Whats on your mind right now?

Finishing my assignments...none of which I'm actually doing at the moment. =/
..Why can't I finish this fanfic in peace?
Why my throat feels like I swallowed glass and sand paper.
How tired I am. Post ideas for the role-playing section. Wondering what my girlfriend is doing.
I'm hoping insomnia doesn't start to creep in when I try to go to sleep in a few
To remember to rent The Darjeeling Limited?
Im deciding what to eat and also thinking about why Fat Joes comebacks at 50 Cent are so lame
That was almost too easy.:csad:
Honestly? I feel lonely and unhappy at the moment :down I had an amazing weekend, but I'm just not in a good mood tonight :csad:
I feel incomplete, like there is something super awesome waiting for me out there.

It might be a sandwich, or something better. I dunno. :huh:
movie making

35mm cameras

David Bowie

singing that song from labyrinth.

Writing whats on my mind.
What I'm thinking right now:

Work tomorrow

Sleep soon

Why my Fran names got banned
Jennifer Garner

thirsty (Water?)



mmmm sleepness

You're almost through this semester. Suck it up. You'll be telling him what a jackass he was twenty years ago before you know it. :up:


I know, you're right :csad: It would be more helpful if I knew we'd be moving in together right away (which is HIGHLY unlikely aka unless something super random happened it'll be a while lol). I'm just being a punk tonight though, I know I'll see him heaps more after I graduate. I'm just ready to graduate, period. Tired of classes. And yes, before you say it, I know I'll miss college once I've graduated :o

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