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World X-Men the Live Action TV Series, HOW WOULD YOU DO IT?


Apr 20, 2007
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Marvel wants an X-Men show to steal the spot light from Smallville and Heroes on prime time tv. You've just been given the green light to your version unfettered by any rules from Marvel at all. This is YOUR X-Men tv show. How would you do it?
alright, I guess I'll start it off...

It would be an origin show for the x-men. The first episode would be a 2 part movie (each episode is an hour) and it would deal with getting the original 5 x-men together. From then on it would take quite a few cues from X-Men Evolution, in that maybe the x-men just live at the institute but go to a public school nearby. Scott, Jean, Warren, Bobby, and Hank would all be high schoolers going to school and training with Professor X. The picture of scott in the xavier letterman jacket in the mythos book is what got me thinking of the idea for the show.


And then it could just follow the story of the X-Men and introduce new characters after the first season like wolverine maybe? I think it would be such an entertaining series, and relatively easy to do all of their powers now. I mean look at smallville and heroes, they have tons of special effects. Plus, the movies have already pioneered the way in how they're powers would look anyway so that would be down too. I don't know I think the X-Men would be a great property to pitch to the teenage prime time audience.

i like that idea, spiderfan. using the original 5 x-men is a great idea.
It would have a sort of 60s vibe, and the characters would look just like the ones above as well. I mean I just think that would be so cool. You could make it reflect the segregation stuff of the 60s and i guess the things i think of for inspiration is the marvels issue, the mythos issue, and x-men first class.
Doing an X-Men tv show shouldn't be hard at all. A core team of Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Jean and Kitty would probably suffice quite nice in terms of a budget. The problem occurs when you have to create villians for them to fight. There simply isn't a budget for those type of action sequences. It can't be done.
Toad, Quicksilver, Avalanche, Pyro, Scarlet Witch would all be possible. And you don't always have to SHOW Mystique changing into someone else, like in X2 when she is walking as Senator Kelly and then passes a pillar and becomes lady deathstrike.
You're right. There are ways of getting around showing a character's powers in action... but sooner or later, fans are going to expect a fairly large showdown, which will be costly. Fans want to see characters like Apocalypse, Magneto, and the sentinels, and there aren't many ways of getting around showing those characters in all their glory without spending a lot of money.

Back on topic, I've never been much of a fan of any live-action superhero television series. They always seem a bit cheap to me (even Heroes), but I guess television would be the ideal place to start from the beginning--the original five, as you suggested.
Yeah, and they would just find a new way to present those villains without cheating the fans, like Smallville, but better. And I'm thinking that it would stick with the first 5 for a few seasons at least. Although fans would eventually want to see Wolverine or somebody like that. The biggest problem would be the Sentinels. You're right, everyone would want to see them. The best way I could think of is to make them more old school and not as tall as they are now. They would have to avoid it, or do some major tweaking. But I went back and watched some Evolution episodes las night, and not many grand fighting sequences seem to happen for a while...But it was still an entertaining show.
i'd start from the beginning, with the original 5. the first season would be them training and getting to know each other and their powers while coming to the mansion. origins could be shown thru flashbacks, or issues

the final ep, maybe a 2 parter, or 2 hour, would be the first battle with magneto in Uncanny X-Men 1

the next season, i'd bring more into the fold
like season 1 i envision xavier and the original 5, season ending with magneto.
throughout the season we'd see how the team grows and gets along, and maybe flashback episodes to show how their powers manifested and how they are growing and improving their powers with training, exercises and whatnot.

i think a nice nod to the comics would be when jean arrives (the first girl), and everyone is fawning for her, and cyke gets her a chair. that should be in there.

then i kinda pictured the beginning of season 2 being the repercussions of magneto's attack, anti-mutant hysteria, foh forming, brotherhood forming. i think some of the less-known villains can be left out. i dont want a Freak of the Week syndrome.

towards the end of the season, alex and lorna join, cuz if im not mistaken, they were the next to join the ranks. i think the show should follow the comics to some point, such as the order of who joins, but that's not to say that alex and lorna have to stay or that others who came in after them, can't come in at the same time or something. they can take liberties with that
Hmmm... I like some of the ideas here.

"Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters"

Main Cast
Charles Xavier - Idealistic, frustrated teacher, a bit too clever for his own good stometimes.
Scott Scummers - Introverted, moody, occasionally stands up and stands out.
Jean Grey - Obsessive Overachiever, loves school, a bit loose with her powers.
Warren Worthington - Arrogant, rich, preppy and supposedly shallow showboater
Hank McCoy - Surprisingly smart jock with a poet's heart. Not what he seems at all.
Bobby Drake - 14. All jokes with a mean temper and zero discipline.
Eric Lensherr - Fellow teacher, has revolutionary ideas. Becomes truly "evil" 2/3 through season 1.
Tessa - Attractive colleague and substitute teacher. Knows far too much too often, comes and goes.
Sheriff George Berkley - Westchester County Sheriff, grumpy, older, has plenty problems to complain about.
Valeria Cooper - Non Powered local resident. Tough, bratty, tomboyish.
Raven Darkholme - The sixth student, age is indeterminate.

Season 1
- Recruitment of First five students of the Mansion/School in a two-parter story.
- Slow descent of Eric from revolutionary to terrorist, the season starts with their first arguement.
- Exploring lots of different combinations of characters in different scenes and situations
- Paint Scott and Jean as philosophical rivals, despite Scott's one-way crush.
- A very put-out-the-fire Freak of the Week type thing as the kids travel to help other mutants who are just showing their abilities. Almost X-Files like sometimes in the way they investigate paranormal (mutant-caused) events.
- Culminates in newly dubbed Magneto organizing some of these into his brotherhood and starting full mutant panic with a masterful, intense attack.
- Recurring spots for Banshee, Havok, Moira McTaggert, Maximoff kids and Blob.
- Cameos for a lot of litte-known rarely used mutants in the MU as freaks-of-the week. Maggot for instance.

Season 2
- Add to the main cast, in the first four episodes: Ororo Munroe (bohemian-style nature chick). Piotr Rasputin (a generally well-balanced cool guy). Kurt Wagner (dark-loving corny joker), and finally the mysterious "Logan," badass and not watered down to be a pretty boy one little bit. Warren, Val, Sheriff and Raven turn recurring.
- Wolverine as a loose canon, not sure where he'll fall between X-Men and Brotherhood, not staying with them at all. He will hook up with Jean, however, but no one is enough to soften this hardened merc.
- Post-Magneto attack, build the Government as an antagonist. Bolivar Trask. Henry Peter Gyrich. Senator and Presidential Candidate David Kelly. A conscripted Forge, making Sentinels as the developing villains and "Master Mold" AI as the end of the year crisis as it grows out of originall well meaning government control.
- Sentinels done like the Robots on Dr. Who for those who think it's not doable.
- Recurring spots for Rogue (brought into brotherhood), Toad (Brohood wannabe), and those mentioned above.
- Beast leaves mansion to work for Government. Warren decides to pursue business after his father is killed.
- Guest Spot for Mimic and other one-shotable mutants.

Season 3
- Add to the main cast, Nathaniel Essex (incredible Geneticist and Government Advisor), Kate Pryde (between 10-13 yrs old), and Thunderbird (spirited, enthusastic, boombastic). Eric, Warren and Beast down to recurring.
- Discover the identies of the Hellfire Club's inner circle, many of whom have guest starred heretofore. Build them up as the main antagonists as they secretly move to take over the world, part of which involved getting President Kelly into the white house. Warren inherits a spot from his dad, in fact.
- Recurring spots for Betsy Braddock, Brian Braddock, Sebastian Shaw and those mentioned above.
- Sabertooth stars in this year's halloween episode and kills off Thunderbird, some townfolk and "kills" Wolverine.

