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Yo Joe: How/will they work that line in?


Oct 15, 2001
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"Yo Joe" is the classic battle cry, but it could be cheesy as hell in a live action flick. Do you guys think they'll have them say it, albeit it in a tongue-cheek manner, not at all, or seriously use that as the team battle cry?
I have a bad feeling the line will be born at the end of the movie from Marlon Wayans and a crappy one-liner or dumb joke earlier in the film. :csad:

Or they will just have Duke scream it Spartan-style for no reason and the others copy. ;)
Hmm, here's an idea: what if Joe Colton appears in the movie, only to be gunned down by Cobra either halfway through the movie or during the film's climax. Then, in the aftermath, as the team is rallied, throw in a St. Crispin's Day speech on how they won't falter in the face of evil, succumb to terror, etc and end with a 'Yo Joe!'

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