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May 17, 2005
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Ok, it comes down to the final 4. I will not add a bonus fight because that will screw up the single-elimination system, unless people want to move it to a round-robin system or something, which seems ulikely. Anyways:

Jean (non-Phoenix Force edition) vs. Joseph

this fight is here because it would otherwise probably be the final.

Havok vs. Shadowcat.
I only have a few issues with Joseph, what are they extents of his power? Like compared to Magneto? Or Polaris?
Jean (non-Phoenix Force edition) vs. Joseph-Joseph is more powerful than Polaris or Magneto...BUT he is untrained. Which to me also says that he is not as well trained with his limited telepathy (where Magneto's mind protection originally comes from, not his helmet). So while TK vs. TM (tele-magnetic) would be beautiful and Joseph could probably "wipe" out Jean...Jean is better trained and will just shut Joseph "off." Jean

Havok vs. Shadowcat-Havok go BOOM!...wait...wait...Shadowcat is invulnerable to attack. No! Havok supposed to go BOOM and win! Oh well, no matter how many times Havok go boom, Kitty is trained well enough to wait him out and then solidify a quarter of a finger in a muscle, causing a spasm, and taking him out. Shadowcat
Jean (non-Phoenix Force edition) vs. Joseph- I'm going to say Jean wins because Joseph doesnt have Magneto's Standard Issue anti-telepathy helmet. Joseph is really powerful but very untrained, and just as Cyclops vs Cannonball, experience wins, especially when Joseph has no particular strategem to defend against an A-list telepath.

Havok vs. Shadowcat- I dont think Havok has any way of harming Shadowcat whatsoever.
Jean (non-Phoenix Force edition) vs. Joseph- Yeah in Jean, on this one, if it were Magneto it would be a different story, he did kill her afterall, alas it is not Mags so Jean is the victor!

Havok vs. Shadowcat- Do I even have to say anything about this? I mean come on Havok beat the supreme Goddess herself?!? A little cat is going to be a problem?....Just kidding, Kitty wins cause' shes awsome and Alex cant do nothing to her :D.
Hmm, this is looking pretty predictable.

Jean v Joseph. Jean, Joseph's got a few tricks up his sleeves but I'm thinking Jean's got a few tricks of her own. Jean v Magneto would certainly be a different story, even if the result MAY be the same. JEAN GREY

Havok v Shadowcat - Shadowcat, Alex is not nearly as clever as his brother and I don't think he could get Kitty to come out of phase, in fact I think Kitty would be clever enough to use Alex's destructive powers against himself. SHADOWCAT

And for the final fight.. well, at this point we all know Jean wins right?
It should just be two champions. Because obviously these two girls are mighty powerfull, and its kinda unfair for Kitty.
Jean and Kitty forfeit and the default winner is......huh? By the Goddess? :eek: its Storm! :p
And then when she's making a long-winded speech obviously ripped off from Maya Angelou, Ashton Kutcher rushes out, takes the trophy from her hands and says "YOU GOT PUNK'D!"

And while Storm is crying like a baby just seconds before being kidnapped by an evil alien vampire Savage Land mutate lesbian extra-dimensional warlord to become his/her queen, Ashton runs away with the trophy saying how awesome he is.
Cyclops, you are the best person ever. And you too Barlog :D. haha ripped off from Maya Angelou...
seriously, whats with That 70s Show actors becoming hosts for MTV Shows? I saw my first episode of "Yo Mama" last night... I barely survived the experience...

To keep it on topic... uh... by the Great Wolf... Storm is a Goddess...
WTF is that YO MAMA show! I was just dumb founded. ****ing MTV sucks.
You didn't do the Kitty vs Storm fight? Damn, all that info on her being susceptible to wind just went down the drain... sigh...
Only because people are biased against her. There is no way Havok can defeat the weather goddess. I've been re-reading comics and Havok always has to charge before firing, there is always a panel with him charging up and then firing (which he always does standing his ground, I've yet to see a pic of him running and firing btw). Meanwhile I've seen Ororo create very violent weather instantenously, the comic books saying clearly "in the blink of an eye", so, how could he withstand such an instantenous attack from her??? It's preposterous to think he could defeat her.
Jean (non-Phoenix Force edition) vs. Joseph: Are you kidding? Magnetically controlling the iron in her bloodstream, turning it upside down would mean the death of Ms Grey. Joseph wins

Havok vs. Shadowcat: Unfair fight. Kitty's ninja training would be critical once she reaches him, unaffected by his paltry power. Shadowcat wins
Sebita really, youre cool and all, but you brought it apon yourself. Youre overactive Storm glands just make people want to vote against her :(. But whatever its overwith now, maybe Storm will come back in another round of fights and she will win?!? :)
Ororo already won, there is no one on those lists that can defeat her. Not even "blanket-retriever" Grey...
It would be best if you use current characters, with current power levels and such, you know, fights in the present instead of ten years ago...
Exactly, people have GOT to stop living in the past.
He's an Exile, amnesiac, but an Exile nonetheless.
Just be sure you put Storm up against the multitude of low-level villains like Brainchild or Purple Alien Guy or Masque who abducted her to enact Claremont's sexual fantasies... ;)

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