the screen.
Personally, I like a three villain combo of Madam Masque, Spymaster and Titanium man.
IMO i think that Hulk would be perfect as the villain for IM3, that would piece the movies together perfectly (and also maybe get to use the Hulk buster armor)
Madame Masque. But that should probably be for after IM3 since that film will almost certainly be the Mandarin show. But Madame Masque and the Maggia would be an interesting new direction for the franchise.

Also, I hope she's got dreadnaughts or ani-men or whatever she normally uses.
I would love to see the Titanium Man show-up. Spymaster would be cool as well. Madame Masque is someone else I wouldn't mind seeing depending on Black Widow's role is handled in IM2. If they want to use a giant monster, I would prefer Ultimo over Fin Fang Foom.
Too early? Nah... :hehe:

The Iron Man movie series always used more than one villain. Iron Man had Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger and Raza. Now, Iron Man 2 will have Ivan Vanko/Whiplash and Justin Hammer.

We alredy know the Mandarin is going to be the main villain of IM3, but what about the others? Who should they be?

AIM? Blizzard? Firebrand? Firepower? Controller? Living Laser? Madam Masque? Spymaster? Titanium Man? Unicorn? Ultimo? Whirlwind? etc.

Which are your opinions? :yay:
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Mandarin, Justin Hammer, Titanium Man
I've been thinking about Madam Masque being the Mandarin's daughter.
Madam Masque could be the lady reporter from Iron Man 1&2.
I think Madame Masque will definitely have to be reworked to separate her from BW, should she appear in the third film.

BW is a love interest and villain (for the majority of the film) in IM2 and that's exactly what Masque is.
Isn't she obsessed with Tony? I mean like it has to be a one sided love interest.
I've been thinking about the Mandarin, Justin Hammer, Spymaster and Titanium Man.
I think it should be Mandarin with Raza, Justin Hammer, and film version of Ultimo.
I was just about to edit my original post and add in Spymaster.

good thinking, protocida
The problem with characters like the Mandarin is that they're not grounded in the real world, which has been Favreau's focus and what's made the first film successful: plausibility.

I think it would be effective in a third film to take on something like AIM where they didn't have to focus on yet another suit. On the other hand IM2 is looking like a really good setup for a Demon Bottle / Armor Wars blend.
The problem with characters like the Mandarin is that they're not grounded in the real world, which has been Favreau's focus and what's made the first film successful: plausibility.

I think it COULD be possible to ground The Mandarin, with a little reworking. Maybe something a little like his most recent appearance, as the head of mysterious international conglomerate Prometheus Global. And perhaps tone down the alien aspects of his technology, make his tech more on par with Stark's.
I was hoping for Wong Chu and either the Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo in the first one, Spymaster and the Mandarin in the second one, and Modok & AIM in the third one......

Obviously not going to happen....... Ha!
The more I've thought about, the more I would rather see the Ghost appear instead of the Spymaster if they decide to use another industrial saboteur villain.


I wouldnt mind blizzard, although, if they do him, i would want him not to wear a gay costume
The more I've thought about it, the more the idea of Ghost being a villain in Iron Man 3 appeals to me.




I think that Ghost is a particularly strong Iron Man villain, because while a lot of the Cold War themed baddies have aged, the Ghost feels more relevant now than ever, and is literally more prominent in the comics than he's ever been. The idea of an industrial sabateur with an obsessive hatred of big business and multi-national corporations is something that I think could connect with today's moviegoers and really make for a compelling antagonist to the Tony Stark of the movies. I think there's also enough scope in the character's rampant paranoia to attract a good actor to play the role.

And on the technical side of things, Ghost manages to raise the stakes, I think. He has a suit that's more technologically-advanced than Stark's - allowing him to turn invisible or to phase through walls - but at the same time it is radically different from the Iron Man suit or the Iron Monger "bigger and badder" school of thought. As a result, the recurring theme of "technology in the wrong hands" among the villains is maintained, but they're also helping to avoid the films falling into a repetitive "two guys in metal suits clobbering each other" pattern.
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Yeah, Ghost, Madame Masque and Mandarin are probably the primo villains up for movie adaption. They're all significantly different from Iron Man to avoid that repitition you spoke of.

Madam Masque:woot:- showing how she got that mask on would be huge. Only thing about that is, I think you might have to introduce Count Nefaria (her dad) into the story. He was always kind of weak to me. On the Black Lama level.

Maybe kedrell you remember, those 3 guys. One had a bolo the other 2 had electrified weapons:doh:. They showed up in the early 100's of the 616. He fought them in the mall once. It would make for good Superman 2 type action.

Only thing about Blizzard is he's a 'cold' guy. Severl hero's have one of these in their rouge galleries. I don't want the average movie goer to think they were a large part of all hero's villians. He is a badd ass tho.

Luv the Ghost too.


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