Season 4
- Add to main cast Bishop (clever, underpowered underdog) and Cable (badass time lord),
- This is the slow degenration of everything over the course of the year, all leading up to the freeing of Apocalypse for the final episode of the series. Between Cable and Bishop (rivals) and surviving X-Men (think AoA), they manage to set back time to before Sinister sets the plans in motion and put the scientist down when they failed to at the beginning of Season 4. Most X-Men die over the course of the season, including returns by all the beloved X-Men so far.
- Guest Exiles
- Guest other Universes as easter eggs/cameos, ie Movie Universe, kids approximating Evolution, etc

Season 5
- Begin to get into mystery revolving around the Shi'ar.
- Crossover with Marvel Studios Films characters... an RDJ Iron Man Epi, an Ed Norton Hulk epi...
- Build up to earth being caught up in a big cosmic war, ie Shi'ar vs Skrull
- More of that X-files type investigation leading up to this
- Permanently introduce characters just shown as time-altered in season 4, depending on how well they were liked.

Season 6
- The Sci-fi Season
- The Phoenix Season
- Rival X-Men teams first introduced, Storm's team (Gold, the proactive activists) and Scott's team (Blue, the reactive superheroes)
- Brood Halloween epi

<<Still editing>>
I always thought Exiles would work well???
I think X-Men Evolution did a pretty good job setting up such a premise. It even had Kurt wearing his image inducer 2/3rds of the time to look human which is so what they would do. Plus, the atmosPhere of mutants being little more than an urban legend works well as it sets up mutants inevitably coming out to the world.

Eps 1 & 2 have the original 5 as an established team, together for three years, taking out a terrorist cell as an introductory action sequence. Xavier is kidnapped by Wolverine for Weapon X. Action, craziness, the 5 get Xavier back and after seemingly disbanded Weapon X, offer Wolverine a place to stay.

The next few episodes serve as recruitment eps centered around Storm, Colossus, Kitty and Nightcrawler hinting around Magneto doing the same building his brotherhood.

X-Men roster
Xavier- Determined to enroll new students before Weapon X, The Brotherhood or somebody worse can get them.

Cyclops- Field leader and brilliant tactician who denies his feelings for Jean out of everyone's best interest.

Jean- Obligatory den mother to a group who'd be lost without her. Dating Warren, hot for Logan, best friend of Scott.

Angel- Tired of hiding who he is, Warren would love nothing more than to flaunt his mutation to the world and that puts him at odds with Cyclops.

Beast- Hank's superior wit, strength and agility make constantly him feel like he's the one who has to set things right when they never should have gone wrong in the first place.

Iceman- The little brother of the group, Bobby would rather use his powers to play jokes and dazzle girls at the mall. Constantly drags Hank into his shenanigans.

Wolverine- Wary of everything and everyone from being used at Weapon X, Logan takes a personal journey to rediscover his memories and a sense of humanity.

Storm- Ororo leaves her life as a tribal priestess behind and joins the X-Men to better learn control of her powers. She's lived a sheltered life and looks at the world in wide eyed astonishment.

Colossus- A simple farm boy whose been using his powers to fight corruption in his small Siberian town. Piotr has the heart of a hero but must learn to fight without the aide of steel fists.

Shadowcat- Kitty is a nerdy girl from Chicago who never really fit in anywhere and suddenly finds herself as the most well adjusted member of an unlikely new family.

Nightcrawler- Raised in the circus, Kurt thought he had finally arrived home when his mother reclaimed him for the Brotherhood. Yet when he learned of her asPirations and those of the organization, who he was not only horrified by them but of himself and all mutants. He wears Forge's holographic image inducer to hide in shame and jumped ship to the X-Men in a last minute bid of desPeration.
Hopefully they will try and do an Xmen live action show sometime in the future. With the tv tech we have today, its totally duable.
wow, I just came back to check on this and had no idea other people liked it this much! That's awesome, I'm glad people can picture some of this stuff as well as I can.
YES! I love this thread. I actually came up with some ideas of my own after seeing X2. My idea would be solely based on the Singer universe.

