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Who are you voting for? Santiago or Audrey?


Jan 30, 2006
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Santiago is twenty three. He is an only child, and lives with his mother in a poor part of Lima. He works as an auto mechanic, but has a burning desire to go out in the world and accomplish something that will make his mother truly proud.

Santiago lost his father years ago to the Peruvian civil war. He carries that loss in his heart, but has found solace in the teachings of the Catholic church. Santiago attends mass every Sunday, in a local cathedral which was built by the Spanish Conquistadors more than four hundred years ago.

It was one Sunday after mass when Santiago first discovered his powers. He was playing soccer with his friends in a dusty lot, when he suddenly realized that he was faster - much faster - than his opponents. In fact he was so fast, that he had to hide his ability in order not to attract too much attention.

Santiago loves being fast - he uses his power to become the star of his soccer team - but he believes that his abilities are a gift from God, and feels strongly that they should only be used for good.


Audrey is eighteen. She lives with her mother and younger sister in Paris, in an apartment above the family's bakery. Audrey's father is out of the picture, and Audrey's mother has fallen sick, so Audrey has been forced to take responsibility for the family business, despite the fact that she is still in school.

It is while working behind the counter at the bakery that Audrey discovers her power - the power to affect the speed of other people. Audrey can speed people up, or slow them down to a crawl.

Suddenly everything is possible. Audrey can easily help her sick mother, finish her homework on time, and hang out with her friends - practically all at the same time.

However, Audrey begins to succumb to the temptation of using her powers for darker purposes. She starts by doing nothing more than speeding up her math class to get out early, but then, before she knows it, she is slowing down everyone in the bakery so that she can steal money from the cash register.

As Audrey's understanding of her powers grows, she resolves to use them for the greater good, but sometimes her means of getting to that good are morally questionable.

Personally, I feel that Audrey has the more interesting back story, however, Santiago's power is the one that I've been most dying to see incorporated into the heroes universe. For some reason he reminds me of The Flash. Mostly because he seems like a always do the right thing, Barry Allen type which all the Flashes are. Also, there aren't enough Heroes who are wholly good in the way that Hiro is. Many have done morally gray things...So, I picked him.

Who will you guys vote for? :huh:
Both seem pretty crappy and generic.
Neither really interests me that much. Santiago seems like he would be to much of a goody goody generic hero. Audreys powers seem like a downplay of Hiros (just without the time travel)
Audrey's powers are kinda lame. It sounds like she can basically just freeze time. We have someone who can do that.

Santiago's character doesn't really interest me, either. I dont really want to watch another character whine about God a whole bunch. And i'm not a soccer fan.
Although both seem kind of cliche and crappy...Im gonna have to go with Audrey. I would've picked Santiago but we already have hispanic charecters and I think its cool when the charecters are more multicultural.
:huh:...btw, isn't there already suppose to be a super speedster in Vol 3?
Santiago's power, while not tha original, is way better. But his religious back-sotry has been done. Audrey's back story and location (haven't seen a Parisian Hero yet), especially with the conflicting issues, is much better. But her power is hella confusing.
You know what I would have liked...

IF they had given Santiago, Audrey's background and morally gray personality, and let him keep his Super Speed Powers. That would have been perfect.

I don't really like Audrey's powers at all. They're just like Hiro's only more confusing and less cool. Also, Hiro can ALREADY do that. like when he slowed the bullet.
But kinda suck to me... but I'd rather have Santiago's power.
We do all understand that the power to move at super-speed is about the same as being able to slow down everything around you right? I mean if you can run so fast that you can go to the store, diffuse a bomb, eat a bag of Dorito's and rob three banks before the end of a commercial, is it any different to be able to slow down time to a point where you can accomplish the same feats before the end of a commercial? To the person with the ability, it won't seem much different - everything around you is moving way slower than you are.

Basically, only to me Super Speed is better because its also a travel power. Audrey can't run from France to America in a couple minutes, but I'm betting Santiago can. That's just plain old fashioned COOL.
Maya already did up the South American Catholic religious powers-from-God angle, that's the main reason I'm not into Santiago. No protestants anywhere? C'mon...

As for Aubrey, her powers are a mess. Slowing people down? Is she slowing down time or just people? If she can speed up a Math class, then she's speeding up time, in which case, she has Hiro's powers. That'd be okay as is, especially if she became some kind of nemesis, but it looks like they think they can build a series out of this. Also, how is speeding up time a moral issue?? The only person really affected is you, everyone else is experiencing their day normally. Like I said, a mess.

Or more likely, they know they can't build a series out of it, and want to make Santiago's story. Boo.

There are more than a few ways I would have altered the 'Create a Hero' thing, but It's pretty clear it was set up to bring out certain votes, and that the crew had already planned what kind of show they wanted to do...
Maybe these characters will be in Heroes origins and not in the regular Heroes. I'm not too crazy about these 2 either. Audrey's backstory appeals to me more but i think she should have a different ability. I wanna see force fields.

Audrey, mainly because i didn't want to read or watch soccer.
Yes, they're both pretty generic, but Santiago has the coolest powers. So I vote him.

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