Who is the face of Marvel?


Jun 26, 2008
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If Superman is the main DC superhero, who is Marvel's Chosen One? Captain America, Spider-Man, or Wolverine?
The one that has the signature float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every year.
Uh-uh. Get out of this thread. Right now.

Spider-Man. Its just one more brand new day for him. BIG TIME :awesome:

Oh man....

Spider-man of course.... DC has 2 actually... Superman and Batman
Spider-Man obviously since his image has been plastered on every Marvel merchandise as far as I can remember from promotional items, clothing, lunchboxes, Macy's globe, the Electric Company from the 70's.
Sure. But I bet if you there are some aborigines who haven't been seen since WWII who know who Superman is.


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A better question is who's #2 after Spidey? I'd go Cap personally but there's a lot to choose from for the 2 spot. I'm sure most would say Wolverine but I kinda hate him lately.
Your hate is irrelevant, as are any feelings in general when considering this topic. For Marvel's #2, it'd be between Wolverine and the Hulk. DC's Big Three are Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, Marvel's are Spider-Man, the Hulk and Wolverine.
Captain America without a doubt is Marvel's face character, just like how Superman is DC's. Doesn't change the fact that Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Hulk are where the merchandising bucks are being made and are more well known to the general public, but Captain America is at the pedestal of Marvel's pantheon of superheroes. Just like how Green Lantern and Batman are currently bigger than Superman.
Spider-Man is the face of Marvel.
Also, when it comes to DC, Superman and Batman are equal as being the 'face.'
No way.

Spider-Man is the cash cow of Marvel. The same way that Batman is the cash cow of DC.

Big difference from being the face of their respective publishers like Captain America and Superman are.
Captain America is not and never has been the face of Marvel. He is the moral backbone and just as much a part of the image of Marvel as Wonder Woman is of DC. But he's not the face.

I'd say that The Thing and The Torch had more "face" time in the 70's and 80's. Hell, Thing was the Tinkerbell mascot for a while. You saw his rocky face in all the price boxes.

But I'm sorry to say that Cap isn't the marketing darling he once was.

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How is Captain America Marvel's face?

He's the moral backbone of the Marvel Universe. He's the one that everyone in the Marvel Universe rallies behind. He's the one that Marvel themselves have pretty much said that he's their leader. Just like how DC treats Superman.

I consider the faces of Marvel and DC to be different than their cash cows.

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