First off, I think the only way a show like this would work is if its a prequel to X1. Shows based on movies that take place after the events of the movies don't really work and cause alot of continuity problems. Such as Blade and Sarah Connor Chronicles because they completely ignore the events from the 3rd movie. But then again, my idea kinda ignores X3 but certain elements from X3 sorta contradicts and/or elaborates it.

The premise is pretty much like Evo but with more serious tones. It's like a teen drama but without the WB crappyness. It'll deal with more about the characters and their struggles with the overall theme of racism and tolerance.

The title would just be "X-Men". But I can live with "X-Men: Origins". It takes place before X1, around the same time as the Wolverine movie and after Magneto's. Timeline should be during the mid 80s, "The Not Too Distant Past".

It would start with a 6 part miniseries. Each episode telling each of the main characters origins. The format is similar to Lost cuz of how each episode centers on a certain character. I can write out each ep in great detail but I'm not gonna write all of that so I'll to keep it short. By the way, the eps take place a week apart.

Episode 01 - "Revealed" (Xavier centric):
It starts with teh famous Xavier monologue talking about Evolution and whatnot. The scene begins with Xavier at 17, he is a soldier in the Korean War where he meets a fellow soldier by the name of Erik. They both discover that one another possesses a strange ability and become closer friends because of it. During an intense battle, Xavier jumps in front of a bullet that was intended for Erik. Xavier gets shot in the spine and becomes bound to a wheelchair. Erik will forever be indebted to him because of this. But this idea contradicts with the flashback in X3 where they meet Jean Grey but whatever.

Then cut to a few yrs later where Xavier is in college, where he meets Moria. They're both studying genetics and Xavier discovers that he has extra strands in his DNA. Which he calls the X-Gene. They become famous for this and win the Nobel Prize and get a huge government grant. Later on they find that more and more people have the mutant gene and the public is starting to grow fearful of them. That is when they decide to start a school to teach mutants how to control their powers.

Now in the present (80s) Xavier, Moira and Erik are talking about how they're going to turn the mansion into a school. Erik's kids, Wanda and Pietro, who are in their early 20's are the first students. But most importantly they need to figure out how they are going to find mutants to enroll. That is when Xavier calls an old friend by the name of Forge. As the story continues, Xavier and Moria start to grow apart and she eventually leaves him. Later, Xavier goes on a news talk show (like Larry king) to talk about what mutation is. After the show, he and Erik run into a group calling themselves Friends of Humanity. They get into a scuffle where Erik almost kills them but Xavier stops him. This is when they start to have differences in opinion. Then Forge comes up with the idea of a machine to amplify Xavier's powers and they look over blueprints for Cerebro.

Episode 02 - "Isolated" (Jean centric):
A 16 yr old Jean Grey is out with her best friend Ann. They're drinking and having a great time. Later that night they decide to drive home with Ann at teh wheel. They get into a horrific car crash killing Ann and injuring Jean. When Ann dies Jean feels the pain emotionally causing her to freak out and scream.

Cut to Xavier where he is using the first prototype of Cerebro which is just the head piece connected to a high tech computer. He screams out in pain and discovers his first mutant. Because the sphere room isnt finished yet, Xavier was only to pick up 'signals' near by.

The next day Jean is in the hospital where she is in a coma. She is still able to 'hear' thoughts around her but she can't take it anymore and objects in her room go flying around crashing into the walls. Xavier tries numerous times to get in contact with her parents but fails. Erik and Forge continue to finish building Cerebro and afterwards Xavier tries again to 'contact' Jean. But he can't get a 'signal'.

Erik and Xavier drive out to the hospital. Xavier tells her parents that he is a special kind of doctor and thinks he can help. He then tries to read her mind and is now able to speak to her through the astral plane (this should be cgi heavy kinda like the killer's mind in the movie The Cell.) Xavier explains to her that she is a mutant and through several days of sessions, is able to help Jean. This is when he first encounters her 'Phoenix' persona. He realizes that Jean is Schizo and is way too powerful for such a young girl. While still in the astral plane they duke it out and Xavier places mental blocks on phoenix and is able to revive Jean back.

