What was the last movie you watched? Part 2

Minions I have no idea who had more fun voicing their roles, Sandra Bullock or Jon Hamm both were a hoot I loved em in this
The Return of the Vampire

The 'sequel' to Universal's Dracula (1931) that nearly landed Columbia Pictures in hot water. Columbia didn't make many horror films, but by 1943 they saw how much money Universal was making and decided to have a go themselves - with their own Dracula pic (there was some question over the copyright status of the long dead Stoker's original book). They even went a step further and hired Bela Lugosi himself to play Dracula. Universal got wind of this and threatened to sue. As far as Universal were concerned they had the legal rights for any films based on Stoker's book. And even if there was any basis for that to be challenged they certainly owned their version of Dracula - which they argued was inextricably linked in the public consciousness with Bela Lugosi's portrayal. Columbia backed down - to an extent. They still made the film but changed the vampire's name to 'Armand Tesla'. They also filmed an additional opening sequence showing Tesla being staked 20 years earlier, thus justifying the retention of the word 'return' in the film's title and giving valid context to the subsequent scenes showing the 'present day' removal of the stake allowing Dracula's Tesla's resurrection (obviously Columbia never intended to recognise the events of Universal's own Dracula sequel, Dracula's Daughter (1936), which showed Dracula's body being destroyed by fire in the first 10 minutes).

With all that said, it's a pretty good film. Lugosi (who dresses, talks, and behaves exactly as he did in the 1931 film) was having health problems by this time, but he really pulls it all together and gives a great performance. Frieda Inescort is believable as basically a 'female Van Helsing', the always great Miles Mander is the sceptical head of Scotland Yard, and Nina Foch is ridiculously gorgeous as the object of Dracula's Tesla's villainous intentions. On top of all that the fog-shrouded sets (including a terrific abandoned cemetery) look straight out of a Universal horror and the effects are pretty impressive. 7/10
Hearing that RackaRacka was no longer directing the Street Fighter movie made me want to watch this again! Still a classic!


Hoping whenever that gets a new director, they take some inspiration from this, along with the games.

The Transporter refueled (2015)

Yes, the three girls with blond wigs are actually in the story.. Wasn't aware of this reboot/remake or whatever existing, but it came up on the telly and I got curious of how bad it could be. Ed Skrein of course doesn't have the presence Statham had even in the lesser sequels, but I guess he's decent in the role. Ray Stevenson as his dad is the best character here, which mightn't say much though lol. IMDB gave it 5.2 which is fair, but if you go in with low expectations you at least get some entertaining well made car action and some fun fighting scenes. I remember noticing around 20+ years ago how much product placement Audi had in various Hollywood flicks (even with futuristic cars like in Minority Report). I guess this franchise is their last stand, since it's been tradition with a black Audi S8 in these flicks. Not a really bad movie, but rather a generic action flick.

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