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World Which X-Men superpowers do you wish you had?


May 2, 2006
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I would go with Jean Grey - telepathy.

Storm's cool, but why would I want to create bad weather?

Wolverines would propably by the one I wanted, long life and good health through it all would just be great.
wrong forum
the strength and agility of henry phineas mcCoy esquire aka the BEAST
I would love to have Storm's powers, flight and weather manipulation would be so cool!:D
ok i partially take back what I said about about not wanting Storm's powers. the flying part would be super cool. :O :) :O
Storm's. Flying would be awsome. And storm can manipulate all kinds of weather. She can make a rainy day suny too:)
thinking practically, i'd probably want warpath's powers. like enhanced strength, agility, senses, etc.

or shadowcat's, though i'd be terrified to try it out i think. the idea of being stuck inside something is creepy.
Blackpanther22 said:
Storm's. Flying would be awsome. And storm can manipulate all kinds of weather. She can make a rainy day suny too:)

good point about creating sunny days! we need that in london!!
Nightcrawler. I always wanted to beable to teleport.
Pietro superspeeed would be awesome, I would never take the bus again.
rogue cuz i can have the rest of the x-mens powers and i wouldnt care if i killed them exept for jean;)
I'd side with having Colossus' pwers.. maybe add some claws though. ;)
Jean's powers for me. :p Oh, and Mystique's.
I'd want Jean's. Telekinesis and Telepathy. Great combination.
Jean for obvious reasons and Gambit because blowing stuff up is fun. He would be a good terrorist.
I'm gonna have to say Jean's powers. None of the Phoenix stuff, though. If I had that kind of power and responsibility, I'd collapse under the pressure. I'd become a sad, quivering shell of a man. They'd have to start calling me Blue Phoenix.

But telepathy and TK? I'm so there.
I would love Multiple Man's powers because it has almost limitless potential (but not in the omega mutant way).
I want the main three Teles: teleportion, telekinesis and telepathy. :up: You can teleport, levitate things, flight, read people's minds and make them do what I want.

I also want Storm and Kitty's powers, too. :up:

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