Episode 03 - "Orphaned" (Scott centric):
Its the 1970s and the Summers family is living in a military base somewhere in Isreal. The base comes under attack by the Shi'ar Empire, a nation in the Middle East. Major Chris Summers has to get his wife, Kathy and 2 young sons, Scott and Alex out of harms way. They get into a plane and is able to get away. That is until their plane gets shot down by one of the Shi'ar planes. Kathy then has to act quickly so she straps her boys into the only parachute and pushes them out. The boys land somewhere in Egypt and Scott suffers a head injury during the landing.

A few years later, Alex and Scott are at an orphanage thats run by a man named Nathaniel Essex. Alex later gets adopted by a family but Scott is left behind and never sees him again. Then later when Scott is 17, he starts to suffer from severe headaches. A friend of his offers him some pot to help ease the pain. Scott's pain start to worsen so he goes to the bathroom to wet his face but suddenly he can't hold the pain much longer and a HUGE optic blast rips through the mirror and wall. The destruction kills some of the other kids. Scott would never be the same after this.

Essex starts to become very interested in Scott's new powers and tells the police that it was some gas explosion. We now discover that Essex is really a mutant who uses the orphanage as a front to experiment on mutant children who are still latent with their powers. Essex manipulates Scott into committing crimes to help fund his experiments. Oh and he develops ruby lensed glasses for Scott to wear.

Meanwhile, Xavier sees the story of the accident at the orphanage on the news and suspects that a mutant is involved. Now with Cerebro completed, Xavier is able to locate Scott. But he also senses a stronger mutant nearby. Xavier and Erik fly out to the location eventually find Scott. But Essex gets pissed and a fight ensues. Essex appears to be defeating Xavier and Erik until Scott unleashes an optic blast at Essex, actually wounding him badly. Essex is able to escape and Scott decides to go with Xavier to his school.

Episode 04 - "Trapped" (Ororo centric):
A young 14 yr old Ororo Monroe is playing soccer with her friends in a small village in Kenya. Another group of older kids confront them and steal their ball. They then begin to taunt and throw rocks at Ororo because she has white hair. She cries for help but no one comes to help. Ororo gets angry and all of a sudden it starts to snow. Everyone pauses and are amazed that its snowing in 100+ heat. It then begins to hail and the large ice chunks seem to be only hitting the bullies. All the kids start to run away while Ororo is left crying.

Two yrs later, Ororo is seen in Cairo, Egypt where she is a runaway and survives by pickpocketing and steal food. Then one day unbeknownst to her, she tries to steal the wallet of a Amahl Farouk, a crime lord in Cairo. It turns out that he is really a mutant with great telepathic abilities. He is then able to control Ororo's mind and kidnaps her. He imprisons her in a small cell, doing god knows what to her.

Meanwhile, Xavier arrives at Cairo airport. He is here to investigate some weird mutant signatures happening in the area. He later runs into Farouk and mind kicks his ass. He then saves Ororo and offers to come back with him to the US.

Also, in the ep Scott is adjusting to living in the mansion. Magneto shows him around and Scott starts to become good friends with Pietro. We also see Forge building the rest of the lower level of the mansion.

Episode 05 - "Exposed" (Hank centric):
1950s. A man named Norton McCoy is working at a nuclear power plant. He lives near by the plant with his wife who is 9 months pregnant. The baby is born with unusual birth defects. The baby who they named Henry, is a bit larger than most newborns and has bigger hands and feet. As little Henry gets older, he starts to get more body hair than usual. Bigotry from neighbors and other people in the town force the family to move.

As a teenager, he appears to look normal and is quite popular at his school. He tries to blend in by shaving his body every day and working out it fill out the rest of his body. He is the star football player at his school but controversy erupts when it is discovered that he is a mutant. He is expelled and all his trophies and stat records are revoked. His family then has to move again where Hank can live a normal life.

