Your Favorite 60's Bat-Villains


Dec 3, 2004
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We all loved the Adam West adventures and the bad guys were even more fun to watch, so who were your favorites or ones you enjoyed watching the most?

For me it was....

Vincent Price as Egghead- As a kid I had a weird fear/fascination with Price. He scared the hell out of me yet everytime I saw him I couldn't look away.

Frank Gorshin as the Riddler- Gorshins Riddler is pure genius and one of the best portaryals of the character still to this day.

Burgis Merideth as the Penguin- Merdideth is a great actor and his Penguin was outstanding in each episode.

Julie Newmar as Catwoman- I'm going to rework a joke of mine about Slave Leia for this one..."Julie Newmar's Catwoman. Your not a man if you don't."

The one villain I wish we had gotten....Clint Eastwood as Two-Face. Man...thatabeen sweet :(
Burgess Meredith as The Penguin. I just adored his performance on that show. The waddle, the sqwaks, always puffing on his cigarette holder. He was brilliant. And identical to his comic book counterpart, too.

I hear that he was so popular on that show, that they always had a script waiting for him in case he happened to come into town.
Cesar Romero as The Joker, he was excellent Joker.
I can't pick, but it's down to the villains that come from the comics, the show's original villains were nice, but they wouldn't make my favorites list.

I don't know, probably Frank Gorshin as the Riddler. Purfection, and still a great performance by today's Batman standards. The scene in the film where the Riddler reveals that he CAN'T help but gives clues is superb.

"Oh, but I must! Outwitting Batman and Robin is my dream, my joy.... my very paradise!!"

Gorshin's still the best Riddler there ever was. And probably ever will be.
Gorshin's Riddler.

I dont know if they still do, but they use to play two episodes of the 60's show at Midnight on 'TV Land'. I'd only watch if Gorshin was the villain.
Yeah most stations that re-run show both episodes back to back.
Gorshin as Riddler was great...he was able to do the camp, but still be the only villain in the show who ever really came off as a threat...he was still menacing enough, and there was always the hint of madness behind his eyes that showed that while he might be acting over the top and funny, he could just snap at any second and start murdering people...he was Batmans real arch-nemesis on that show, not the Joker...

speaking of whom, Ceaser Romero still did a great job with the material, and if they had gone serious with it, he would have been perfect for the role :o
^ I agree with your assesment of Gorshins Riddler especially the part about him being the real threat more so than the Joker.

And yeah..Had Batman not been canceled Clint Eastwood was lined up to play Two-Face. Personally I think it would have been great.
god...Eastwood in the 60's as Two Face...that would have been quite possibly one of the greatest castings EVER...
If anyone would care to do a manip of it please feel free, remember, this is Eastwood circa 60's so get looking for those pics.
I like them all.

But Gorshin as the Riddler was who stuck in my mind more. I remember one image of him (an episode I think I never saw again since I was a kid) where he's so proud of his own riddles he starts kissing his own hands. lol.
Oh yeah, Ceaser's Joker was pure gold. Burgess' Penguin was extremely entertaining, as was Gorshin's Riddler. And as much as I like Newmar as Catwoman, I've just always preferred Lee Merewether's Catwoman from the movie. Other favs would have to be Vincent Price as Egghead, Otto Primenger as Mr. Freeze, Mcdowell's Bookworm, and King Tut.

And agreed with the consensus about Eastwood as Two Face. That would have been amazing. :up:
Have they released all the 60's show episodes on box set yet?

If not...what are they waiting for?
Splitting the profits and both studios making some money is better than withholding them and neither making any money.
Gorshin as riddler was the best he had that extra dimension to his performance remember in the movie where he says
"the commodore in our hands the whole world almost literally in our grasp! And Batman and robin still alive to thwart us"
That scene sticks in my head its so brilliantly done.
and unlike the performances of romero, meridith and newmar Gorshins riddler hasnt aged i could imaging him playing the same role in the Burton movies but just a touch more darker to make him perfect for butons films.
Splitting the profits and both studios making some money is better than withholding them and neither making any money.

Yeah, but Warner would make money with a series they didn't spend a dime on. Of course, 20th CF didn't calculate they would make money with the series 40 years later via DVD.

Perhaps when The Dark Knight is coming they will release it. I hope so, I have all episodes on VHS and I would love to see a big boxset with interviews, documentary and so on :csad:
I have copies of the show on DVD that I uh...obtained...the whole series, including the Batgirl pilot :o
Loved them all but Romero as Joker and Gorshin as Riddler were my favorite.

Still never got to see the rare episode with Mr. Freeze :(
I think Mr. Freeze had a couple of episodes...I havent watched them yet on my copies of the series, but I distinctly remember them from TV Land back in the day. The make up and outfit was very good, especially considering the time the show was made and the budget they had to work with.
Mr Freeze had three episodes, with each one played by a different actor.

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