What was the name of the episode/s with the justice lords?

Justice League season 2: A better world pt 2 & 1

Cameo Justice League Unlimited season 2: Devided we fall.
Should we count the cameo in Divided we fall? It's not really them after all :p
Thats why I said cameo.
Can anyone pm me where I can dload them?
just watch them on youtube and save yourself the drama of having too search the entire internet for them
(My memory's a little foggy) there was something I never got with the end of the episode: Luthors machine made the Justice Lord's powers go away right?

How is that Possible?

How would it work on Hawkgirl? b/c I thought her powers were inherited, like all thanagarians, and GLs powers came from his mind.

The only person I can see this machine working on would be WonderWoman.

But I guess they made it just for the sake of ending the episode.
A Better World was in the top 5 best of Season 2 of JL.
Perhaps it didn't eliminate their powers so much as created a localized inhibitor field, centered on their own body.

The inhibitor field absorbs the abundant energy that is needed to activate their powers, so they no longer have the power needed to utilize their powers.
Kid Flash! said:
A Better World was in the top 5 best of Season 2 of JL.
considering each story took up two eps, being in teh top five takes up 10 whole episodes of a season which really doesn't leave much left at the end.

being in the top five is no big deal.
Its in The Top Five of the entire series. Would'nt you say Odin?
It's in my Top 5 for sure.
Martian manhunter i guess loss control over his mind and body manipulation.
Hawkgirl- mace must have been disabled, and her wings may have been shut down(maybe other strength limiting effects)
Superman- negates the yellow rays i guess
flash-kinda dead
green lantern-ring shut off
wonder woman-bracelets disabled.

So pretty much it cancelled out magic and energy.
Hush said:
Its in The Top Five of the entire series. Would'nt you say Odin?
there are only 13 double eps, being in the top third isn't really anything to cry home about.

i'm not saying it's not true, it's just the way you described your statistic, that's all.

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