Now in his 30s, he is a chemistry teacher in a boring small town. This whole time he was able to keep a low profile and not gaining any unwanted attention as he does not want to repeat the events of his high school days. The unfulfilling life caused him to spiral into depression. One day when he was walking by a construction site, there was an accident. He was able to save the workers using his strength and agility powers. Instead of getting praise for his heroics, witnesses at the site blamed him for causing the accident. The angry mob became unruly and Hank had no choice but to defend himself. He was then later arrested and sent to jail.

Magneto reads about the story in the newspaper and becomes angry at the situation. Xavier and Magneto go to the police station to try and bail him out. But problems arise and Magneto breaks him out of jail instead. This angers Xavier and the two begin to argue. But since theres nothing he can do, Xavier offers Hank a teaching job at his school to which Hank accepts.

Meanwhile, at teh school Forge is teaching Scott and Ororo on how to control their powers. Forge also invents a visor for Scott to wear to better control his blasts. Pietro jokes and calls him a cyclops.

Episode 06 - "Divided" (Pietro & Wanda centric):
A few yrs before the school was formed, Erik and his wife, Marla with their 2 young kids were living a peaceful and quiet life. The whole time Erik and Marla were married, he kept the fact that he was a mutant a secret from her. Til one day Marla saw Erik using his powers. Marla freaked out and was disgusted that he was a mutant. They began to argue so loud that the neighbors called the police. When the cops showed up it angered Erik. He then uses his powers to throw some garbage cans at them. The police drew their weapons and threatened to shoot. Then Pietro came out from the side door and screamed, "Don't Shoot My Daddy". The cops reacted too quickly and fired at Pietro. Erik screamed, "NO" and tried to use his powers to deflect the bullets but unfortunately one of the bullets hit Marla, killing her instantly. Erik was so furious that he tried to kill the officers. But when he heard his kids crying and saw the look on their faces, he just crushed their guns instead. Now on the run with his children, he called Xavier for help.

In the present, Scott, Ororo, Pietro and Wanda are in a classroom where Xavier is teaching them history. Then theres a ring at the door. Its Jean Grey who recovered from her injuries and decided to enroll in the school. Scott seems to be infatuated with her but she doesnt seem to notice. Xavier introduces them and ororo shows her to her room.

Later that night, the students go to the nearby mall to hang out. After having a fun time, a bunch of drunken college kids approach them. They try and hit on the girls and when one of them touches Jean, Scott pushes him back. This starts a chain reaction and the 2 groups start to fight. Remembering what Xavier taught them, they dont use their powers. But someone throws a beer bottle and it hits Wanda knocking her out. Pietro then quickly carries Wanda back to the mansion. Pietro explains to Erik and Xavier what happened and Erik just loses it. Erik rushes out of the mansion to get the men responisble. Hank stays behind to look after Wanda. Xavier and Forge go after Erik to stop him before he does something stupid.

Magneto arrives and starts looking for the thugs but they ran away. Scott tells him that its not worth it and that they should just go home. Erik doesnt listen and continues to search for them. Xavier and Forge arrive but Erik is no where to be found. The students tell Xavier that Erik is on a rampage and that they should do something about it. Xavier tries to look for Eric telepathically and he finds him a few blocks away. When they show up, Erik has already caused some destruction. Just when he's about to kill one of the thugs, Ororo hits him with a lighting bolt. The college kids run away. Erik becomes ever angrier to the point where he's now turning against his own students. A battle ensues for the first time with Erik and the students. But Xavier had enough so he has no choice but to give Erik a brain attack(like a heart attack). Xavier and Erik exchange a heated debate. (This could also be a good opertunity for Erik to use his powers to impale Xavier in the back with a street sign, crippling him. But thats if Xavier's origin is changed.) Pietro shows up to talk some sense to his father. Erik now has made an enemy of Xavier. Erik and Pietro leave.

