What's the difference between the X1 dvd and X1.5?


Mar 28, 2006
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:confused: Are there more deleted scenes, and behind the scenes footage?
I'm not sure really. I think they switched the deleted scenes into the movie. I don't own 1.5, LoL, actually yesterday was the first time in six years that I got the X-Men DVD to replace the VHS version ;-)
The real diff. is that you are able to watch X1 w/ the deleted scenes integrated into the movie.

However having said that, the deleted scenes are grainy and taken straight from the camera w/ NO attempt to clean them up...so its pretty pointless.

Also they have the X2 sneak peek.

I think that's about it.

IIRC,there is a featurette on the first release that isn't on 1.5. also.
RagingTempest said:
:confused: Are there more deleted scenes, and behind the scenes footage?
There's more deleted scenes in X2, there's no behind the scenes footage in disc1 of x2 but there's behind the scenes in disc2.
I'd just like to say that...theres a lot more on 1.5 then the original X-men DVD release...a commentary on the first disk by bryan singer and a producer, the branching of the deleted scenes is still the same from the original release but there is also commentary on the scenes now...then, on disk 2, yes, a sneak peak at x2, but more importantly, behind the scenes featurettes that were'nt on the original release...very, very extensive stuff...a real inside look at the challenges and the struggles of making the first movie...its awesome...and even the behind the scenes features have deleted scenes...the only thing missing from this DVD is the interviews Charlie Rose did with Singer...the FOX TV special featuring Senator Kelly and the easter eggs which had artwork for Beast and Blob as early ideas for characters in the first movie...and another featuring a prank on set where Spider-man enters a shot during the filming of the Statue of Liberty Lobby scene...for this reason alone I prefer to call it my 3 disk X-men set...:)
I own the 1.5 version myself,but I may get the original version
just for the hell of it.
:xmen: :wolverine
I just grabbed the original version at CircuitCity for like eight bucks. I already have the 1.5

I was surprised that it didn't come with a chapter insert. There's nothing inside, just the disc.

1.5 comes with the chapter list and cool character descriptions. :yay:

Also, you don't get the cardboard slipcase if you buy it nowadays. It's just the plastic case.

Now I'm wondering if the one that came with a slipcase had a chapter list insert. :huh:


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