who do you think would be the greatest enough hero to replace cap?

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Mar 12, 2003
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we've all been talking about cap's replacement..who it should be etc.

but who do you think would be the hero of enough moral standing and dignity to be like steve rogers..one who is honorable and basically the perfect hero.

In DC superman is the one hero who rises above the rest..without him the same question remains..who would be good enough,hero enough to fill the space???

me personally i think the only hero in marvel who has the same moral and heroic stature to rise above the other heroes...is spider-man.
i'm not saying spidey should be cap..certainly not..but other than cap i think he is the next best thing.

what do you think and who do you think could fill such a big void??
Venom, totally

Maybe the Abomination
Cyclops: but he'd never get it being that he's a mutant.
Hawkeye: I've never been a fan but he has the history with Cap.
Spiderman: Would be a good twist especially now.
Thor: Just cus he'd look cool .

It's hard to think of anyone that fits everything that Cap is.
There are a lot of hero's who have good morals but can't replace Cap's fighting ability.
You also have ones like Punisher who are able to fight but don't have the moral backing.
Really hard to pick ,good question.

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