Xavier and the students come back home. Hank explains that Erik was here and took Wanda. The next day on the news, Xavier sees a report that some college kids were brutally murdered. Xavier is dissapointed and saddened. Forge comes up with an idea that they should train the students to fight and that they should help defend humans from mutants like Erik.
Whoa, Lordy! I didn't realize I wrote so much. I should put the eps in spoilers.
anyway, so like a year after the 6 hour pilot. Season 1 starts where the X-Men are now being formed. It would be great if they can get Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Their faces doesn't have to be cgi but maybe they can wear prosthetic masks to make em look younger with cgi touch ups. Then of course Kelsey Grammer as Hank but in human like form. He's a tv star so I bet theres no problem getting him back. And newcomers for the X-Men. But real teenage actors. Not late 20 something yr olds playing teens.

Main Cast:
Prof. Charles Xavier
Hank McCoy
Scott Summers
Jean Grey
Ororo Monroe
Pietro Lensherr
Wanda Lensherr

Recurring Roles:
Erik Lensherr
Moira MacTaggart
Councilman Robert Kelly (mostly on tv)

and cameos galore!

Rundown on the season 1:
- Magneto and his kids form The Brotherhood and start to recruit.
- Magneto is rarely seen but Pietro and Wanda is always running into the X-Men.
- Recruits are Blob, Toad and Avalanche
- X-men recruit Mimic into the team. But then he turns on them.
- Friends of Humanity grow larger in numbers
- Forge completes Danger Room. It's more low tech than the one we saw in X3 kinda like Tron.
- Forge remodels a Blackbird into the X-Jet.
- X-Men train, study and hormones run a muck.
- more history of the characters revealed.
- Like Xavier first discovering his powers against his step bro Cain.
- Juggernaut introduced
- Xavier hires a human gay teacher
- Trask & Sentinels introduced. But the first versions are just soldiers in high tech armor. Kinda like Iron Man.
- More younger students enroll such as, Cannonball, Sunspot, Moonstar, Magma and so on.
- First battle with the X-men and Brotherhood with Magneto showing up.
- Gay teacher turns out to be Mystique working undercover for Magneto.

Season 2:
- Pietro and Wanda leave the Brotherhood. They go off and do their own thing.
- Havok and Polaris join the team.
- Sinister returns. Turns out he's Stryker's boss. They conduct secret mutant experiments.
- Gambit introduced and works for Sinister.
- Morlocks intro'd & Mutant Massacre
- Sunfire joins X-Men and Thunderbird enrolls as student
- Dazzler becomes famous pop star.
- Magneto still plotting behind the scenes.
- MojoVision becomes a popular and controversial cable network.
- X-Men and Longshot put an end to Mojo.
- More teenage drama with the X-men.
- Sinister/Marauders vs. X-men.
- Gambit joins X-Men.

well thats all i got so far. I imagine it going for at least 5 seasons.
In risk of repeating what others have said...

I'd do a live-action show about the original 5.
The first season would focus on the X-Men forming, learning to use their powers, and fighting prejudice (insert Morlocks-centered episode). The Brotherhood of Mutants would be a conflicting group of mutants led by Magneto. I imagine Magneto would view himself more as a revolutionary than a terrorist, and the members of the Brotherhood would see themselves as righteous freedom fighters.

By the by, the Brotherhood would consist of Magneto, Toad, Mastermind, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Wanda and Pietro would be well aware that they're Magneto's kids, but there would be constant signs that they rejected his teachings.

The first season would feature cameos from Banshee, Mimic, and Wolverine (as a Canadian secret agent). The season would end in a finale in which Magneto takes over a US military base, and threatens to launch a series of missiles back onto US soil. The X-Men would thwart the Brotherhood's plans when Wanda and Pietro betray Magneto. Toad would be the only one stupid enough to get caught and go to prison. Mastermind and Magneto ran away, and the twins would leave to start new lives for themselves.

At the end of the season finale, Professor X will send them on a mission to Krakoa Island. Season 2 would start with Xavier recruiting Wolverine, Thunderbird, Storm, and Banshee to rescue the X-Men from Krakoa. The rescue team will succeed, but Thunderbird will die. Banshee will leave the team, and warn Charles about the consequences of playing with the lives of his students.

