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Oct 23, 2002
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Can someone explain to me why they're bringing Saved By The Bell to Adult Swim?
.............. do what now??? link???!!!
aww man... what the hell.... theres nothing adult about that show.. It belongs on nick at nite :x
I wondered about this move to. i wonder if thier going to change it or something to make it adult.
Maybe they'll mess with it Sealab style to make it funny.
That was a great show.
I heard someone complaining awhile back about Cartoon Network airing some live action things. What were they exactly?
Dumb and Dumber..The Goonies...That's all after the top of my head
When I saw the ad I thought it was some kind of lame late Aprils fools joke.
There will come a day where Anime / Cartoon will not exist anymore on US TVs. They will only come out on DVD
If this is true, my only hope is that they go Sealab style, or MST3K style.
So first Cartoon Network drops JLU and then puts Saved by the Bell on Adult Swim?

Yeah, they really are idiots.
I saw the commercial last night too,Is this a late april's fools joke?I really hope it is.
Does anyone even watch saved by the bell anymore :/ I used to when i was a kid :x
Dnsk said:
There will come a day where Anime / Cartoon will not exist anymore on US TVs. They will only come out on DVD

Cause not alot of people know Saved by the Bell is japanese anime

full of tentacle porn
does Adult swim even have anything good on any more, despite Robot Chicken (and Futurama/Family guy reruns which I have seen too many times)?

It used to be the place for late night tv and a way to get introduced to various Anime titles for free. WTF? Saved by the bell isn't good enough for any channel.
This makes no sense...which falls right in line with CN as of late.
Didn't see anything about it on the website.

But did see that Aqua Team Hunger Force was coming to the theaters in the fall! Didn't know anything about that.
Starring Abe Lincoln and Bruce "Boomstick Campbell.

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