Yo (Favorite) Joe!

G.I.Joe : Duke & Dusty
Cobra: FireFly & Zartan (loved his voice & the way his chest lit up). AWESOME

Yo JOE!!
Joes: Wet-Suit...man I miss that toy!
Cobra: Serpentor c'mon he shot Duke in the chest with a friggin snake!(at least i think he did, it's been almost 20 yrs. since I've watched it..)
Joes: Wet-Suit...man I miss that toy!
Cobra: Serpentor c'mon he shot Duke in the chest with a friggin snake!(at least i think he did, it's been almost 20 yrs. since I've watched it..)

Wetsuit was cool, however I liked Torpedo a lot better. Serpentor was always whiny & yelling. LOL. Cobra Commander. :up:
I'm surprised; I thought Snake Eyes would be the overwhelming Joe-of-choice. Glad to see the responses are a bit more varied than I expected.

Anyway, my favorite Joe is Jinx. I know she only ever had a really big role in the animated movie, but I loved that thing when I was a kid. Would watch it over and over again with my brother, so much so that I had misremembered that she actually had a big part on the Sunbow television show. After looking it up when A Real American Hero began airing recently on The Hub, though, it turns out she didn't even appear once on the darn show!

But I always liked her shtick: martial artist in all red who fought better when blinded. She kind of reminded me of another favorite character of mine, I guess.;)

And now for a nostalgic story: At the time of the film, Hasbro had this deal where you could mail away for Jinx and I believe Quick Kick if you sent in a certain number of proofs of purchase. My mother did this for my brother and me once before for that mail-away camera Transformer trio, but we never received them. After waiting several months for our Jinx and Quick Kick figure, my mother, upset over getting gypped by Hasbro once again, along with seeing how upset I was--not being able to get my very own Jinx figure--began her own letter-writing campaign to Hasbro. A few weeks later, not only did we receive our Jinx and Quick Kick figures, but we received two of each, two of those "You as a Joe" figures that they made, and several B.A.T.s to make up for my mother's inconvenience, along with a letter of apology. Very cool of Hasbro, I must say. Yeah... Good times, good times...

Oh, and my favorite member of Cobra: Probably Destro, although I really loved my Serpentor action figure with his included flying chariot when I was a kid.
It's unfortunate that Sunbow didn't continue the series for a third season. They could've included more new characters & everything. I personally don't like what DIC made with the series afterwards, subpar animation, voice over, plots, etc.
For the Jo's: Beach Head
For Cobra: This is hard, I like a bunch of them but at less go it down to tree, Slice, Dice and Zartan.
Storm Shadow as a Joe:

And Snake-Eyes. I can't honestly decide which outfit I like Snake-Eyes in best.. the classic one, or the Blue with Red goggles or the black Ninja Force outfit.


Quick addition, Shockwave.

I loved his gear.
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My favorite Joe was Flint.

He was the first Joe I ever got (along with Gung Ho). I then looked for him all the time on the cartoon. I remember being so nerded out when I learned in the early seasons that he was second in command. I remember getting so bitter when General Hawk came out and knocked him down to third in command! LOL!

I then came to really enjoy his character in the comic years later. Much different and more darker.

Favorite Cobra Too Many of Them!!

I really enjoyed as a kid their leader structure and how lead this, and who was in-charge of that. Cobra Commander will always be the leader but when Serpentor came along, it shook things up! But if you have to pin down on one of them I would go for Zartan.

He was the man and his voice was great in the cartoon. And all these new versions of him within the art world and Sideshow Collectables is pretty awesome! It really allows you to dig deep into his past and his characte overallr. And it seems like you could go to many places with him when writing him in the future.

I did break down and buy that Sideshow Collectibles - Flint vs Zartan! It is a great piece!
The Rock has only one favorite Joe and that is Roadblock. There is no other Joe.

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