Season 2 would focus mainly on Jean's slow transformation into the Phoenix, the machinations of the Hellfire Club, Cyclops' search for any surviving members of his family (insert Havok and Polaris cameo episode), Kitty Pryde's recruitment to the X-Men, and James Proudstar's revenge on the X-Men for the death of his brother. Toward the end of the season, Emma Frost and Mastermind will have slowly driven Jean insane. Phoenix turns into Dark Phoenix, and uses her powers to eradicate a city-- killing hundred of thousands. In the end, Jean will choose to kill herself.

During the final scene of the season 2 finale, Cyclops and Havok will travel to Alaska to find their grandparents. They'll be greeted by one of the pilots-- Madelyne Pryor, who would be played by the same actress who played Jean, only with one or two facial prosthetics (like a new nose), and pitch black hair instead of red.

Season 3 would introduce Sinister as the "big bad." Cyclops and Maddy are happy together, with neither aware that Maddy is really Jean's clone. Early in the season, Maddy will get pregnant with Scott's son. Scott will struggle with his sense of responsibility to lead the X-Men, and his responsibility to his new family. He'll pass leadership over to Storm, just as Sinister's Marauders massacre the Morlocks. Around this time, a new player named Mystique is starting her own Brotherhood: Mystique, Destiny, Rogue, Avalanche, Blob, Pyro. However, when Rogue absorbs the powers of a heroine named Ms. Marvel, she loses her grip on reality, and seeks help from Xavier. By the end of the season, Rogue ends up joining the X-Men, and Maddy gives birth to Nathan Summers.
Throughout the season, the X-Men will assume Mystique's Brotherhood is responsible for the deaths of various weak mutants. When they discover Sinister is behind it (after he kidnaps Nathan and injures Maddy), the X-Men and Brotherhood team up to stop him and the Marauders.

Yeah, I've given it a lot of thought. I daydream quite a bit at work.
LOL who doesn't?

My main Brotherhood team would consist of...

Magneto- Founder and Leader, based on his private Island of Genosha where he's setting up a colony of as many mutants as possible. Season one centers around his plan to reverse the Earth's polarities and essentially wipe the Earth clean to be repopulated by him and his.

Mystique- Magneto's lover and right-hand woman is skilled in the arts of combat and esPionage. She leads the Brotherhood team keeping an eye on the X-Men. She is none too thrilled about her son's jumping ship.

Quiksilver- His inferiority complex drive him to be his best yet he constantly falls short of his father's expectations.

Scarlett Witch- A daddy's girl with a potential psychotic streak that scares her teammates.

Toad- A lifetime of mockery at the hands of "normies" makes him long for the day he'll own human slave girls.

Avalanche- Disenfranchised bad boy who enjoys finding new ways of expressing himself through destruction and nailing the boss' daughter.

Pyro- The Beavis to Avi's Butt-head. They should totally start a band.

Blob- Talks smack, complains, and sits on whoever pisses him off.

Mastermind- Another "loyal" agent of Magneto's who secretly believes he can do a better job and overthrow his boss.

Rogue- Mad at the world for her sucky powers, misses her foster brother and wonders if she's on the right side.

Forge- Magneto's personal engineer and Mystique's Ex. Questions the impact of his help.
How do threads this cool ever die?
They should do a series that focuses on the characters that were in the 90's cartoon, but way younger and less complicated, have some of them still in school and maybe as the show goes on get them out of school. I think if you do the core original 5 it wouldn't last too long. People want whats hot and new, not the same ol' story.
The Original 5 story has never been told on screen. The story of the 90's cartoon characters has been told many, many times. So the original 5 would be what's hot and new, and the 90's ensemble would be the same old story.

If you read thread, the show starts with the orig 5 and then brings in others like they appeared in comics, meaning, "a show about the original 5" wouldn't have to last too long.

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