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Will Smiths 'The Redemption of Cain' moving forward

Whiskey Tango

Jun 29, 2007
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Sony Pictures Entertainment is moving forward with “The Redemption of Cain,” an epic retelling of the Biblical tale of sibling rivalry. The project, which is in development, is aiming to begin filming in July 2013, a person familiar with the deal told TheWrap.

The film, which tells the story of Cain and Abel with a vampiric twist, is looking at shooting in London and Jordan with the exteriors shot in Morocco.

Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment is producing the film. Francine Maisler is coming on to cast the film in the next few weeks.

Reports surfaced earlier this summer saying Smith wanted to direct the film. Two years ago, he was reportedly going to star in and produce the project, which was then called “Legend of Cain,” for Overbrook, based on a script by Caleeb Pinkett.

It sounds interesting but vampires? Really? Well, I guess they'll infuse some of the Lilith stuff?
It reminds me of the Vampire: The Masquerade rpg lol. White Wolf already sued Sony Pictures once because of Underworld. This sounds like it could be pretty similar too.
It sounds interesting but vampires? Really? Well, I guess they'll infuse some of the Lilith stuff?

Only if she's naked and covered in blood like on True Blood. :o:up:
Sounds awfully like White Wolfs "Vampire: The Masquerade" -lore where Cain and Lilith are the first vampires. I hope they have something to do with it and it is not just Smith who's ripping them off.
I was interested until I saw the bit with the vampires.
This. I'm a bit bored of vampires.

Why doesnt Hollywood start using more succubus or demons or the hundreds of other mythological monsters instead
why do they even need to ram some supernatural element into a story like this, it's already from the bible lol.
It sounds like they came up with the idea from just picking stuff out of a hat.

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