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(King) Cobraaa!


Dodger Blue
Dec 7, 2005
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Here's the Thread Rules:

Post a Nomination for your favorite Cobra character.
Can Be from the movie,comics,cartoon,figure..what have you.
Include Pics, Stories, Backgrounds...any explanation to plead your case.
Multiple nominations welcome.
If someone posts a character your forgot and want to nominate as well...
Simply post again.. with your original nomination(s) and with the NEW one.

Thread will remain Open for a week (maybe longer depending on activity).

After Which posts/nominations will be tallied.

A new thread will be made with a poll of the TOP 25 Characters
Where within.. we (The Hype) will crown the KING COBRA

Good Luck to all your Favorite characters
Firefly is Cobra's favorite contractor. He doesn't need motivation. He doesn't ask questions. He doesn't screw up. As long as the money is there, Firefly doesn't care what his next assignment is. While he is not officially a part of Cobra, he travels with the organization, readily available for his next job.


Zartan 4 life, son! He had his own swamp gang, a hot sister, and he had one of the greatest action figures in the history of time.
Since Firefly has already been mentioned, I'll go with ol' Metal Head himself, Destro.

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