What was the last movie you watched? Part 2



Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1973 ~ aka The Legendary Curse of Lemora, aka Lemora, Lady Dracula)

Eerie vampire tale set in the American south during Prohibition. Lila, 14, is a devout member of her town Baptist church, and a singing sensation with the voice and looks of an angel. Her father, however, is a local gangster, who goes on the run after killing his wife (Lila's mother) and her lover. Taken in and raised by the town pastor, Lila receives a mysterious letter one day calling her to a town called Asteroth, where her father is ill and asking to see her before he dies. As she makes the long bus journey the driver tells her of a mystery illness afflicting the people of Asteroth. Passing through woodland the bus is attacked by humanoid creatures and the driver is killed. Lila is rescued by a tall, dark, imposing woman, who takes her to an isolated house. However, the grateful girl soon realises that her rescuer - Lemora - has an interest in her beyond the purely altruistic.

There's a dreamlike quality to this reminiscent of Night of the Hunter, Carnival of Souls, and even the later Company of Wolves. It received a largely negative reception (perceived as anti-Christian, an implied lesbian attraction between Lemora and the underage Lila), but later gained a cult following and is now highly regarded. Lesley Taplin (billed as Lesley Gilb) is a creepy, commanding, and subtly predatory Lemora, whilst Cheryl Smith is entirely credible as young Lila (the actress was actually 17), with a real air of innocence (ironically, Cheryl soon became better known as Rainbeaux Smith, and focused on exploitation films such as Caged Heat, Video Vixens, and The Swinging Cheerleaders (as well as some alleged pornography); she also started drugs, eventually dying from a two-decade heroin addiction at the age of 47). It's not exactly action-packed, but it is one of those films that stays with you. 7/10

The worst installment so far, somehow even the kills were bad. It is very funny though, it's chock full of campy nonsense and I'd be lying if I said wasn't entertained.


Now this one I hadn't seen before (and none of the sequels going forward.) I LOVED it, it might even be my favorite so far. Crazy kills, a fabulously self-aware tone, and a fun cast of (perfectly expendable) characters. Oh and Cort... He has to be the prettiest camp counselor so far, my GOD.
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Saturday the 14th (1981)

Abysmal horror-'comedy'. Real-life husband and wife Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss play a couple who move their family into a rundown mansion, left to the husband by his recently deceased uncle. Turns out that somewhere in the house is the Book of Evil, which ends up releasing several monsters into the 'real world'. To save the world a way has to be found to return the creatures to the book. Richard Benjamin is normally entertaining, but everything about the way he looks and sounds here (he's almost sleepwalking) says he'd rather have been anywhere else. Paula Prentiss seems at least to be trying to have fun. Jeffrey Tambor in an early film appearance as a vampire looks embarrassed. Character actor Severn Darden hams it up as Van Helsing. The title misleads - the movie doesn't satirise 'slashers' (Friday the 13th came out just the year before), but focuses on the classic Universal-type monsters - and the humour is pretty much non-existent. The cute Kari Michaelsen as the daughter gets this a 3/10. Truly dreadful.

I had no expectations going in, worrying this could be just another generic sci-fi film with boring CGI stuff. But I actually really enjoyed it. The whole premise that the AI actually was the opppressed felt kinda like a fresh angle here. The cinematography and all the CGI stuff worked well for me. I have to be honest, I personally never understood the hype around John David Washington and often felt just meh with his performances, and even overrated. But I thought he was truly great here, I could feel the stakes and all the pressure for real. Not a masterpiece but a decent sci-fi flick all over.


Ok, over to JDWs dad then lol. I mean, Denzel in a little Italian town and getting envolved/having to deal with the local camorra? What's freakin' not to like? I haven't seen the second one, and actually don't remember much from the first one, but at least remember how it felt quite far from the 90s TV show which kinda bothered me then. This time I just let that go and went full in. As expected Denzel is totally bad ass here, and while not being anything special I got entertained by this flick. And we even got to see Dakota Fanning, whom I always thought would be a bigger star by now considering her performances as a little (super adorable) kid and just very young later on. I guess her younger sister might've got the bigger caréer? Regardless, both are great IMO. I also hope by now that Denzel doesn't go the route like Liam Neeson: A talented actor once appreciated for his dramatic acting skills, but now only more or less does action movies.



Was thinking: Should I just put up the pic and the gif - what's else to comment here on this cinematic masterpicece? Well, watching this today I noticed that for it's age the cast is actually a slight more diverse than usual back then. Of course I never even reflected about that in 1990 or later on. Also, how can one not but comment how the movie turns from a typical 80s/90s ridiculously ultra full on testosterone (on a level we'll never ever see again) action flick to a thriller/survivor film. Just brilliant. And I just love how Prey picked up on the latter part, being the only truly good sequel to this one.

(Even though I have a soft heart for Danny Glover and Gary Busey doing their best in the second one. I don't hate P2. It is what it is lol)
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